11:11 Spiritual Gateways


The Angels are with you Today!! Use this potent powerful energy to create magic in you life!! Today is a special day to create intentions, make wishes, & light a candle & say a prayer for a better today, tomorrow, & more. Your Angels are watching over you always & today is a day where you can connect with them & witness their messages.

11/11 is a spiritual gateway where the you can connect to your Higher Power easier. 11 is the number of intuition. I think of 11 as a pillar of light, and with the two 1 together it creates a portal of light to come through. Your Angels want to connect with you & help you. On Nov 11 – 11/11 – the energies are open and heavens are helping you bring your authentic own power forth so you can manifest your best life by living in alignment with your soul. Today, you are being talked too and communicated with. Be aware of what comes up or keeps coming up, notice what you hear & see. Watch for the Magic & you will see it. When you see 11:11 on a clock – make a wish. Typically that is a sign of a message coming through, or your angels letting you know you are on your path & they are guiding you & with you always. Let the light above help you. Tap into you unique light & let it help empower you to shine.soul

Break barriers that are holding you back. November is a hiiiiighly spiritual month since it is the number 11 & we are in the transition of seasons, and in the end of the normal year. (Many [spiritual] teachers & Yogis have 11 in their birthday). This time – Fall & Winter – is setting us up for the new astrological year next Spring. Ayurveda/Yogic concepts tell us the beginning happens in the Spring – when we all shift and begin a new. American’s like to think this happens in January. The Universe is asking us all to let go during the darker months, hibernate on intention, and learn how to be more clear in yourself so you can create more light & love in the next new year (Spring). Without darkness there would be no light. When you are truthful with yourself, make the connection to live a life that serves you, you must make change and face challenges that hold you back. Let November happen, watch for the signs, believe in yourself, & make conscious change to create the life you want. Live with your Spirit & follow the light & have more Love.

When you believe & allow love & higher vibrations into your life, you begin to connect more to your higher self/power and the magical world above. When you believe anything is possible. Tap into Magic today & with your own intuitive wand, watch your wish come alive!

i wish for you

  • Make a new intention today!
  • Light a Candle, make a wish!
  • Meditate
  • Do Yoga – Make it to your Mat
  • Get outside, breathe in nature & with fresh air
  • Take a walk with nothing but yourself (no phone/electronics)
  • Watch for the signs, messages, synchronicity, that are messages coming through
  • Breathe, treat your body well, & avoid alcohol/drugs, today
  • Send a wish of love to others – make a prayer for someone beside yourself –> Share the light



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