Consider This…..

I’ve been pondering a lot lately. I’ve been out in the wilderness, exploring the seas, and virtually resetting what I like to call, my mind, body, & soul. Yeah, a real gift to me!! So we call ourselves Yogi’s, but what does that really mean? What happens after the class, when you leave the mat, & when you get back to your routine of engulfing yourself with people who are ‘not so really oh… Namaste?’ You feel different right?


People affect us. Choices affect us. Who we surround ourselves with make a BIG statement about us. Consider where you do, where you hang, and the environment you work at. What’s happening? I ask you to take a day and just notice…. where you are, what’s happening, and what’s going on. Notice the internal shifts that happen within you, recognize the triggers, and then be aware with your reactions…. Do you pause? Can you breathe? Are you able to smile and take a moment for you? Or do you relapse into that other self, forgetting that the way to tame the stress is to give yourself more EASE….

I dare you today to watch. Be a Witness. Look out. Breathe DEEP. Stay centered. Remain Calm. JUST NOTICE.

Awareness is Powerful. Take note of what’s happening with the daily actions and places you choose to be…. Can you keep that same Yogic peace and affirm to stay delightful and peaceful throughout your day????

Sit Back, Relax, & enjoy the Show & profound new insights you gain….

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