Hi 2015 – Sit Back & Relax

2015. Oh hello! I’ve been looking forward to you & thank the heavens we are out of 2014. Wow, what a ride that was. Can I get an Amen? So it’s the new year & a new beginning… kinda. Another year over, a new one begins – Yes, however, the new year is merely a calendar shift and a call to Americans to make intentions, new goals, and typically loose weight. Ha. That the new year really signifies is the opportunity to let go of the old and pave way for the new. Then end of the year, the holidays, the parties, and more can get us all rattled up in different forms. I invite you this January, instead of making a list of what needs to change, make a list of how wonderful you are. Be grateful for what have, what you’ve overcome, and what you’ve learned in 2014. 2015

2014 tested us. It’s over. Consider what people and actions you can finally free yourself from. Consider what people you miss, who you’ve lost touch with, and who you may need to rekindle a friendly phone call or hello with.

Say hello to 2015 with abundance and be happy for where you are at. Now is the time to set yes, set your intentions, and make new goals, but also to rest, relax, and heal whatever the past year has brought you. Times are changing & with every new beginning comes a new beginnings end. What are you holding on to, and how are you freeing yourself?

I suggest, take a time out for your, reevaluate, who are you today? Eat healthy foods, put down the booze and quit the added sugar or processed shit. Let your body rest, sip on tea, drink water, & cuddle up under a blanket as your relax. Get some energy healing done, enjoy a massage, take a bubble bath. Start YOUR new year off with a band by re inspiring yourself & serving yourself. Give yourself a break, be alone, and consider what you truly want, what you desire, & what people light you up from the inside out. Put a smile on your face & stay connected to those things and people that keep the smile there, and even help it grow bigger… 😉



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