Reevaluating Life.

Pause. Wait. Don’t react. Stop before you think. Be present.

It’s foreign right? That idea of not thinking, not doing, and not expecting. Yeah, it’s a foreign sensation to most.

But, living present is the life juice that creates reality. I mean, beyond thinking in fear.

So if you had today what would you do? If it was only today, what would you do different right now?

So many people live in fear. We wait for money, the job, the partner, the moment to get it all. In the waiting, we miss every opportunity. Being present is listening to how you are now and choosing in this moment what will serve you best.

Revaluate the way you see life. I bet you can make it better. This moment now is what matters. Can you make it count? Get out of the worry, doubt, or wondering. Stay here. Now. This moment, it counts. It matters. Be happy now. Because you are alive.

After a few breathes, feel your body, your belly, your feet, and become present.

Then revaluate what is happening now. All is well right? Yes.

See every moment we can choose. Every moment we can revaluate what serves us. Maybe that person no longer fits in, okay. Perhaps that job and environment no longer supports your growth. Maybe that idea no longer is right. That stress, is never ever needed. Right now we can choose what we want. Choose well!

From that place, we can begin to feel better, more alive, and more appreciative with what our heart really desires. Fixate your mind on something better, and what you want to experience. Then set yourself free by evaluating what IS working. SAY YES to what will help you live in alignment and feel RADIANT. Oh yessssss!


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