Rest. Relax. Give to You. Enjoy.

Geez how time flies! It’s already Valentines week? What. Where did January go? I feel like my life has become timeless. It’s like I’m so engaged in the things that I’m doing, that time has ceased to exist, yet it just flies by. I’m never bored, I’m so busy, but what and how, are questions I can’t seem to answer. I’m pulsing with life, I’m living in the moment, and dam, I’m enjoying every minute of it. Living free, acting as I choose, and being me! It feels amazing!loveyourself

This past weekend I’ve given myself the gift of a personal retreat. I had the opportunity to sit in on a workshop that I’ve taken before, and decided that I was going to give myself the gift of turning inward. I shut off my phone, I retreated on my own, and I gave myself some time to just enjoy. I’m so amazed at how caught up I get on focusing on what i need to do: rest, get up early to workout, make time to get to the gym, eat healthy, etc. The list goes on. Let me tell you a secret: you will never get everything done, and there is endless time to get things done as you choose. This weekend I had no expectations. I enjoyed a powerful workshop where I was able to tune into me, my body, and my own energy. I shifted and cleared many things. I listened to my body and if I wanted coffee, i had some. If I needed food, I ate. If i craved sugar, I indulged. I took three days to slow down, breathe, enjoy, and most importantly tune back into me. When was the last time you let life be and just took some time to truly connect back to you? To live in the moment, with no rules, expectations, or plans? Let me tell you it is liberating.

Reflecting back on when I did this workshop last, and on who and what I’ve become, I laugh with a big smile. I use to be that type A gal – list maker, planner, person who wanted to know what they were doing and when. No I do not care. I enjoy being free, living for me, and enjoying every second. I say Yes to things I know I can commit to, and easily don’t commit to plans that I may no make it to. This past weekend was a wake up call to me and a friendly reminder for me. How amazing it is that many of us get lost in everything we need to do, get done, and think we must accomplish to feel fulfilled. Why not surrender and enjoy the present? To check in with you and listen to what is happening in that moment? To unplug and stop keeping busy, and instead to give yourself the gift of being. This weekend I retreated in myself. I did only and exactly what I wanted. I did not feel bad not calling my friend back. If someone I wanted to talk to came in, I called them. If I wanted a cookie, I ate it and enjoyed it. I did not count calories, I did not plan my meals, or even workout actually. How liberated I feel with just knowing that I am enough. I took three days to clear me out. To do some energy work, enjoy the power of healing, and to tune into me. How amazing. I feel so good inside and out, and so much more clear.

We have a few more weeks of Winter left. Can you allow yourself to hibernate? To slow down from the fast pace norm our society inflicts on us and simply delight in the sweetness of being? It’s a challenge, but when you have it, it becomes an addiction. To be so free that the only person you care in pleasing is YOU. Is that wrong? Hell no. Rejoice. We are meant to enjoy life. To live well. To love yourself and enjoy everything. This month, February, I invite you to retreat. That may be a spa day, an hour, a yoga class, a weekend, a vacation, I don’t know. Take some easy breathes and look around you at what you have and who you are. Can you appreciate it? Can you live well enough to slow down to enjoy it?

“Life happens pretty fast sometimes… if you don’t slow down, you might miss it…”



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