Love Note from the Universe

Fill yourself Friday~ Here is what the Universe Recommends for the wkend:

“Within us all are deeper desires & aspects of ourselves. You are not your body, you are not a materialistic object, or a job You are a Soul with a Spirit that wants to heal so you can live in your highest & best state. Let yourself heal this weekend by coming to terms with you, yourself, & your inner desires. What are you afraid of? What has been coming up for you this week? Can you forgive, let go, & help yourself out by getting back in touch with your heart & the real desires that begin there?”

Mantra: I allow myself to heal. I open my heart, I let love in, & I heal by shining light on what has been buried deep within…

Rest easy this weekend, slow down, & take a time out. Be Open for yourself, and for others. Healing takes place in mysterious ways- a run in, an unexpected phone call, a synchronisic event, or even a letter to self letting you let go & leave behind. ❤ to all


~*~ Kali Bliss ~*~


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