Mind wanderings on a Friday Night

Life…. its a funny place of unpredictable events, & we never really know why or what is causing the effect of it all….

Do we have a destiny? Is it ourselves to create it? yes. Clearly…. who do we keep around and what folks do we continue to walk with? I mean in this life, are we meant to evolve together or forever apart? Its a peculiar subject to contemplate.

They say friends are forever, yet what happens when distance choose other things and connection is lost? Is that still a virtuous connection that sustains? Same with family…. what do you do when those people that are meant to love you act otherwise. Do you give in to the lies? Or can we all communicate with ease? is there something humanely wrong with the idea of communicating, expressing, & being yourself & loving everything about that & the people who make you who you are?

Life it’s a crazy concept….Are we here? Are we there? Or out there? Where are those people that once served us smiles & inspired us to be better….. do they move on? Do we stay in touch… & if words fail to be rendered… is that relationship lost? I dont know. I have no answers. I do have a heart. A feeling. An empathetic sympathy to say I hope people can honor and cherish others as much as they are indulged in themselves. Its not easy letting others go, leaving, or dealing with a broken heart, or a long lost friend…. maybe that is the real nature of life though? I dont know. Are we meant to always stay connected? If so, how do we connect, yet stay human, in our needs, with our own minds, hearts,  & intelligence to contain that sacred space?

Peace. Love. Kindness….. That’s what I know. That’s what I believe….


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