Growing Up.

This reality is cruel and hard to navigate in. Seriously. We are brought into this world for an experience, yet when we get here nothing goes as planned. I find it funny how we are constantly told how to be, how to behave, what to think, and what to do. As if we were all robots with the same life schedule. Ha. That’s bullshit. But then the free thinkers who step out of the box, and dare to be anything but normal, are criticized, condoned, and usually beat up for going their own way.

Growing up is not easy. I see why so many people fall under the influence, get stuck with drugs and alcohol addictions, and fail to ever see beyond those things. Sometimes staying down under is easier than waking up to reality and the world we have created. Because when you start to see the mess us humans are making, it gets really sad. Knowing what is happening, and seeing the world for what it is… well it’s painful.

Peter Pan was one of my favorite movies growing up. I’d dream of flying away to never never land and having a good life in a place you can’t grow old. I know, sounds childish, but for me, the real world was too hard to live in. Everyday ‘d be abused with words, scolded about my actions, and unable to speak free. God, living in that box consumed me with depression, despair, and a lot of unhappiness. Those people that I use to try to talk to, never cared to listen to my emotions, my voice, or what I had to say. So I learned at a young age to shut up, be quiet, and never dare to speak out.

So my 20’s became a hot mess. i graduated college and tried to do the ‘big girl’ thing of getting a career and having a paycheck. Well, I miserably failed at that and got laid off a few years after landing my ‘dream job’. I’m not going to lie, it was the best thing that happened to me. It was then I began to revaluate everything about life. Was I really born to sit at a desk all day and suffer? Was my life evolving into a boring 9-5 schedule where higher ups would rule me, dictate me, and I’d have to work daily to try to get a suitable annual raise? I didn’t know. But, I was afraid of that idea.

In school they don’t tell you about the world. No one educates you about the corrupt tax systems, the way the government works, how insurance policies are, or what even happens after you land that degree. People expect you to know, but how would you know? After a lot of studying, a tax course, and other education I came to learn our system really doesn’t allow free entrepreneurs to work easily. If you do pursue your dream, go after your goals, and try to build something, well there are always consequences. You know, paying for healthcare, getting punished for no healthcare, extra taxes, credit checks, the list goes on and on. Honestly, it’s quite depressing and sad. I learned at a young age this world is no free country and wanting to grow up and pursue your desires is a whole lot challenging then everyone tells you.

I call it all bullshit. No wonder America has evolved into a drug and addicted nation. No wonder we have high obesity rates and a lot of problems. People are suffering bad. Waking up and growing up in a world that is not serving the people is hardest part of life. If we are really able to be free, and grow up and pursue our own desires, then why do we have so much limitation?

Personally, flying away to never land sounds like a lot of fun. This world, it sucks. It is rare for anyone to admit that, because we all want to be positive and pretend everything is great. It’s not great. It’s miserable. Living in a nation where getting drugged up, high, drunk, and pursue any modality to escape reality is sad. Humans deserve a better life than that. even if you’re not into that mentality, the truth is, that mentality greatly shapes the population. People will stay young forever and refuse to grow out of their own spell, as long as this world continues to run with it’s problems.

Some days I wish I never did grow up. It’s a lot easier living under the trance. Growing up has showed me the real world, and helped me see humans as they are becoming. Geez. If our nation doesn’t start to do something to help tame the sick drug nation we are developing, well then we all may as well go insane.

Growing up can be a whole lot easier if we were taught more on how to do that, how to adapt, and how to really live happy and free in this real world we have created.

Don’t you agree?



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