Let Fall Live

I’ve had many fears & things come up in these last few weeks/months before we officially transition into Fall. It’s been intense. Yes. Wild energy, lots of change, and shifts, which are all natural during this time of year. Believing in who I am & what I stand for are the only principles that have gotten me through a whole lot of darkness. Yoga & life has taught me a lot & beyond anything else, you need to trust the process & let go to make new light…breathe

As Yogis and humans we like to get stuck in living. We choose to hold on to friendships, people, jobs, and more that really do not serve us. Life is a never ending cycle. Fall is the season for change. The leaves fall off trees, we learn to let go, & we begin to embrace life in new ways. Trusting the process, and letting things fall away as they do. When we hold we force and we try. When we align to nature we feel the pulse in our hearts and the direction it is guiding us and we are able to clearly see where we need to be steered and where we seek to go. We let the winds of life and opportunity carry us there. We develop a new sense of ease as we learn over and over again that change is constant, and that without it no one would ever get anywhere. As we learn to unload, unlock, and clear away stale energies we become lighter ourselves. We make new choices and we trust our hearts to guide us where we need to go. Maybe we don’t know where that will be, but we listen to that inner whisper talking to us. We breathe and we surrender to our fears. As yogis we know the darkness prevails when we are able to find more light. We fall back to help us move forward. We live. We learn. We embrace. We allow. We trust. We open up. We know. We let life be what it is meant to be ~ Happy, fun, exciting, & fulfilling.

Make peace this week. Lots of dark stuff coming up and energy being shifted in everyone. If you’re sensitive like me, you feel it deep. Trust what’s coming & who you are becoming 😉


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