On Love & Letting Go

~*~ Love ~*~

There was a time when love was as it is, & happily ever after was a meeting of two souls that exchange those words and wed with bands & celebrate…. Love is more. Love is a connection, a feeling that goes beyond words, a life pulse that attracts & expands, a romance that makes you feel alive, & sometimes a moment that breaks you & helps you reprise & become someone better… Love… in this new age is not the once in a lifetime, soul mate, live happily every after because you ‘think’ you found the one… Love goes further, deeper, & touches places that you cannot humanly know until you have been there… Love. It may break you, it may tear you to pieces, it may show you, & it may help you uncover the real dream that most of the World is really seeking…. Love. It’s more than a game, a photo to post, a relationship to prove, or ‘partner’ that looks good on paper… Love it’s real baby…. Love… it begins purely with YOU, yourself, & your own FULL Heart Inside ❤

Journey to it today, tomorrow, next week & every week after.
This Full Moon is illuminating the Truth that IS YOU, & all the Love you ARE capable of feeling, experiencing, & even leaving behind…



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