Happy Solar Eclipse & Scorpio New Moon!


“There is lots of new light hitting the planet & all are being asked to live better with in their own selves. Happiness begins with you & making conscious choice to change.
Set the intention today to burn bright…leave behind past problems, issues, people, & be fulfilled in creating light – beginning with you. The new moon is a new beginning- to shed the old shadows & free ourselves from darkness & surrender to light. Let light in, shine in your own self, & help illuminate others/the planet to live in love”

Make a promise to you today. The energy supports your choices & wishes ~ burn bright be love with light.

Whatever happens, let it be. The light is pouring in to help clear the old and pave way for the new. It’s part of the journey & the ride to awakening to learn to live more in your own light. This new moon is the begining ~ So we can all begin again ~ consciously choose, what’s best for us – our own authentic self. 😉

Enjoy the New Moon & Solar Eclipse!

~*~Kali Bliss~*~

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