Berry Bliss ~ Strawberry Milkshake

IMG_3243Summer time season and berries are back in, fresh, local, and sprouting from the Earth. I’ve been on a blending kick. Yes, amazing things happen when a grocery store is more accessible to me. Ha. My vitamix is my best friend and main fuel source! I browsed the local farmers market and came across the most vibrant juicy red strawberries. Summer time and all my favorite things are in season, I love it! A time to nourish and consume all that Earth helps provide us. Naturally, I could not resist. I typically don’t do many fruit smoothies these days. Mostly because I don’t want that huge sugar peak, especially in the morning. However, I was heading to teach yoga all afternoon/evening and my sweet tooth called. Perfect! What a better way to use my strawberries before they get too soft.

Nutritious: Strawberries have with Vitamin C, lots of fiber, and antioxidants that are suppose to help cancer…


IMG_3287 Blended well with:

Local, organic, strawberries, homemade almond milk, touch of vanilla, special protein powder, two coconut covered dates, some ice, tiny splash of coconut water, dash of nutmeg, sprinkled with hempseeds

(Don’t forget to blend the whole strawberry, green stem included!)