Females – Let’s Make a Change

“Treat others as you want to be treated. Live as you want to be loved. Teach with your power. Use your feminine force.” -Kali
As women, we have the power. Want our world, society, planet to change? Well let’s make the change. Respect yourself and your body. Stop sleeping around, let go of one night stands, and stop allowing other men to use you and your power. Take the power back! Females need to teach men how to respect us, how to operate in loving ways, and how to live with with love…. no more sex, money, & greed. Plus, do you really want those energies circulating your body? The more we can respect ourselves as female power and treat ourselves with respect, the more we can teach men to respect woman. Men want sex, they are masculine, they love control and power. If we allow men to respect us, treat us well, with kindness, they will change.

Everything you put into your system changes you and has an energetic response and physical reaction (especially while exchanging bodily fluids). Think twice before you indulge or make that booty call. Why not cultivate love for yourself first and stand up to your own feminine power? The hot guy may be fun for a quick fix, but is that really what you want for yourself? You are only contributing to the abuse, neglect, and ego ways of living, especially in the male group… And if you have a family or kids, please act in ways that will raise them well and teach them how to respect and love themselves. Single parents especially, it can be hindering to children, and only feeds male power. Be the role model. Make wise choices. Help future generations. Teach men. Love.




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