Embrace the NOW


We forget this moment NOW is all we need to be better, live better, & make a change. Endless worries can keep us lost, wishing, seeking, wondering, and never expanding as the powerful individual we are meant to be. THIS moment is a GIFT! Stay present, be focused, and let your needs NOW satisfy you with choices you make TODAY.

I’ve been very good at looking back at life, regretting, wishing, and thinking about things or people that once brought me joy. I forget, those people are still around… sometime, if it calls, I shoot them a friendly call, text, or email. I’ve learned to let go though, and stay present. Some people may be gone, or memories have slipped away and connections have been lost. It’s okay. No need to worry or get stuck or look back. PRESENT. Now. This Moment…. and if those things, matters, and people are still in your brain and focus, maybe it’s a divine message asking you to reach out, reconsider, or reconnect to something meaningful. Sometimes that is simple a nice hello, thank you, or worthy note of kindness to tell someone they matter.

Never be afraid to EMBRACE this Moment, & listen to that little voice that is urging you to ACT…


Theme this week is Self Worth & Honoring YOUR Needs

In an ever changing world, there are times & moments when we all need to let go & leave behind people, things, job, relationships, friendships, and matters that strike our heart on levels deeper than we humanely knew we could feel….. It can be quite painful and scary stepping beyond your comfort zone and truly choosing yourself. Sometimes we need to have that conversation, or say no to that best friend, or resist that family temptation, even though we know it may cause someone else to feel less than pleasant. The truth is we all teach each other…. & we all always learn the best lessons from the experiences, and learning how to grow with our real hearts & really become the beautiful souls we are meant to be…. This life is about YOU, and honoring every expression and value you cultivate, and helping others understand… Love is not a superficial issue or relation that is found by doing, showing up, or even relating. Love is knowing that YOU matter, choosing yourself, & letting others learn, however that may be, that YOU deserve happiness, respect, and happiness too….

The issue of self worth has come up a lot for me recently. I’ve been gambling with relationships, people new and old, and in the last few weeks seeing where I withhold, where I stand my grounds, & watching how other people treat me. It’s a funny thing this world. To me, relationships & friendships are built with mutual appreciation and balanced roles where each person involved honors, respects, & cares… Maybe that is asking too much of people, I have yet to understand. I believe the people that really matter & love you & want you in their life, will show themselves, & support you… & I’ve learned this month the importance of honoring my own needs, saying NO, & communicating how I desire to be treated, and what works & what doesn’t. It’s not easy to stand your ground, take a risk, & express yourself as the loving individual you are, & deserve to be treated as…. Be nice, & show up for your friends & family & tribe that loves you, & wants you around…Afterall, YOU MATTER MOST… You won’t receive respect, if You can’t stand well in it…”

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