Political Madness in America

“Perhaps this election will teach all people how to be more respectful, kind, and loving toward themselves and all people.”

Calm down America. Really. This political race is driving us all nuts. Isn’t it interesting that a nation that wants to be unified is actually divided more than ever now. I find it hilarious that the two noteworthy opponents are both battling with what the collective unconscious has in America. I know, people don’t like to look at things that way, but it’s true. We don’t like to shine a light on ourselves and admit we have problems, or admit to how we show up in the world. Yet, this political race is clearly showing us the flaws of America (and the world) and how we unconsciously do behave.

There is ‘ego’ maniac Trump with a temper and with many moments of hysterical outrage and some critical condoning comments. Then there is Hilary, who has lied under oath, allowed her husband to cheat on her many times, and says she can accomplish great things with no real agenda as to how to make that work. They are both all talk, forming speeches based on saying what you think you want to hear, and as a way to provoke you to want to vote for them. Will either actually make positive changes we need in society? I doubt it. Both have policy plans in place and talk a lot about change, but to me, all plans sound faulty and unreal. There are many great things that can be said at any debate and in any media article. However, what we need to look at in this election is who can actually make a change, and not just market themselves for a popular vote. I predict with whoever ‘wins’ we are all in trouble regardless.

America has a huge debt. We are still in war. We are still convinced war is the answer and the way. Most Americans are obsess, depressed, and drug addictions are higher than ever now with pain pills and prescription meds. Healthcare is not available to everyone. In most cases, it is better to end up single, with a child, or as a recovering addict, and get government assistance, than it is to live morally well. I mean, how ridiculous is that?

To be fair, I will say I don’t like either candidate. I know, one of them is going to win. That statement alone causes a lot of judgment. If you want my opinion, I think whoever is elected will have a terribly hard time in office. If America wants change is has to come from we the people and someone who is going to represent us like no one else has done before. No one likes Trump because he is belligerent and rude. Many don’t like Hilary because she is dishonest and because her background in politics is not that clean. Do people realize what happened when The Clintons were in office? Yet everyone is forced to pick one because they are our only options.

We can all agree to disagree. I think most everyone knows both candidates are not worthy of being “The President of the United States.” That’s a big title! Yet somehow our political race has turned into a big joke. The joke is on all of us. They all have attributes of our general population and are showing us big in our face how we show up in the world.

Hilary is the ego alpha female. She’s the girl who will do whatever it takes to get ahead and gain her power. I’m sure you have coworkers like that. You know, the ones that cheat the system, lie, or even use you for their own glory. I know many personally. She represents the out of balance female who has not learned to live in integrity and fully respect all human creatures. Although having a woman in the white house would be great, she is not the best role model for girls and future generations. I mean, letting your husband cheat on you, and staying with him for your own status, come on! To me, feminism represents a lot more than that. Plus, she lies. (Well, they both do, it’s ironic that our Nation even allows them both to run and get away with the lies!)

Trump represents the ego boosting male power. You know, those guys that think they can get away with anything… cheating on girls, stealing money, beating people down to get ahead, putting down women, etc. He is showing us what money does to our nation and how unmoral we ALL live because of our love affair with money (and power and greed). Let’s be real, how many times have you made a decision in order to get more money, and have probably sacrificed someone else in doing it. He is showing us our human need for emotional wellbeing and balance. Yes, Trump needs some Yoga. But so does the rest of the America’s population. Ha! Most of the population is running around stressed out, worried, and angry. There is Trump showing us all loud and clear. He’s not an ideal candidate and certainly has no nice virtues toward women. We cannot allow power to be so distorted in the world.

Rather than racing for power, and political affairs, why not have the conversation on how to make efficient changes that will benefit the people, the world, and the crazy state of mind we all live in?

I can hope that this election of 2016 is teaching us all how to be more respectful and kind to human beings. Perhaps it will inspire us to raise out of our ‘ego’ power driven minds and learn to live with more hearts. Maybe then in 2020 we can let a leader that is really worthy of the job, and represents true American values. Until we have integrity, a leader who can represent our nation, and speak truth to the people and for the people, then we are still flawed. Our world will only get worse until it gets better. But it takes us ALL to be accountable and show up in better ways.

This elections proves the power of money. Both candidates argue over reforms and what to do with the budget, and more. What we need to focus on are the PEOPLE, and making our society more enlightened in how we all behave. I won’t ramble here about my passion for human growth and wellness, but I will say it is greatly needed in our nation. We cannot live stuck in fear, we must teach love and help future generation live more meaningful lives. As a millennial, I can say the way this world is going greatly worries me. The new generation does not care about anything candidates are talking about. We care about freedom, true liberty, and actually be able to live in America, as the nation it was promised to be. Beyond money, or some political fraud, it means living well, being happy, and being able to be free in America. We want rights like healthcare. We want a planet that is sustainable, beautiful, and everlasting for ourselves, and future generations.

May peace be with us all in this election. Whoever gets to take the stage in 2016, I wish them the best. This Presidential role will not be easy these next 4 years. Haha.






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