Taurus Full Moon ~ Express Yourself. Speak your Truth. Be your Best Teacher

Taurus Full Moon – Speak your Truth, Be your own Teacher

– Express Yourself.

In Light of the Full Moon~fullmoon-taurus-3-380x235

Chryscolla – the stone of the teacher & speaker. Time to honor your Truth. Meditate to be clear. This full moon is powerful – asking us to check back in with ourselves & commit to our hearts desires & our own personal needs. There is a ton of energy around relationships now – cutting cords, leaving behind, & mending people from the past. Listen to your heart. Be fearless as you express yourself to peaceful honestly, truthfully, & lovingly. Now is the time to clear the past & face your fears of expressing yourself. Heal the relationship you have with yourself, leave your fear behind, & reach out to those people it’s time to express yourself to. It may hurt, it may be challenging, it takes guts, but it will help you in the end when you speak your truth, honor yourself, & love by letting go or welcoming back in
Let things come up as they do, rest your body, breathe, & leave the rest to life.

Don’t forget to put your stones our for energy clearing under the light of the moon.

Have an evening to yourself to honor you. Breathe deep & consider what you desire – what you like, who you enjoy, & what things make you smile & feel good. It is these things we want to keep. The rest we can release. Where have you stepped out of alignment? What relationships do you need to fix, make peace with, or have that conversation with? Now is the time to clear up old ends, and communicate what you desire and to whom. Consider what has shifted since April, what has changed? Who do you need to reconnect too? Face your fears and speak up!



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