Hello Cosmos & what a wild last week of radical energetic shifts…. Yikes! You may have noticed yourself having headaches, feeling extra tired, emotional, energetically drained, needing more water, confused, and of course restless and awake. When the energy is intense and wild our body and minds under go tons of shifts! I know I had some very vivid and wild dreams…. Pay attention, it’s especially important during this time to take YOU time, slow down, let yourself process whatever is happening and avoid stimulants – like prescriptions, advil, sleeping pills, extra food, and all that other ‘stuff’ we like to chug, take, and digest to make us seem ‘normal’. Your body is meant to flux and change and if you don’t let it process how it does, other functions will turn into disease. Nothing is wrong with you, you may need to be out of your routine 🙂

Now we are being forced to make decisions and move forward. I describe this week as a Kabam! Moment or even series of moments, where something will happen, and it will change you forever. Last week was the build up, this week it’s on…. You either go with the flow of the Universe or you remain wishing, hoping, dreaming, and wondering why life is the same as it was a few years ago. (Being brutally honest). We are bubbling, and this week I sense we will burst… in different ways. Perhaps old relationships will come back and, dare I say, haunt you? Maybe a new understanding about a person will cause a break up or break through, or maybe that friend you lost touch with will come back. I feel strongly there is TONS of relationship energy this week…. let it happen…. The old, the new, what comes around, beware…. Remember you don’t need to keep all friendships and people in your life. Sometimes the best gift is simply saying good bye, and being more open to better people coming around later (yeah that could mean some tears, fear, and the scary realization you may be alone for a bit). AAahh 🙂 Embrace it!!

Use this week to see the opportunities, break your ‘golden’ rules, and get out of the standard norm way and choose YOUR way. Yup, there is nothing wrong consciously taking a proactive YES to your life, and weeding out the old for the new.

Opportunities are around, doors are opening, some are closing, and others are locking you out or in… You choose which side your on what knobs you are wanting to turn…. the right door is not always the easiest one to walk through….

Good luck, be nice to yourself, & of course others…. we are going through it.

Please leave comments on how I can help!


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