Summer of Power

wakeupWhat a crazy hot mess this these last 6 months have been. Time has moved fast and suddenly we are in the later part of the year. Cheers to the Summer of Awakening! Summer is the season of love, of light, and having fun and enjoying. It’s time to rise with the sun and make the most of every day. Wake up feeling alive and good so you can set intentions in your day. To me, this Summer is a about making a choice to step into your Power for change. Just like the sun shines and emits powerful healing energy for us and for plants, and more, it’s no coincidence that the Summer is meant to be the more alive and bright time of the year. Step outside, have fun, and enjoy. Quite worrying about what was or might be. How about enjoy today?

What is Power? Power is connecting to your own inner guidance and being about to listen to YOU. We all have so many layers and unconscious beliefs running in our minds that it’s very easy to get lost. To feel confused, unsure, to think we know what we want, but really have no idea. It’s easy to get stuck or feel disconnected. I believe those are all signs that your are holding something negative within you. That you are choosing to not own your own power and live the life you want. How about finding delight in whatever imperfection you are experiencing? Why not own your power by making a new choice and starting again? Choose YOU this Summer. Change your old habits and routines, and find things that pleasure you in the now. I’m not talking about substances or quick fixes – those are ways of the past. Do something different that will let you naturally wake up feeling powerful, good, healthy, and so full in your own mind, body, and heart. Deep down you know what want – what’s stopping you from achieving?

Every day you have the power to decide how you want to live and how you want to feel. Wake up this Summer and live you life with your own radiance and light. Your power resides in your core- it’s who you are – it’s your soul – your spirit- what’s inside of you. This Summer take your Power back into you and set new changes to spark your own change. Digest life in a new way, feed your body differently, and find lightness in experiencing yourself in new ways. Seek out what feeds you and do things that elevate your spirit. Wake up and LIVE. Become Alive by setting your energy and dictating what you want. Let the people be as they are. Choose yourself. Love yourself. Take Power into your hands by living happily – with your own inner flame. Let it shine!

Many people think gosh that’s hard to do. Or why does this happen? What about this? Well this person wants me to do this. Stop. Breathe. Live. Check back in. This Summer is about being happy and raising your vibration so you have joy and fulfillment. You dont need anyone or anything to create that. The power is in you. It’s your choice how to own it and ofcourse how to live it.

Ways to Live in Light & with your own divine Power:

  • Eat healthy and light foods, your body needs less during this season
  • Eat less, feel more. Stop reaching for those foods, sugary treats, alcohol, weed, or substances that give you a quick fix.
  • Enjoy being outside as much as your can. Make a promise to spend at least 10 minutes in the sunshine. Walking is great too, get out in the fresh air and connect with nature
  • Swim in the ocean (or a lake, or pool) as much as your can. I believe water helps us heal in infinite forms and ways. Let the water purify and cleanse what no longer needs to a part of you.
  • Rise with the Sun – Set your alarm early and make the most of every day. Try watching a sunrise too!
  • Meditate. With all the high speed energy and busy celebrations, you need time for you. To be in silence. Calm the chatter. Breathe.
  • Stop saying YES to things that you don’t really want to do. It’s okay to say No.
  • Heal with food: Enjoy raw veggies, smoothies, and new salad recipes. Taste the greens. Choose lots of vibrant colors for your plate, especially tones of yellow or orange to help stimulate your digestion (your power center)
  • Check in constantly with you. Not feeling okay? Get help. Vent. I believe energy is work is the best and fastest way to feel good. Reiki, yoga, massage, give yourself and your body something to help…
  • Choose what you want – and live in that state.



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