Monday Mantra ~ March 16, 2015 ~ Open to All

stayopenWow, three long ruthless years have passed and we are collectively at the end of a great Planetary Shift that has been happening. Hallelujah! We made it. Many are unaware of what has transpired, many have no idea, however many will begin to see the change that has been created and how much better life will be from this point on. For those that follow Astrology, 2012 was the beginning of the grand Pluto/Uranus Square which welcomed in many obstacles and challenges on and off in the past three years. For me, I’ve had tremendous change that has caused me to look reality in the face and do much inner self work. (Dont worry there is a whole long story about that). The Universe shook me hard and asked me to change so i could live happier and more in alignment with my soul. Though it was challenging, and a rocky ride, I have to say I’m in the best state ever today. Through relationships, teachers, and grand synchronicity opportunities, the Universe has created a world better than I ever knew possible. It began with my own desire to change and live a more fulfilling life that was beyond the top floor of a corporate ‘dream job’ I thought I had to have. God, The Universe, Spirit, Buddha, Whatever you want to call IT knows what is best for you. When you fight it, hide, or draw back in fear, you create more struggle for yourself. Always. There is no exception. It can be truly challenging to let go of friendships, people you love, and be an advocate for your own growth my saying NO to others. If you never open yourself up, you will never know what better opportunities the Universe has planned out for you.

This week we end the Grand Pluto/Uranus Square. For those conscious and aware, you will probably already know what this means and have an idea of what may surface. There have been all kinds of signs, messages, and tellings that are promoting you to act and change. What have you recieved and noticed? I imagine many people from the past will come up or come back in. Be mindful and act with intention. Breathe. Take a moment to decide who and what is truly serving YOU NOW. Be kind, and speak from your heart. The medicine of the soul is honest and true, and when you speak with love and openness there can never be any harm. Only joy and acceptance when people truthfully exchange words that are in alignment with what they want. Of course, many of us do not know how to act from our heart and still allow our Egos to sooth and dictate what is real. I invite anyone reading this to be cautious, especially as we transition this week into Spring. Let abundance in. Allow new opportunities to be explored. Trust in what is coming. Those messages and voices that continue to come up, are messages for you to act on. Stop ignoring the Universe. God wants to grant you a better and happier life. Surrender and change. This is the way in this New Age of Aquarius. It is vital to get onto your yoga mat, do the inner work and take on a meditate practice. Even if it’s only ten minutes with closed eye breathing. Everything counts. To stay open you need to learn to connect to the inherent answers within… This comes with meditation, with practice, and with your ability to focus on what only YOU know to be true.

Relax this week, listen to what your mind, body, & spirit are guiding you towards. Perhaps there are people you have lost touch with and want to rekindle with. Maybe there is someone you are drawn to that can help you. Perhaps you try a new teacher, or get some body work done. Any energy work this week will help you be more clear for the fresh energy that is coming with the Spring. Leave your fear to the past and open up…. have those conversations, write that letter or email, send a text of gratitude to those who have helped you get where you are. The last 3 years have been challenging. For Yogis,who are on the Spiritual Quest (you know who you are), we are all awakening and changing to live more centered in LOVE. Love is all that matters, whoever you are, it is up to you to Open up for it, share it, teach it, and most importantly Live it. Ego will battle you to stay withdrawn, closed, and disconnected. Let Love lead the way with an open heart, a clear mind, & endless opportunities that the Universe guides you with this week.

Should me a mysterious week with magic & more. Open you eyes, tune in to whats happening, and let your inner yearning me free by trusting and acting like a Yogi fully in Love with yourself – no fear, no anger, no pain, just Love 🙂

Cheers fellow Indigos, Yogis, Awakened Souls, & those still seeking… The we made it to the Golden Age & survived the storm of whatever had to happen for us to evolve. Be the Light, share the Light, & Love ❤

Stay Open. Stay Truthful. Be Honest, Be Free. Love & Enjoy the Magic!


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