Faith with Joy


Enjoy whatever this moment brings & cultivate joy with accepting Life as the grand game it truly is…

Put a pause on that mental and internal player that is causing you to react, wonder, question, and more….Pause. Breathe. Trust. This moment is all you have. Reflect. Let go of the why or the causation that may have brought you to this place. Be Present. Take a deep breathe. Let this moment be what it is, as it is. Life happens. Let everything fall into place.

There are many things I believe we have no control over. Things can be good, things can go wrong, things will never be what we expect them to be. There is peace in it all and a mystical truth of accepting the divine grace that happens. Let things be so. In the higher aspect of life, this moment is insignificant. It can change. It will change. Accept you in this moment here. Things will pass. Things will get better. Have faith in yourself and accept the only thing that matters –> You. Let it be so. Be happy with whatever is or is not and let your own energy uplift you forward. Only you can change. Be happy with faith that of whatever the Universe steers you toward, and however Life happens…. Enjoy!


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