Fighting Life.

Life. Fuck, its a hard, rocky, rough battle.

Sometimes it feels hopeless. Other times it feels like faith is leading us, and Yes we can feel the tremendous high and extreme lows of living in this human experience. Why is that? What is that? Are we born to suffer, or are we here to transcend? Or is all just a stupid reality that our minds create? If so, do we really have choice in anything?

I can muse forever, and ponder the Universe, how life works out, why, and ask those deeper questions more people don’t want to touch. But will that matter? I think not.


I’ve learned that in the journey of life, nothing is ever easy. We live in a society where we are taught to only talk about the good. Now, more than ever, we are all under a spell, where we feel the need to brag, market, and tell the world how wonderful we are. It is rare to talk about the lows, the bad things, the fucked up ways people treat us, or share the honest truths about society. The truth is, the truth hurts most of us. Most of our society would rather ignore, than accept the cruel ways people treat each other.

From a more ‘enlightened’ or spiritual perspective, we can play the card of what past masters have taught. You know, the whole, ‘be positive’, ‘everything is a lesson’, ‘you get what you deserve’, and ‘everything happens for a reason.’ While I don’t deny those teachings, I will say it’s absurd and surreal that people fall into those beliefs and stick to them, like glue. It’s almost like we have been taught to live in such a sheltered world, where questioning the norm is unheard of. And following, what others say, is the only acceptable form of conscious behavior. Call me crazy, but I think it’s all superficial and dumb.

Our reality is so skewed. We are not allowed to speak up, be heard, and everyone reprimands and judges those that speak up. Somehow, we look upon those that follow others. We accept the ‘love and light’ philosophy and encourage people to restate what has already been said. Only after the master or new teaching has been accepted, then, and only then do we accept it, and put it as part of our norm. What’s up with that?

Why have we become such programed creatures that only accept what everyone else accepts? How has it become that we believe what we read, we trust whatever we see, and we allow other people to tell us how to live and be?

I don’t get it. I do know our society is in for a rough ride, and a  rude wake up call. We cannot sustain this way of living. Fact, we need open hearts, open minds, and nice people to help transform this collective society that we have built. Sadly, we all know change is inevitable. Yet we all fight it. Ironically, we all have learned, history continues, until we change it. Yet, we hate change, and we fall into fighting when it is time to make this world different, and when we are forced to wake up to a new reality. Oh isn’t it ironic? I do think so.

This planet we have made is tricky, cruel, unusual, often unpleasant, and normally, completely cruel. Human behavior has reached an all time bad state. Look at how we treat the world, each other, and our planet. Most of us, don’t care. Those few that do, try to make an impact… but it comes at a cost. Because most of society does not respect individuals, free thinkers, or those crazy people that believe in a better world.

I’ll tell you it down right sucks. You know, living in that new world, where I believe in humanity, kindness, honest, integrity, and know that money cannot buy it all. I know from experience, it sucks caving into this materialistic world that is built around the idea that money and power buys all. That’s a stupid lie. It hurts, and can wreck someone, if they have to live in that box, of corporate greed, and American material satisfaction. It’s not fair that you can live an honest life, and not be allowed to speak you truth, or live from your heart. When your job, finances, and income, is jeopardized and you are forced to be quiet, or loose your career, you know our world has issues. They are much bigger than jobs, or dealing with discrimination, or whatever election just happened. To this day, I still wonder if we will ever have free speech, free rights, and the ability to be totally open. From what I’ve learned, so far, that idea of freedom is not possible. The moment you question, everything, is the moment you sometimes also loose everything.

So life… its for sure not what or how I ever expected it to be.

Fuck, it’s been a rude awakening to realize how our society works.

Why don’t they teach this corrupt system in schools? I don’t get it.

I’ve learned, even when you dare to speak up, ask, ponder, and stretch the limits of this American world, life has a way of working itself out. It’s not always easy. That’s for sure. You may loose many friends in the process. Your heart will bleed, your mind will go manic, and the fear will always whisper to stop, stop trying, stop asking, and stop being that rebel. For me, my heart cannot lie. I cannot live a fictions lie, stuck in box, or forced to NOT ask questions. Personally, this life to me, is meant to be lived well.

I do believe that humanity, the world, people, and everyone, has the ability to make it better. I do believe that is in the realization of how we treat each other, show up, and what we do and say, where we can become the witness of the weird and mean and silly things we say to each other. Like I said before, so many are not ready to see that or witness it. That is where the world gets harsh, challenging, and doesn’t make sense.

Personally, I know this Universe is made for us all to achieve. Those that live in fear, will always be held back. Those souls that sell themselves, to whatever manipulative society and business idea they believe is right, will never be set free. I feel bad for those people. I know a lot of those types, and I’ve met many great people, who can’t cut fear, and continue to live in that power control society. I see them, I see their heart, and it makes me sad, that they choose to abuse their power, and not use it in the right way. It’s taken years to understand how and why they do what they do. I still wonder if they consider, what an impact they have made, and how they have radically affected me, my life, and my own well being. Then I wonder if they care. Or if their heart is even open. Or if they live at all with the regret of lies, failing to tell the truth, and I ponder if they will ever come to be and speak honest or look at me without fear and express what they really want to say. 

Life will be better when we all work together to understand, communicate, and speak openly with one another.

Life is hard enough. Why not give life, love, and this world, a chance, by contributing to the cause? Why not let your life assist the collective in helping humanity choose better, live better, lead more honest lives, and actually being a part of the force that changes people, for the better?


I’m just saying, we’ve all seen and been through enough.

What will it take to lead with new values?

What will it take to be fearless in helping other hearts, souls, and people, live better?





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