Living in Truth, seeing Reality for what it’s Become

“The Truth is, the truth hurts, so we lie”

This classic statement, made in my favorite TV show in college, Greys Anatomy, says it all. At first I did not quite understand it. Why are people so afraid to lie? I didn’t get it. Yet my good friend in college frequently referenced it.  I never understood why people lied, or why it is so challenging to tell the truth. Then I graduated college, and got into the real world, and discovered why the truth hurts, and how our society is currently operating.

I believe society and our world is actually in a good place. I mean, look at the change we have endured, the new leaders rising up, the social commotion happening, and people’s individual drive in creating change in our culture and society. I see it as positive.

Yet it is ironic that we all want a better world, and so many are still unwilling to help us get there. The truth hurts because it is easier to lie, and ignore the reality often. So many escape with drugs, masks pain, and refuse to admit their weaknesses. Some cause suffering to others because they can’t find it in their heart to hold compassion or empathy. Its a muggle silly world, and an interesting reality to observe. Ignorance is killing us all little by little. More and more people rise against the outer world, and refuse to change themselves, or their inner world.

When you sit back and watch it all, it can be quite confusing. All these people doing whatever it takes to make a dollar. So many wearing masks, and overruling their inherent loving nature, so they can get the selfie or social like. People making excuses, like it’s okay because the Business says so, or because they are boss. Then there are others who hide, who never admit they do wrong, and who can’t find peace inside themselves to apologize or admit they have an issue. Yeah, I know it’s scary waking up to the fact that we are all responsible for ourselves, our lives, and the current conditions of the world.

Sometimes it’s easier to hide, go into my own cave, live in my imagination, and try to not see or feel what this world is amounting too. The truth does hurt, especially when you feel, and know and see the constant greed, anger, fights, battles, and inhumane behavior that is currently overtaking the world. Geez, I wish we would all be willing to become kinder, more honest, loving, and warm.

Yes, I can wear a happy face, and think good thoughts, and own my reality. But that does not help the real world, or the harm that continues to be inflicted on others. I cringe every day I see people yelling at each other, especially at kids. It makes me sad to know our Planet is currently dying, and nature is being over taken by man. I get upset when people think climate change is bullshit, or when others trash our oceans, and think it’s okay.

The ignorance hurts to see and know. The reality we are creating, is changing. Yet, we cannot hide or pretend the dark aspects of human nature still don’t exist. Seeing the truth, hurts, because then you also see how so many are suffering, and careless. Perhaps shining a light on the truth, and educating others how dramatically they affect the world, could help resolve some issues.

I don’t know what hurts more. Knowing the truth about society, or not being able to currently do anything about it. I can’t stand watching what a mess we are creating. I know in my heart there is purpose in it all. We cannot all be maniacs and continue to ignore the bigger problems. I know no one likes looking at themselves. Everyone wants to believe they are right.

Ignoring the issues won’t resolve pain of the past, or help our people become better. Only in knowing the truth, can you recognize and realize the potential you have, and great power to turn yourself around, and help the world. Though it’s hard to face, and witness those shadow aspects of self, it’s necessary to rise above the current reality many live in.

We will remain victims unless we confront ourselves, the truth, and help the world step out of lies, and live with more real kindred love. The truth is only love is real. It is up to us to realize it, and do what we need to live in that state, and overcome whatever lies we were told that differ.



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