Reflections of Letting Go – Spring 2014

It is funny how fast time flies and what use to matter and at some point seemed so important, suddenly does not matter that much. It is interesting how one small shift can drastically alter your routine or change what you use to do. It is powerful when people come into your life and surprise you in new ways and offer you favors to receive. It’s amazing what one smile and comment of validity can do to alter your confidence. It’s magical how the universe puts things, people, obstacles, and crazy synchronicities in your path as ways to highlight what you need to learn. It’s profound when things happen and you really can’t spring-1explain why or what the causation of it was. It is incredible when you are able to be in such a state of flow that your body tingles with joy and happiness and nothing can alter your own enhanced way of being except you. It is deep work to learn to comes to terms with who you are and it takes courage when you begin to take steps to heal yourself and let go of your past, in hopes of brightening your future.

And so the above is a great lesson as to what has transpired in my own inner journey in the last year, but especially in the last three months of this Spring season of 2014. Spring is the season of change and transformation. New seeds are planted, and necessary things have to happen so you can personally weed out the old and welcome space for the new – akin to spring cleaning. Change is a challenge, and (so many of us are all unable to admit) a fearful process. What I’ve learned the last three months is how to surrender and let go. People can give you all sorts of advice, and friends can tell you their opinions of what you should do or why that person is the way they are, what could happen, and naturally we all comment and share opinions towards different things. What I’ve come to realize ‘Letting go’ is not more than just a statement or an agreement to say I will stop…. Letting go is a process that takes real concentration and self focus. How often have you said – “I’m going to stop talking to this person because of this—-” Or perhaps someone has said to you, “Let them go, they don’t treat you right.” I’ve heard it many times, and people have offered their thoughts on what job I need to have, who I should be spending my time with, what I should be doing with my family, and what kind of people I should attract, or friends I should contact. This spring I’ve learned the lesson of letting go for myself. I’ve stopped asking people for their thoughts and advice because I realize that no one really knows what is happening in my life except for me. There are no ‘shoulds’ there is only the now and only I really know the way my life is tuning to be in this moment. I’ve honored people who care to share, and I’ve ignored people who deem they need to tell me how to behave. Thank you for your thoughts, but I am my own person. This Spring I’ve come to terms with ‘normal’ and recognized that by letting go of the way things are suppose to go in life, I’ve been able to overcome the need to hold onto how my life ‘should’ be operations. I’ve found LIBERATION!


‘Letting Go’ is not something that just happens. It is more than a matter of words or an affirmation to speak. Real letting go is being able to look at the situation you have overcame and positively and graciously¬† whole heart-ingly thank the process for where it has led you to in the present moment. It’s about feeling okay in yourself, and understanding that things that happened are a blessing, and especially to look upon those those people who have come into your life to challenge you so you CAN overcome. I believe that the biggest challenges are really the best gifts. People can tell you a million times ‘to get out of that relationship’ or ‘find a real job’ or ‘stop crying move on’. Truth – no one ever really understands what you have been through except for you. Change takes time, and letting go can hurt. Sometimes tears need to be shed so you can purge. Your body needs to heal, and often times, it has to physically release. After all, hanging onto bottled up emotions will only cause chaos in your body later. Some hold on more than others, and sometimes it’s a process that can be overcome. We all need to suffer in some degree to gain a higher awareness and grow within ourselves. That is okay. You give yourself time to heal, change, so you can move forward.

In this final week of Spring, what has changed for you? I’ve done a lot of Spring Cleaning, starting by cleansing my physical body with a 21 day cleanse, I cleaned out my closet and got rid of clothes I no longer wear (even if they had costs me a pretty penny), I’ve written out my dreams, I’ve made lists of people that I enjoy and connections I want to keep in my life, I’ve cleaned my home and brighten my living space. I let go of trying to force friends, family, people, into living in my model of life, and I’ve found happiness by doing me and taking time to do me. I continue to thrive and set visions forward for what I want. In this process the universe has helped bring me new connections and people that help elevate me. This Spring I’ve had to come to terms with who I am on the inside and what I seek on the outside. I’ve realized that in order to really ‘deep’ clean and heal that means letting go. To me, it means coming to terms with who you are in the now and who you have become. Then letting go everyone and anything in the way or not aligned with it, and trusting yourself to become that person you want to be. Not every relationship you encounter has to last forever. I’ve had to heal myself. I’ve had to shed my food cravings and routine addictions. I’ve initiated changed my helping myself from the inside out. I’ve come to terms with my life and my journey forward. I’ve recognized that not everyone I meet along the way will be with me forever, and I’ve stopped trying to bring others along or forcing change upon them when maybe they are not ready. I’ve cried, I’ve been hurt, I’ve emotionally really not been okay. I’ve yelled, I’ve screamed, and I’ve asked – ‘Why do I feel this, why is this happening’ and I’ve questioned a lot. This last week of Spring, I journey forward with myself. I know know what seeds I need to nurture and I understand that the best guide is always myself. I’ve heard people tell me a million times the same thing and what I deserve, etc. Sometimes it pisses me off. The truth can hurt, but so can the force of others. I’ve accepted I am who I am, and I know what I want, and Yes, it is different than what a lot of people want. The truth – no one understands what I’m feeling or how my life is panning out, nor should they. Letting Go is a personal journey, and if you are willing to be vulnerable enough to detach from people, things, expectations, and needs of others, then you allow yourself the quiet contemplation how to surrender to yourself. There is nothing wrong with needing space or time or being fully alone within yourself. This Spring I’ve enjoyed a good detox and many nice cries. I’ve let myself let go of the expectation for how my life may be, or what people have to stay in it, and I’ve delighted in the mystical path of processing, allowing, and starting each day with happiness for myself.

Life happens fast, what are you doing to keep up? Not with what others want to do, no with what you think is right, or where the money is… How are you keeping up with your own vision, and needs? I believe change happens when we are willing to pause and reflect and make commitments to change. The journey can be isolated, and weird, and things may happen that leave you asking ‘WHY’? Surrender. Trust that you are a beautiful seed learning to grow, and water your own dreams with your own power. Take advice when needed, and honor those opinions that you trust. Deep down though, you know best. No one can ever tell you how you feel, what is write, or that someone or something is not right for you. Our minds our powerful, and we can think a lot. Only you know what fulfills you and those things and people that light you up so you can fly high. Honestly, I’ve had things happen where I have no idea why I choose this way or why I enjoy this person, or why my whole heart lights with certain people and hobbies. What I do know is that in order to change you need to make strives forward. Detach and let go of what could be or may be or was. Notice people for how they respond and the actions they are showing to you. Never force. Find contentment in yourself before acting. Let go of other peoples vision for you and follow your own dreams. Let friends and partnerships come your way, no holding on. Feel the pain, and learn how to shift that feeling and release it. If you need to speak – do it. Don’t force. Sometimes letting go means finding inner peace withing yourself and trusting the rest to happen. You can have closure and release and let go of what was just by finding acceptance with yourself – not by verbalizing or sharing with others. Letting go is freedom within yourself. The ability to see things as they were, and now are, and recognizing what you need to do to journey on. Trust in the love and inner power of yourself. And in your own space, clean out what was and be so welcome to what will be….

This last week of Spring I invite you to write out a reflection of what has changed in the last few months. You may surprise yourself.

Happy Healing, and enjoy the final week of Spring!


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