Solstice Shift: Energy Report June 27, 2015!!!

I’ve been divinely guided to create videos…. & I finally decided to post it! Wahoo.

There is an energetic & conscious shift happening around the world. Whether or not you are aware, You ARE experiencing it in many forms….. physical sensations, dreams, desires, urges, intuition, or perhaps suddenly called to change yourself or your life…. We are being asked to WAKE UP and be the light we are born to be. This Summer Solstice that just passed has helped us all move forward and is reminding us to create the change and really become the person we know ourselves as…. What does this mean? It’s time to Step into LOVE….. LOVE for YOU, your SOUL, and your own spectacular self….. This video was literally inspired in the moment. Hope you enjoy it 😉

People have been asking me about the Stars & Moon & Sun & more. I will be making more videos in the future!

I would love feedback, suggestions, and topics YOU want to hear about. If anyone in the San Diego area wants to help me with some video projects I’d appreciate it!

Love to all & have an Amaaazzzzing Week!

Cheers to Change, challenge, and transformation 😉 🙂


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