2016 Election – Can we get over it now?

The 2016 election has been decided. Why are we all still protesting, commenting, and spreading negativity all over social media still? I mean, can we get over it, and move on already!?!

I know. People are scared. They are fearful. They think this guy named Donald Trump is going to ruin their lives. They believe what the media has written, and probably read tons of articles that their social feeds pulled up. I would assume, that many of them probably have not even researched the other candidates or taken time to understand all sides. I’ll say now, I can argue all candidates and have no strong side for this past election. I’m simply offering a new perspective NOW that it is OVER.

Regardless of who you wanted to win or voted for, the President has been decided. We can’t change that. Complaining, or talking about how awful he is or what you don’t like about him, won’t do anything. Even protesting is adding more war to our world, and less peace. Get over your misery.

You must understand the world we are currently living in. It is changing. Fast. This election is showing us the social reform needed, and how our society is shifting. We don’t want to be ruled, as we have been. We no longer want to fall under the trap of money, power, politics, and greed. Can’t we all begin to understand that as a collective, we want more from our government, and less lies. We want to know what is really true, and how we can survive in this world and actually live free and pursue happiness, like our country was based on.

Please stop telling the world how bad this elected president is. Please stop reading all those articles, and thinking you are right. You have no idea. The whole election is a marketing scheme, like everything else in America. Everyone is trying to sway you, tell you, and convince you. I applaud Donald Trump, for his efforts, his brilliance, and how he used business tactics to win the election. Yes, I do yoga, you can hate me now on my opinion. You still don’t know who I voted for though.

From a yogic perspective, what we can say about this new president is he is playing a VERY critical and important role in man kind. These next four years will be an opportunity for us all to reform, if we choose to. What we don’t like about this man, is also what is wrong with our world. We value sex, power, money, and so many people have fallen into the trap, thinking that matters most. Look at how society and people treat each other. I know many people in business, friendships, family, and more, who do exactly as Trump (and Hillary) do. Lies and breaking the system to get ahead can no longer be okay, yet for some reason we are allowed to get away with it. Even if in the yoga world, I’ve watched teachers do things – lash out at students, use bad language, ridicule employees, and say some really mean things in the yoga scene. I’ve even spoken up and asked questions, and why this behavior is tolerated. I’ve also been punished for speaking truth, and questioning the values, the system, and how we are all being played.

The time is not to integrate yoga, the values and lessons and what the practice stands for. It’s about upshifting and changing from how we have been. We cannot stay that way. NOW, we all must trust whatever is happening is happening for a ‘divine’ reason. It will all play out the way it needs to happen to help everyone become a better human being. We all must act nobly and live with true integrity if we want the world to get better.

So don’t we get it? This election has nothing to do with the person elected, now president. Trump is serving a BIG purpose for us all. He is showing us in our face big issues. You can’t hate him, he is helping us all, hopefully get better, and want to break the vicious cycle we have been in. We all know we can’t move forward from staying where we are. Going back, is never a good option. So why are so many hooked and attached to The Clintons? I don’t get it. Do we really think they played a good role for America, and are they true leaders that we want for our World? No offense, but I believe their time has pasted. From what I’ve researched, I don’t agree with most of what they have done. (We will leave all climate change and sustainable matters out of this conversation).

We are moving forward. Why can’t we celebrate? Celebrate that it’s time to change our world. REFORM. Our society and world needs help. Big time. These leaders won’t do much, unless the people start to empower society and take better stands, and make better choices. We can all sit in the lumber of you know, power, sex, greed, and bad behaviors. Or we can all rise about. We all know it is through changing ourself that we help others, and the world become better.

Personally, I’m excited to see this new change for America. It won’t be easy, but it is necessary for our evolution and to create a better world. I will say, it could get bad before it gets better. But, destruction and chaos are always needed for new beginnings and new structure. We must all get use to change. Stop living in the past. Quit thinking that anyone can rule us or fuck up this world. It is ALL of us that help or hurt this world. Through our actions, behaviors, and words, we can make a difference, and a positive or negative impact. Denying the way we currently live won’t help us break free.

I’m stoked to see America change. I’m excited for people to want to live better. I am greatly looking forward to how people change, and the new desire for change that every human will hopefully at some point want to make. I’m hopeful that our laws can be adjusted to better serve the people. Most of all, I pray daily that our health care system gets better, and that all people are truly granted the right to natural health care and affordable health services. I believe we need to redo the system and make a better foundation for how our world is now. We are no longer a new country building. We are built and need to learn how to sustain. I have many ideas. Most of all, we need integration, not separation. We all need to start doing what’s best for the planet, nature, and most of all, the future generations. We can live in the now, but we MUST stay focused on the future, and what we are currently creating and doing to make a better world.

The change has started. Want to be a part of it? Lets all make America great again, by surrendering to what has happened, what we have learned, and doing whatever it takes to make this world more peaceful and perfect. Together, we can do that, inspire that, and create the shift… and make the 2020 election a whole lot more hopeful!!

But hey, I’m Aquarian, I see alternative perspectives, I know history, and personally I find politics hilarious. I live with an open mind, and trust the natural course that happens. I know we are all guided in mysterious ways. Though we like to think we are in control, we are not. We can’t fight anymore. I believe in peace, open hearts, and kind friendly living! 😉







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