“It’s a funny thing, in a world where we seem to know and can know just about anything, we strive to get, to be, to have, to prove, and to contain our own personal worth based on other validations and external nuances like ‘likes’, salary, shares, and more… Even in the Yogic world we can become big headed and be little the essence of ourselves that ultimately matters most of all….. I’m not sure how as a society we have steered so far away from connecting authentically, forming deep connections, and actually speaking from a place of relation with others, with people you see, and most importantly with your own Soul Self….. To make the ‘right’ choice is usually not the obvious choice, but the deeper underlying message can always be heard and found, when you are willing to pause for a moment, breathe, and dare to discover who you are, not as a human, but as a living soul in a Universe we are all living in together….”

Do yourself a favor: retract and make the right choice… whatever is calling for you to do, have the courage to listen and act… The Truth you need to know and act on and live with, always sets you free….”


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