Strive on it’s Summer Time!

Mid Year Blues, Confusion, Chaos, & Craziness

Aaaahhh 2015…. we made it!! We are at the midpoint of the year! Hallelujah. Relief. Sigh. Breathe…. Deep. Thank God! I am amazed at how rapidly this this year has past and that we are already at July. Woah. Lets keep galloping forward!!

The energy of Spring was super intense!! Did you notice? Between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice last week there have been massive shifts, energy upgrades, changes, and transformation on all levels. You’ve experienced within you, and around you and with the seasonal weather patterns and media events too. Time is moving fast and the stars and moon and sun are helping us all CLEAR what no longer serves us so we can live in alignment with our truth and real values. You may have felt physically ill, tried, burned out, super energized, or have had a many emotions come up in the past few months. The Universe is asking us all to change & let go so we can move on… What have you learned??

This song is the perfect tone to end the month & begin a new chapter as we shift into Summer, July, & the 2nd portion of the year. Breathe Easy, relax, let go, & let things pour out & rain away whatever is holding your heart heavier and sinking you from swimming free in this new summer season (of LOVE)!!

This song came to mind:

Life can be a winding road, and sorrow is experienced along the way. Change is never easy, and sometimes letting go of things that don’t serve you can be the hardest and most fulfilling lesson to overcome. Even when it feels like a flood in your head, you can always pick up the oar and learn to row with the challenges and overcome anything. Personally, I’ve been beat the last two months. I feel like my body has been in a time warp. I’ve been up and down, high and low, and my personal road has been quite winding and long. It’s not always easy, and I’ve had to reevaluate a lot and remember what really feeds me…. meaning, that in order for me to feel better, walk faster, and keep my own natural happy state, I’ve need to release toxic relationships, quite reaching out to that person who do not reach back, and have learned to enjoy independence while manifesting my own personal power and Joy. With the rain, the seasonal shifts, the traveling I did, and the thunder and new courses and actions I’ve taken, I’ve realized the beauty in actually needing no one and nothing to actually make me happy and feel content. Home, my home, is found with in and becomes alive with how I choose to actively show up for me and follow that beat of passion that resides inside……

In the midst of change, with whatever happens and the circumstances that are presented or the roads you choose to wander down, I believe the majesty of grace is the impeccable ability to strive on even when the weather gets tough or the destination you think you need to be seems no where in sight. Keep walking, and when you are guided, take a new road, try a new path, and dare to walk in a new direction… The universe is always helping and supporting us. My dreams are big, real, and I’ve manifested miracles with the act of being humble on my own road, owning who I am, what I want, and what I believe. We can all find our way home….. We are in a transition, a change, a massive plantary activation that is helping us all be ourselves, move forward, and let the beautiful sunshine inspire us daily to wake up happier, become more alive, and truly be the bright sunny soul we are destined to be.

Keep walking on your road… raise your own bar, and see the new path that awaits you. Challenges bring opportunity and it is our job to learn to keep walking better, calmer, peacefully, and with ease to fulfill yourself. We have made it through June 2015!! Celebrate, and root in the intentions to set new ground, new roads, and new manifestations for the rest of the year.

You CAN Do it!! Keep Walking Well 🙂 Smile & Enjoy Life this Summer Season!!



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