Labor Day- August/Sept Shift – Energy Report

Oh man what a week! Help! What’s happening?

Cleanse ~ Clear ~ Relax ~ Calm Down ~ Live Well

The new Moon last week has brought a lot of clarity but more importantly, has brought to surface a lot of crap that needs healing and needs releasing. What has come up for you? Things may have been gifted to your physically, new people have come in, maybe messages, or maybe the universe gave you a surprise. I’ve come down with a cold – first one in three years! This weekend I’m taking time to do me, relax, and find balance. It is time to release and restore yourself. Take care of yourself, do you, and let yourself heal old things. For me, it’s come up physically with congestion, ailments, and my body needs time to let go and surrender – because it’s holding on. I can feel it. Can you? As a society we think we need pills and quick fixes to help us ‘restore’, this energy is asking us to relax and give back to ourselves. It’s not a time to get crazy and yahoo party on. If things are coming up for you – help yourself by clearing them. Maybe that means journaling, yoga, meditation, fasting, etc. Take time for your, quiet time is nice. Things are ending, and new beginnings are coming together for the new Fall Season. Let things be. If you need closure, seek it out. What or who are you holding onto to? What’s toxic? Shed it, let it out, rid yourself, clear, cleanse…. Its challenging, but you will liberate yourself from the inside out. (I can help with energy clearing too/ shift things around in your body!) Deal with your shit. Let go of your crap. Release the old and make way for your future.

Every cycle shift  is a personal shift for you. We end a month, start a new, and almost in a new Season.


This week and next as transition into a new month, and get closer to the official season of Fall. It’s time to release and  let go of the old ways of being. We are not the same. We are all changing from the inside out. Nothing old can stay. It’s a time to find your gold, and set intentions high. As we all evolve and take steps forward, we all naturally change and need to let go of the old. This is the hardest part I believe.  Check in with your heart, your body, and your own life. Are you living your purpose? What’s your passion and how are you striving forward to follow it? Where are your blocks?


I hiiiighly recommend taking it easy this weekend. During a holiday weekend, it’s easy to get lost in the play, party, and enjoyment of ‘Yay party on – we have the day off.’ Be careful. There is a lot of deep processing happening and change is happening within us all. Are you doing things you enjoy? Surround yourself with people who you enjoy. The end of Summer invites us to celebrate who we have become and these few weeks are times to leave behind and reset yourself and yourself for the second half of the astro year.

Change is the name of the game. We are transitioning. What do you want to keep? Keep people around who light up your life and serve YOU and where you are going.


It is very important to take care of your body in these energies and as we move into the Fall. As things come up, let them. The universe is asking us to release so we can step forward. The more your hold, the more stuck you become, and unclear, and cluttered within yourself. Your soul wants to grow and shine!

Contact me for energy healing session if you want help and clarity as we all move forward 😉



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