Summer of Power

wakeupWhat a crazy hot mess this these last 6 months have been. Time has moved fast and suddenly we are in the later part of the year. Cheers to the Summer of Awakening! Summer is the season of love, of light, and having fun and enjoying. It’s time to rise with the sun and make the most of every day. Wake up feeling alive and good so you can set intentions in your day. To me, this Summer is a about making a choice to step into your Power for change. Just like the sun shines and emits powerful healing energy for us and for plants, and more, it’s no coincidence that the Summer is meant to be the more alive and bright time of the year. Step outside, have fun, and enjoy. Quite worrying about what was or might be. How about enjoy today?

What is Power? Power is connecting to your own inner guidance and being about to listen to YOU. We all have so many layers and unconscious beliefs running in our minds that it’s very easy to get lost. To feel confused, unsure, to think we know what we want, but really have no idea. It’s easy to get stuck or feel disconnected. I believe those are all signs that your are holding something negative within you. That you are choosing to not own your own power and live the life you want. How about finding delight in whatever imperfection you are experiencing? Why not own your power by making a new choice and starting again? Choose YOU this Summer. Change your old habits and routines, and find things that pleasure you in the now. I’m not talking about substances or quick fixes – those are ways of the past. Do something different that will let you naturally wake up feeling powerful, good, healthy, and so full in your own mind, body, and heart. Deep down you know what want – what’s stopping you from achieving?

Every day you have the power to decide how you want to live and how you want to feel. Wake up this Summer and live you life with your own radiance and light. Your power resides in your core- it’s who you are – it’s your soul – your spirit- what’s inside of you. This Summer take your Power back into you and set new changes to spark your own change. Digest life in a new way, feed your body differently, and find lightness in experiencing yourself in new ways. Seek out what feeds you and do things that elevate your spirit. Wake up and LIVE. Become Alive by setting your energy and dictating what you want. Let the people be as they are. Choose yourself. Love yourself. Take Power into your hands by living happily – with your own inner flame. Let it shine!

Many people think gosh that’s hard to do. Or why does this happen? What about this? Well this person wants me to do this. Stop. Breathe. Live. Check back in. This Summer is about being happy and raising your vibration so you have joy and fulfillment. You dont need anyone or anything to create that. The power is in you. It’s your choice how to own it and ofcourse how to live it.

Ways to Live in Light & with your own divine Power:

  • Eat healthy and light foods, your body needs less during this season
  • Eat less, feel more. Stop reaching for those foods, sugary treats, alcohol, weed, or substances that give you a quick fix.
  • Enjoy being outside as much as your can. Make a promise to spend at least 10 minutes in the sunshine. Walking is great too, get out in the fresh air and connect with nature
  • Swim in the ocean (or a lake, or pool) as much as your can. I believe water helps us heal in infinite forms and ways. Let the water purify and cleanse what no longer needs to a part of you.
  • Rise with the Sun – Set your alarm early and make the most of every day. Try watching a sunrise too!
  • Meditate. With all the high speed energy and busy celebrations, you need time for you. To be in silence. Calm the chatter. Breathe.
  • Stop saying YES to things that you don’t really want to do. It’s okay to say No.
  • Heal with food: Enjoy raw veggies, smoothies, and new salad recipes. Taste the greens. Choose lots of vibrant colors for your plate, especially tones of yellow or orange to help stimulate your digestion (your power center)
  • Check in constantly with you. Not feeling okay? Get help. Vent. I believe energy is work is the best and fastest way to feel good. Reiki, yoga, massage, give yourself and your body something to help…
  • Choose what you want – and live in that state.



There is no Struggle

There is never struggle, there are only lessons. Opportunities to make new intentions and create changes in our life so we can enjoy it fuller. I’ve felt held back and a bit restrained, and overwhelmed with life and possibilities. Breathe. The world is your teacher, the struggle is your ego unwilling to surrender to what’s happening in the now. You can choose now what you want & stop thinking about the rest….quotes-about-life-struggles-inspirational-quotes-about-life-overcoming-obstacles-struggle

I struggled for a while, trying to ‘find the way’ or ‘get the career job’ and set my life in a way that would satisfy others and deem me worthy. What I’ve learned is that there is no struggle, only choices, and opportunities to learn how to choose better and make your life joyous. I was disconnected with myself for many years, I did not know any better. Obstacles and things that happen are our teachings. It’s up to us to overcome it and with your own inner power learn from it. What if you could see people for who they are and where they are at? And recognize that people come in to help you, and to help themselves grow. Sometimes we may not understand why and maybe we get upset or feel bad. Be patient. Relax. What can you choose better next time so you can remain filled your own inner harmony – light, love, and happiness?? Stop the patterns, and asking why ‘this’ always happens. Let go. Smile. Find delight in where you are and tame your ego so you can stay focused on the present. Teach yourself about yourself. Heal your wounds. Stop suffering & enjoy living!! Find liberation in who you are.

On Happiness


What is Happiness?


noun: happiness; plural noun: happinesses; the state of being happy.


pleasure, contentment, satisfaction, cheerfulness, merriment, gaiety, joy, joyfulness, joviality, jollity, glee, delight, good spirits, lightheartedness, well-being, enjoyment;

This a question, I’ve pondered and constantly come back to. This new Spring season has awakened new aspects of myself and I suddenly am seeing life in a whole new perspective. I was once on quest to find my inner joy. Something deep within me was no longer satisfied going by the every day norm and doing what people ‘thought’ was best for me. i.e. – working the 9-5 job, getting promoted, designer clothes, going out to bars, binge drinking, and other somewhat ‘normal’ things other girls in their mid twenties were typically seeking. That stuff did not matter, I needed something more. I yearned to wake up feeling satisfied, to get up with excitement for my day, and wanted to make ideas happen that would help this world be a better and brighter place. After a series of unexpected events, and with what I’d like to deem a magical and crazy Spiritual Awakening, I am emerging out of what was, and allowing myself to radiant forward  – in the best ways I possible can.

Life has taught me so many lessons in the past three years, and in the entirety of my life as I look back and reflect. I believe that happiness is an inside job. It’s more than just proclaiming today I am happy, because we all know there are many circumstances that happen that cause us to feel otherwise. You can read a ton of books, follow people online, even post things on Facebook that seem uplifting. That’s wonderful, and maybe you are inspiring someone in the process. The more our planet elevates in consciousness the more I witness people posting tons and tons of stuff all over social media about how to find your inner joy or some other regurgitated quote or message. Why? I’m really not sure. True, real happiness, I believe, is about finding ways to please yourself fully and live whole in who you are. It’s not doing, it’s Living. It about waking up and looking forward to whatever you have on your schedule and being eager to share your energy to the world. It’s about doing things you love and surrounding yourself with people who let you be the best you can be. And rather than seeking people, things, jobs, money, etc, it’s about dancing on your own path to self acceptance and joy.Happiness is a choice

So many of us cultivate this attitude of limitation. We want to do this, however we can’t because of this. Or we think we need a certain person, or need to do a certain thing to be happy. We say to ourselves I love doing this and I’d love to do more of this but —-. And so our world doesn’t change. I believe Happiness is found when you are able to live in complete awareness of who you are – not what your family, friends, or society tells you to be. Is it easy? Fuck no. It takes work, it means breathing past your challenges and overcoming yourself so you can serve yourself in the best ways possible. It’s more than just saying you are happy. What is that? Do you feel happy on the inside? Can you break free from your own patterns and choose to face the real thing that is holding you back from your own complete happiness? Are you willing to get into your body and feel alive and as good you can be? Can you put down the weed, beer, or glass of wine, and instead of drinking to feel something and later your state of consciousness – can you be willing to come to terms with the struggle and take conscious motion forward to freedom? The truth is too many of us are just to scared. They are held back in the fear of what if I were willing to change my life? Scared of investing in themselves, of what change may bring, of getting out of their routine, and going beyond what is comfortable or dare I say ‘normal.’ Then habits continues, routines go on for years, the same type of people come in, the same problems, and people wonder why their life is the way it is. Ha. Ha.

Walking a path of happiness and fulfillment is a path you take on your own. It looks different to everyone. Yes, you have people who support you along the way and guide you and are in your life for a reason. But Happiness is your own inner journey. It’s not about doing what this person does, or thinking your dreams will come true by reading a book and following it or reciting it. To me, Happiness is about learning to make choices that serve you. Happiness is not an act, it’s a way of living. Do the things that please you, and find satisfaction in every moment of your day. Love the life you choose for yourself. If you don’t like it, change it, or something about it. You can spend a lot of time and money searching for the perfect partnership, the job that will fulfill you, or the thing that will finally let you feel satisfied. Where is the fun in that? Why do we settle for less than we deserve? Why not choose right now to commit to yourself. To who you are on the inside. To stop thinking you need other people to awaken your inner joy, and choose to live it for yourself. As the planet changes and more and more people are seeking ways to live life well. It’s wonderful! I hope we can all learn to do the best we can to inspire one another. Happiness is more than just a mantra, activity, or necessity. True happiness is living your life with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. To be okay when things happen, knowing it needs to be that way. To allow yourself to dig into your feelings and inner wisdom and love yourself from the inside first. It’s about trusting yourself to take measures to live better, invest in yourself, and instead of seeking something outside of yourself, to seek it within.

Life happens and it teaches you to grow in yourself. Be positive and live well. Obstacles and challenges will happen. The universe throws you curve balls. It’s okay to crhappinessy about it and be upset. Sometimes, you probably won’t be in your best state. That’s truth – that’s the work. Don’t lie to yourself – accept it. To refine your where you are and to make positive changes so you can live better; not for anyone, or to have something, or gain something. Happiness is something that is locked up within us all. Some of us express it and tap into it more than others. I believe real happiness is being able to look at your reflection and see all aspects of yourself and to honestly evaluate what aspects you may need to overcome. Who cares what society thinks, and lets let go of the ‘normal’, or the idea that your have to ‘be okay and friendly and smile’ in every minute of the day. That’s bullshit. Life happens and things can hurt – but it’s in your ability to learn why where the work takes place. Reality is, we are all never okay – admit it, and own it. I tell ya it’s a whole lot better to face your fears, your emotions, and to start to ask the question – ‘why isn’t this working for me anymore?’. Happiness is an exploration of yourself. It’s about stopping the habits and the old ways we think we need to live our life. It’s not about how many facebook posts you make, or your ‘like’s and followers, or what you choose to gossip and complain about. It’s not about showing up with a smile either. Happiness is finding joy in every second of living. You do that by getting through the battle and challenges and finding self acceptance. For me, it’s laughing when things happen that don’t make sense. It’s smiling at the stranger who just cut you off in traffic, and it’s breathing in your own sense of self to feel awakened in YOU. No one needs anything. To find happiness, you do the work, you tune into your self – your body  and heart – and YOU consciously choose to better yourself. You let your spirit guide you forward, and you trust the beat with in you to lead you forward… in whatever way that may be….cuz it’s different for us all.Real Journey

People inspire. Books inspire. Life causes you to become something more [if you are willing]; Life teaches. Happiness is an inner journey that promotes confidence within who you are. It may be lonely, confusing, and very surreal at times. It takes time, it’s not something we are born with innately – it’s a unique process. Only when you dare to get deeper, can you truly prosper. I went through a three year shift that taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined. Did I plan it? No, events happened that taught me to grow fuller in myself and it took a lot of tears to overcome, and I was blessed to have teachers help me along the way. Ultimately it was my own commitment that has gotten me to where i am now. Letting go what I thought I needed or wanted, and trusting there is always more to come. I had to break free and stop doing what I did all my life, and in the process it liberated me and has helped me become fulfilled. This week I invite you to do something nice for yourself. To plan a schedule with activities that will inspire a smile on your face and to notice why it brings you fulfillment. Maybe it’s even taking an hour to be alone journey solo in what you enjoy. We all seek on the outside to feel better about ourselves. Why not harness your own happiness first then let the world be filled with it? Step into love for who you are and live your life by finding happiness in who you really are and all that you actually enjoy 😉 What is happiness to you? Can YOU OWN it and ACCEPT it and LIVE it??



Celebration of Purpose ~ On Living & Loving

And here it is, the end of May, almost the end of Spring and the end of a tremendous cycle of change and transition. Geez. What is the cosmic universe we live in and who are we and what is the purpose of it all? That I’m still asking, but each day it is becoming more clear and I triumph with how far I’ve come. This past year I’ve learned how to step into myself and find liberation fully in being me, living me, and loving me.loveself


Three years ago I started to ask the question, ‘what is my purpose?’ I suddenly was no longer satisfied working at a desk at my so called ‘dream job’ and something in me knew there had to be something more. My values began to change, new people began coming into my life, and I found myself choosing yoga beyond other activities like bar hopping. I was young but things that were once satisfying were no longer pleasing or enjoyable. I reached a point where I needed something more, a change, people who inspired me, a job that excited me, and something that would put a smile on my face. I yearned for happiness and a life that felt fulfilling. So in the magical year of 2011, on Memorial Weekend, I called up my friend and told her to enroll me in Yoga teacher training. She did not question it, in fact a few months prior, she had planted the seed. I did not know anything about the training, only the meeting dates. What I did know was I found happiness in the yoga studio, and despite whatever ‘real world’ problems I found, I always made it back onto my mat. Hot yoga had been a vessel for me to channel my emotions, my family issues, pain, and let me get into my body in new ways. It felt good, I liked it, and I chose to be there. I needed a shift in my life. I was unhappy and felt stagnant and lost. Although I had zero intention to teach, I craved being a student again and demystify what this yoga thing really is about and wanted to know why I was put on this planet.


Two years ago I was asked to audition at CorePower Yoga and by June 2012 I was hired. It’s funny where the universe begins to take you when you begin to open for it. By that time I had gotten laid off of my corporate job and was still asking that deeper question, ‘why am I here’ ‘why is this happening to me?’. I did not understand. I know now we never really will know what people come into our lives or what role they may play or what outcome we all may create. 2012 was an interesting year and as I began teaching yoga I learned how to tune into my own inner truth and self. For the first time I was doing something that was fulfilling me, and most importantly I was helping others find that inner piece that yoga helps us all connect to. People told me I was good at it, and it felt good knowing Best+Quote+wallpaper+funny+propossal+201.+Best+Quote+wallpaper+funny_043e0d_4853781I was finally doing something meaningful. I am so grateful for CorePower Yoga and all the amazing people who have helped me evolve, in the space, and in life. I learned quickly that teaching yoga was more than just showing up and explaining the body or physical poses. Real yoga is about learning how to be your own teacher, and take steps to grow in your own life – on the mat and off. The mat is the tool, the journey is your life. 2012 I learned how to become my own teacher, how to teach myself to find my own inner satisfaction. I learned how to show up, and how to respect the others, and how to find compassion in realizing that this crazy universe will always guide us in a direction that really is best – everything does happen for a reason, when you are willing to see it. I stepped into my power, learned to speak up, to hold space, give to others, and do something that I enjoyed.


Now this May, I reflect back on 2013 and celebrate one hell of a year. I have been gifted with many special teachers and people so connected to me, that they have guided me forward in my dharma and purpose. I celebrate me and where I was, and where I am now. This past year I had a special teacher (not in the yoga room) who was a friend, change roles in my life and it taught me how to grow within myself. This person did not communicate much with me much this year, however, the intensity of this connection and what I felt with it, drove me to reflect back on myself. After all, we are all merely reflections of one another, helping us grow and learn. The new question I asked was ‘What is this feeling?’ ‘why do I feel like this?’ This past year I have transformed and dealt with many lessons and woke up. I am learning what it’s like to love yourself and how to find love within. This teacher of mine, has reflected in me my own light and has inspired me to do the inner work and love myself – who I am, by body, and my own inner being. I did not know what was going on or why things were happening, I had to start listening though and was led to spiritual growth. 2013 has been about me recognizing that there is a divine power and a deep seated mystery that we will never know – let me call that ‘the universe.’ A year ago I was so confused and just going through the motions of becoming. This person showed me love, let me feel it, and in truth, intentionit was something so magical that words cannot describe the deep connection and feelings that were invoked. I had to asked the question and do the work though, and tune inward to find liberation. I had to learn to surrender, to stop asking why and to start trusting as I overcome to find complete harmony within myself.


This past year I’ve taken my yoga off my mat and have asked even deeper questions. I had some personal events take place and the pain and emotions were unbearable and quite confusing, and something that no one will every in this lifetime understand. This year I’ve healed myself; I’ve cried, I’ve journaled, and I’ve invoked new spiritual practices that I once thought were pointless, silly, or useless. The universe guided me to it, and I eventually reached a point where I could not help but believe. The universe gives you help when you ask, however, sometimes things happen and there is no real answer or explanation as to why. Things happen that we don’t understand. What I’ve learned is that there is a divine magic in the universe, and that people and things come together for reason and purpose. There are synchronistic events and nothing is by chance or coincidence. The universe has a plan, and it is up to use to do the best we can in the place we are at. We are a student on the mat, in the pose, but also in life. I asked the question, of why I am here, and what is the meaning of this thing called life? I knew it was beyond sitting at a desk, getting a paycheck, and finding the perfect mate. That’s silly. It’s about learning to be a student of your own life, asking your own questions, and taking the reins for yourself so your life can have direction and most importantly – meaning.


These past three years have been life changing. I do my yoga, I arrive on my mat. I yoga further with Teacher Training, where I learned what yoga was, then, without intention, I became a teacher in the yoga room. The universe did some wild things, brought in many people to help me, however it was not until this past year, after the inner work had been done, that I’m finally able to be at ease with life and where I am. The work never ends, the journey continues, but I find satisfaction in recognizing where I am and what I’ve overcame. I sit back this memorial weekend and reflect.. After the wildest three years of my life, I celebrate me – who I am now. I wanted happiness, I wanted to smile, and now three years later, I’ve learned what I was seeking all along was Love. Love for me, for who I am, and this spirit within me that has been yearning to come out. Yoga is the science, lifestyle, and vessel I believe everyone can benefit from. It teaches us divine Union – how to come back into ourselves and who we really are. Yoga found me, teachers navigated me forward, and spirituality found me, but I had to do the work to find , and continue to find, Union within mlovethisyouyself.


I believe that people can tell you what you need to do and should accomplish, but the real magic happens when you are able to listen to yourself. To tune into what you want, and instead of talking about it and wondering, take an active stance to make a change. I have been blessed in the past three years to have many connections and profound teachers come into my life. They have helped me grow, they have taught me on the mat and beyond, and have let me become who I am today. I will always be grateful. However, my own journey only started because I knew I wanted more for myself. Today I celebrate my own accomplishments and my own journey. I asked the question three years ago, and now I’m so much more clear. It is said you need to love yourself first to find love. I believe it. I did not know what love was, but I felt there was something more for me, and I’ve learned to find it within myself. I now live my life doing things that I enjoy and love. I stopped seeking outside answers, and chose to take an inner journey and to breathe into mind, body, and heart, and learn to unlock who I really am. It took me three years to transform. I now choose love. Love for myself, for who I am, and for what I enjoy. I trust the universe as it guides me forward, and I keep a genuine smile on my face as I continue to master how to love myself, love others, and love life as I step into my purpose and radiate my own light in ways to serve myself and also others.

2014 ~ Year of YES.

Well 2014 is off to the most interesting beginning… I’ve decided that 2014 is the year of YES.Yes-You-Can
It is time to be courageous, to step out of your box, to do the impossible, to DREAMBIG and LIVE bigger, and time to face reality and create it and enjoy. This year, I’ve decided, is about ME. Doing what is best for me, my body, and my soul. To laugh when people don’t understand or lie, to be vocal about what I want, and to make choices that make me feel happy and free and so so ALIVE. Say YES to you!! Life is about living. Are you living fulling? Or are you stuck in the past or in your mind?

I’m a student of life, and wow, I learned a lot last year. I fostered connections that are only real in fairy tales. Things evolved in the most crazy of ways. I learned a whole lot about myself. I fed myself off books, and enjoyed yoga trainings that helped me grow as a person. I learned what it means to come into alignment. I crossed a border and entered into a whole new world of living. I kept asking questions, and eventually, I got answers. I laughed a lot, but I cried a whole lot more. I learned to feel, and to use my temple- the body- as a gage. I felt others make mistakes, and helped heal people back into place. 2013 – the year of highs and lows, lessons and growth, people and connections, consciousnesses and more…

yes2014 – it is the year of YES. I’m ready for change, I embrace it, and I understand it more. After a year of being so so lost and confused, and another year of learning and connecting deeper to myself, this year I know will grow bigger, I will be vulnerable, I will speak without hiding back, and I will continue to be honest and open. I will say things as they are, even if it risks loosing people, trusting that by aligning with my truth, the universe will pave the way. You are on this planet to grow and to evolve. Everything is connected. It’s time for the world to change. We all need it. This year I say YES. YES to the people who inspire me, the friends who care about me, and the connections I’ve made that I synchronicity have come together. I trust my intuition. I know my dreams. I know how open I am, and always have been. I’m ready for life. No longer to do I cling or chase or doubt or desire. I need nothing but faith within myself. This magical world I call life is quite divine and so wild. So right now, in this new year, I ask you: Are you a YES to you? Or are you still holding on to that person, those friends, that family pattern, that belief, and that idea that society told you how to be? Or are you allowing yourself to BECOME?

It’s all possible when you are able to accept your path, take your journey, be willing to do the work, and remember those wonderful things and people that help you grow, inspire, and show you step into your light. Say YES to YOU and only YOU. It’s hard at first. It’s scary. It can be lonely. It can take time. But the second you override everything that once was, and start to focus on what could be, life suddenly becomes easy and magical. It’s a process, it’s a journey. Say YES to you. Listen you what truly makes you feel good. Set your boundaries with those negative and toxic people. Enjoy a positive atmosphere and surround yourself in good energy. I promise it works… When you weed out the bad, you make way for the good…. Live in alignment with YOU. Be your Yes. Feel well. Feel great. And wake up alive in every day! YES.

This next month I’m doing a chakra series in my yoga classes. Teaching how to open up to the YES in you and align fully physically and energetically in the best way possible. YES. Try it, say it, sing it, speak it, feel it, do it, and LIVE it. YES. Yes. YES.


Open your Heart & Align in 2014


Start 2014 of Right. Life your life to the fullest, and align with what you want and know it is going to happen.

It’s funny because all week I’ve been speaking and themeing in my yoga classes about being open to the possibilities of the new year. Every year our society has been trained to set new resolutions and new goals and typically we all create ideas that will enforce change in us in some way or another. Maybe it is to finally loose weight, or to stop procrastinating, or to relax more, try yoga… the list goes on. We think we need change in the new year and we think it’s going to happen in January and right way. Well how often do you loose track of these goals? You buy the gym membership, the cute workout clothes, you start slow down a bit, and then March hits and suddenly you are right back where you were last year. The same old pattern continues.

In Yogic philosophy we are taught to journey on our mats so we can open and create more space – in the physical body, in the possibilities.jpg?w=500&h=420energetic body, and by taming the ego in the mind. So often in the start of a year we set resolutions on how we can change and we make goals. Often the ego steps in and interrupts the process by placing limitations: I need to loose 10 pounds, I have to thin up by April, I need to diet in January, I have to find a partner, I need to clean more… We attain this mindset that we must change, and now, and especially because it’s a new year, it will be different…. Why not align yourself in the new year like you do on your yoga mat daily? Why not set an intention, make a wish, and without the limits/deadlines/and hows, just trust it will happen? Why not stop the pain, worry, and patterns of the past, and take a calm moment to remember what you truly need and want, and be open to how that will happen?

One of the most challenging things Yoga teaches is learning to supremely align yourself in such a way that you are able to keep your intention and attitude, despite the challenges that come to surface- To be so open in your heart with what you want, that you can trust yourself to create all and any change you need. All week I’ve been teaching students to fill your hearts desire and to just put it out there and trust and relax with that wish. In class, to use the breath to remain centered, to relax and calm the facial muscles, shoulders, and to expand lovingly through the heart and keep that place open to receive all that is coming. To learn to place yourself on your mat and align, but to learn how to take it off the mat and surrender to the process of becoming. Let your heart lead the way in the new year. Let that be what motivates you and sets your desires. Stop saying ‘I have to make more money’, ‘I need to loose weight and look better,’ and start recognizing all that you need is already inside of you. We just build these limitations form outside forces and create patterns day over day so nothing changes. Being open on you mat means you arrive, and no matter what happens you breathe, you let go, and you make an intention in the moment that elevates you. If you want change this year, you create it, and you become open to it. This year I invite you to empty yourself of the struggle, the limitations, the ego, and all those things you have to do because you think you will be better. You are great! 2014 is a new year and it IS a time to start over. To start to align your life by living joyfully from your heart center. That is the yoga. To make a goal, to write a wish, and set intention to open your heart, and align your attitude to that space, then stay open to how it will happen.

happyendingTo me, being open, means trusting the process, and reminding yourself every day what YOU REALLY want. NOT what you THINK you want. It’s funny because as I’ve been teaching aspects of this idea throughout the week, I catch myself falling back to old ways. Being open is a challenge. Being vulnerable enough to sit back and pause, before reacting to anything or moving forward, to calmly close your eyes and breathe, then spark the question ‘what do I really want?’ I guarantee if you are able to silence yourself and that mind, you will remember, and things will become more clear. For me it was seeking something in someone else. Then I remembered that I dont NEED someone or my vision of someone to help me feel better. I have it in myself, I need to align back with it, and know it will happen when I’m in alignment with my wishes and truly open to having that. To let go of how wonderful things use to be, or could be, or can be. For me it’s about staying present, and stop forcing or pushing or thinking something will happen in a certain way. It never does. 2014 is here. While I believe in aligning more with the seasons and cycles of the universe, I do believe in transformation is possible and is happening. Are you open to it? Or are you holding onto past things, people, ideas, and beliefs? Are you limiting yourself, by not aligning to your deepest best wishes and desires? No one and nothing can help you achieve anything, be open to the force within yourself and high above to give it to you. Surrender. Let go. Fill up with your own desires, let go of what was, and watch as things transform better than you thought they could. No fear, no resistance, just put it out there, and if your heart seeks it, things gracefully come together.

2014. Start Fresh. Be open. Close your eyes and breathe into your center – your heart. Make goals that elevate that space. Not what society needs, or what you think you need, or what you Mom, Dad, Friend, Partner tell you. It is up to YOU. You have the power and the answers in yourself. Love yourself more this year and commit to you. Be open to your wishes, and align from the heart. Change your attitude and fill your world with things that bring you that sweet feeling within that allows you to lovingly, happily, and joyfully, watch things come in easily and profoundly. Stop looking. Start listening. Surrender… the universe is listening, and things happen magically when you pause and fill with your heart’s wishes then allow forces freely ride…

Happiness & Gratitude

I sat down to begin writing my Holiday cards. Who do I write to? Those who have inspired me this year. Some I may have barely chatted with. Others, may not even know my name. I made a list with those special souls who have touched my heart this year and changed me. Those people that I need to thank, not because they are ‘family’ or because I knew them in college, or because someone told me I had to give and do something for them. I chose the people who have helped me become happier this year. It’s for that, I want to express my thanks, and give this holiday season…


Does it resonate with you?