Have you ever felt like you were in the right place at the right time? Or that person you were thinking about just popped up? Or maybe someone offered a piece of information that answers a question you’ve hold? It’s not random. I believe there is no such thing as coincidence – that’s the illusion. Every person you meet serves a purpose. Some higher than others, some clearer. Have you ever met someone and you just hit if off immediately? Or you look into someones eyes and you feel as if you’ve known them forever? It’s luscious, it’s magical, it’s mystical, and yeah – it can be a bit intimidating. Connections happen. Are you aware of what’s happening in your life? Sometimes we hold onto friends, people, partners, that we feel that deep vibe with. We give up ourself and our own values to please them. Sound familiar? This happens a lot with family and parents too. The best thing you can do for yourself is it remember what people in your life actually are helping you and bring you happiness. Those challenging people, negative, the ones who get pissed off when you do something, or demand you to be a certain way…. let them go. Connections are powerful and meaningful and real. Be brave enough to wave good- bye to those that don’t serve you in your life now, and trust you will ALWAYS have better connections that come in when you serve yourself first. I’ve had new relationships come in that mimic past friends I’ve had in college. It’s incredible, the reality is they are like my college friends and remind me of a few special few, but they serve me now and are better and more aligned with who I am years later. Sometimes you need to say goodbye, to speak up, and trust in the process as only keep around those connections that foster YOU, your life, your happiness, and deserve your attention and energy.


Courtesy of Darity Wesley:

“Connections – The energies and directions are now evolving around paying attention to new and interesting Connections that will be coming in to you. Connections? Yes, we are in a period of growth opportunities till June so check out where you are connecting to your “Right Time-Right Place” in a way you have never recognized pplquotebefore.
Part of the energy of “Connection” is walking your path with an open, broad view of everything before you. Having an alertness to your surroundings and being available for connection, all without fear, yet with discernment, knowing, without judgment, that this, whatever you are connecting with at the moment, is right for you…..or, this is not right for you from the heart…
Connection is like the concept of synchronicity in the sense that all things come together to a certain time or location where you know this is a real occurrence and not a coincidence, since there really is no such a thing as coincidence or an accident and, while that may be hard for you to accept, or not, it is a tenant of the spiritual journey of accepting responsibility for your reality. You can then connect with what comes up about any of it.
Many feel guilty about taking responsibility for their lives: “Why would I create this reality?” “I wouldn’t, this is nothing I would want” – but accepting responsibility does not necessarily mean knowing the reason things happen the way they do or feeling bad or guilty about “what is.” It is important to know there are soul choices that are made and for now, you have right in front of you, in this time and space, options to change things or do something different with what you have in front of you.
You are being afforded opportunities to connect to see these choices for real right in front of you and you will know: ”Ah ha! This is one of those connections.” More and more, as you focus on being connected with the people, places and things you want in your life or to connect so you can finish with it, purge it, love it but eliminate certain people, places and things, you will feel that connection to the right choice to the right time to do such and so or to choose such and so – whatever applies for your life situation as it is right in front of you!


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