There is no Struggle

There is never struggle, there are only lessons. Opportunities to make new intentions and create changes in our life so we can enjoy it fuller. I’ve felt held back and a bit restrained, and overwhelmed with life and possibilities. Breathe. The world is your teacher, the struggle is your ego unwilling to surrender to what’s happening in the now. You can choose now what you want & stop thinking about the rest….quotes-about-life-struggles-inspirational-quotes-about-life-overcoming-obstacles-struggle

I struggled for a while, trying to ‘find the way’ or ‘get the career job’ and set my life in a way that would satisfy others and deem me worthy. What I’ve learned is that there is no struggle, only choices, and opportunities to learn how to choose better and make your life joyous. I was disconnected with myself for many years, I did not know any better. Obstacles and things that happen are our teachings. It’s up to us to overcome it and with your own inner power learn from it. What if you could see people for who they are and where they are at? And recognize that people come in to help you, and to help themselves grow. Sometimes we may not understand why and maybe we get upset or feel bad. Be patient. Relax. What can you choose better next time so you can remain filled your own inner harmony – light, love, and happiness?? Stop the patterns, and asking why ‘this’ always happens. Let go. Smile. Find delight in where you are and tame your ego so you can stay focused on the present. Teach yourself about yourself. Heal your wounds. Stop suffering & enjoy living!! Find liberation in who you are.


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