Art, Family, & Living.

I’m currently traveling. I’m lost in my own mind, on new streets, in a world I do not know. Yet oddly. everything seems familiar. It’s peculiar. I mean, wandering alone. Where to do, what to see, how to spend my day… and it’s all up to me to decide. So liberating!

IMG_5168.JPGThe more I roam and wander and the more I see, the more I wonder why America is not so rich with art and artifacts. I mean, I know we don’t have all the history of some other countries or of Europe, but geez, we could at least hop on the bandwagon of nice architecture. Don’t you think? I do.

Europeans understand what it is to live. They are laid back, walk slow, and non of them seem to have the stress most Americans live with. The biggest thing I’ve notice is how sincere Europeans are with their families. It seems like they all genuinely care. They walk around holding hands, and enjoying one another. It’s a different kind of love than in America. Everyone seems happy, grateful, and no worried about making a buck or getting to work or anything else. They are content with what they have.

Why have we created modern day culture to not have art?

Really. It is through museums, movies, music, and other forms of media entertainment we create masterpieces. Think about the great creators of the world. They were brilliant. Here I am now going to museums and seeing their works of art and acclaimed masterpieces. Its amazing! Though I don’t necessarily enjoy them all, I will say they are remarkable in their own way. It ponders me as to why our America society has forgotten about the value of art, and why we don’t allow more art in our world?

We have forgotten about the good life, the reason life is meaningful.

So many Americans have become lost. No joke. We fall victim to the corrupt man and how we are taught to believe we need to go to school, work, get educated, and work the rest of our lives for retirement. Ewww. No offense, but kill me now. I use to live in that world. I will tell you I feared growing up because the idea of sitting boxed in with no freedom seemed totally depressing. Now I understand why.

Art enriches life. It gives us beauty, helps us see through a new lens, and alters our perceptions, and opens our mind. It is with art we see truth, a clearer vision, a better world, and a more meaningful picture. Art enhances. It teaches us and it brightens our human limited idea and helps us create fantasy, imagination, and new pictures. So why has our culture made art so unappealing? Don’t we want more beauty in the world, more life, and happiness?

I believe we owe it to our children and future generations, to help make art part of the mass media educational system. We cannot raise logic and limited minds. We need to help people see the world, understand the world, and create the world. We must give them an outlet to express, draw, paint, go wild, and use their own creative source in magnificent ways.

We can all agree brilliant people are the ones who have created and done what no one else has. So why not allow kids to be themselves and have opportunities that can expand their own creative nature? I wonder.

While traveling I’ve gotten to see the world, muse, and people watch. It’s all quite pleasurable and enchanting. It also pains me to see how happy the culture is here in Europe, and other places I’ve been. They have something America does not. Even though over here they go out to eat, and they drink, they do so for different reasons. They are not looking to go wild, prey on the opposite sex, escape, or get a good buzz because they are bored and have no other good thing to do with their day. People here participate in life. They love their families. They sit down and have nice meals. They talk. They laugh. They get a long. From a tourist perspective, them seem to love the people they are with and get a long quite well. Imagine that?

The air is different, and the cities have something I have not found yet in America. Call me crazy, maybe I am. There seems to be a perfect air of peace, tranquility and natural happy vibe. I don’t believe it’s genetic. I believe it’s the system they have in place. Europeans know how to make life good. They understand the finer and more important things. They make balance by living well, enjoying, and soaking up the riches through art and more in the modern everyday life.

Art. It changes the world, and helps humans become more humane.




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