In the past few weeks I continue to hear the excuses for everything… “MERCURY IS IN RETROGRADE”

So What? We must continue Living…. & Grooving to whatever is happening, without necessarily an explanation as to WHY it is happening that way or causing it to be so…. Life is Grooooovy when you are able to connect to the grooooooveeeee & Dance in the exploration…. What is your excuse from seeing the world through eyes that sparkle with the chaos & confusion??

What if instead of making excuses or wishing the planets would come together and help you, you show yourself the way out of destruction by changing the lens you see the world & opening your mind to the possibility of seeing something beyond the reason???

Mercury Retrograde….. Oh the fear many get and mumble jumble that tag line has enforced amongst the more conscious tribe. It makes me laugh. The gift of slowly down should be a value and nuance that we all recognize daily. Why does it create people to swarm and shout and blame Mercury? Communication prevails and the more we can learn to honestly go within ourselves and become the honest people we know ourselves to be the more fulfilling and direct we can be with others. Mercury Retrograde causes an internal struggle only because as humans we are not taught that slowly down, breathing, looking at the world differently, reevaluating, and perceiving a change, is actually quite normal and life enhancing.

Give yourself the gift these next few weeks til Mercury ‘comes back out’ from ‘retrograde’….. STOP thinking about it. Meditate, walk slower, breathe deeper, and see where you can adjust YOURSELF to make YOUR WORLD more Groovy, Magical, and totally rad in it’s own crazy cool way 😉

I mean, it’s just a Planet spinning round in a Universe we are all living and spinning in as well…



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