Self Worth

“I value myself. I trust myself. I choose myself!”

self worth

Sweet Change is on the way as we move into the full Blue moon week & end of July. When we hit August, there will be an increased flow of new energy & new sense of expansion felt with us all…. We yearn for love, real love, & the real ability to be ourselves… whatever that may be & even if we don’t quite know what that is.

Today there is a dense layer, almost like a fog or slumber. We don’t want to wake up… yet we know we must in order to fulfill and be who we desire. It almost feels we are stuck in 2 worlds – what was & what will be… Self Worth…. What do you choose?
We are all experiencing new & different aspects of ourselves. Sit quiet & nurture your needs & be gentle with your body. Drink extra water, eat less, & let yourself sleep in & relax. Let yourself let go ~ Live with the highest love form possible ~ You & your own self!

~*~ Kali Bliss ~*~


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