Virgo New Moon Aug 2014 – Let Your Spirit Shine, Trust Yourself to Soar

Good Bye Summer & Hello Fall! Let’s enjoy the transition & lighten up…. Reawaken your Soul Potential!
Aug 25 New Moon Virgo – Rest. Recharge. Regroup. Regather Intention & Goals
Health. Happiness. Ease. Delight. Happy New You

~*~ Let Your Spirit Shine, Trust Yourself to Soar, Be in Service to YOU ~*~

The energy of this new moon in Virgo is all about New Beginnings. I believe the universe has showed us in the last 6 months and highlighted areas that we need to change to enhance our own life. We are at the midpoint of the astro year and now is the time to reset, let go, and recharge so you can surge forward. Virgo is the sign of the virgin – let’s begin again. Let’s leave behind Summer, the old, and use this new energy to empower ourselves to move forward. This moon is here to help stimulate opportunities. Right out your vision and take some time to cultivate new goals. As we leave the playful energy of the Summer, it’s a time to ground back down. Set your intentions, and let it be about you, not anyone else. You have the power to set your vision and reshape your life. This new moon is the opportunity to jump on aboard and scream Yes! I recommend being true to your heart and what your core values are. Always with new beginnings, changes, and in order to make leaps forward, it requires letting go. That’s tough. This holiday weekend, I sense things can get a little crazy and perhaps built up anger may surface. Watch out. It’s a time to enjoy yourself, who you have become, and who you seek to be. Enjoy good company, people you can openly communicate with, and watch out in indulging in that extra cocktail. This new moon is you chance to reawaken your SOUL.Shine light on yourself, affirm your unique qualities, and meditate for mental clarity. Trust yourself, your intuition is high, and live in alignment with your truth. As we transition with this energy, and into the new season, its a powerful time to feed your body well, nurture self, rest, and recharge every aspect of you. Eat your greens, load up on Earthly natural foods, stay hydrated, and drink lots of pure water to help flush away the old, and renew yourself! This is a good time to say Yes to you, moving forward, and setting your soul on fire to shine bright in the second half of the year & beyond! Take good care of your health, cleanse, avoid extra stimulus, and stay addicted to positive energy.

VirgoKeywords– Where do you need to be more in service to yourself?

– What shifted for you this Summer & the last 6 months? What happened?

– Where can you celebrate & what are your future goals for yourself?

– What areas of your life do you need to shift so you can feel happier & lighter inside?


The full moon was about 2 weeks ago in Aquarius… What has happened in the last two weeks? Where are lacking respect for self and what is holding you back from being your own Authentic, unique self? Aquarius are free spirits, they do their own thing, and this new moon is a time to awaken to your inner truth & spirit and shine forward in new ways. Make change your You, your health, & Happiness. Wish it on the moon 😉 Let your heart guide you… and if there is something that needs to be said, healed, cleared… act on it & do it. Heal the old & make way for the new!


“Life has challenges, there are set backs, and there are always opportunities to rise above and learn. As we overcome we allow ourselves to repair past beliefs and limitations. We heal from the hurt, and we unblock ourselves. It is a challenge, & it takes time. Believe in yourself, your goals, your own inner light, and let it shine. We all need to start over, make amends, apologize, & honor our spirit & where it wants to take us. Lighten up & live for YOU!” [Kali Bliss]


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