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Weekly Mantra ~ Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Weekly Mantra:


There is love energy in the air & the ability to overcome whatever fears once held you back & inspire you to act now on what you want for yourself, your life, & your heart! This mantra helps inspire you & gets your creative juices flowing!

Listen, sing it, say it, & recite it ~ An affirmation to become open to your unlimited potential & conquer fear to serve what your heart wants most of all.

Mind wanderings on a Friday Night

Life…. its a funny place of unpredictable events, & we never really know why or what is causing the effect of it all….

Do we have a destiny? Is it ourselves to create it? yes. Clearly…. who do we keep around and what folks do we continue to walk with? I mean in this life, are we meant to evolve together or forever apart? Its a peculiar subject to contemplate.

They say friends are forever, yet what happens when distance choose other things and connection is lost? Is that still a virtuous connection that sustains? Same with family…. what do you do when those people that are meant to love you act otherwise. Do you give in to the lies? Or can we all communicate with ease? is there something humanely wrong with the idea of communicating, expressing, & being yourself & loving everything about that & the people who make you who you are?

Life it’s a crazy concept….Are we here? Are we there? Or out there? Where are those people that once served us smiles & inspired us to be better….. do they move on? Do we stay in touch… & if words fail to be rendered… is that relationship lost? I dont know. I have no answers. I do have a heart. A feeling. An empathetic sympathy to say I hope people can honor and cherish others as much as they are indulged in themselves. Its not easy letting others go, leaving, or dealing with a broken heart, or a long lost friend…. maybe that is the real nature of life though? I dont know. Are we meant to always stay connected? If so, how do we connect, yet stay human, in our needs, with our own minds, hearts,  & intelligence to contain that sacred space?

Peace. Love. Kindness….. That’s what I know. That’s what I believe….


I’ve been meandering over dreams a lot lately… what are dreams & what is the finite definition of getting, achieving, and having those dreams? It’s nice to dream… often I get lost and so encompassed in the dream world that reality escapes me. Maybe its better that way. It’s great to live in a world and imagine a place where we can be free, fly, & endlessly soar with that feeling that lifts us up and takes us. I do dream of that other world often. I interact in that world. I have nightmares, visions, and I have what could be illusions of possible realities that take me to other people and places. Is it happening? How do we know?

The dream world, the real world… it confuses me. I dream of a place of peace, where people can walk happily and respect one another. I think it’s important to dream. It’s good to have a vision. Are those dreams signs signals or focused parted of reality we created in our mind? I don’t know. It’s an interesting thing the dream world… & discovering and living in a reality that usually does not connect though. I hope one day that peace and freedom can help us all fly with dreams and happiness. For that ease I find on the yoga mat, in that altered state, in that dream land, is a feeling I never want to leave me. Maybe it is a trance. Maybe it’s a dream? Maybe it’s the possibility of flying elsewhere and one day connecting… maybe it’s my own vision of having those people, in my dream, surround me in this reality and one day connect together… I don’t know.

Somewhere out there, we connect, we all merge, we all dream, and we all want that other escape… How do we bring the dream down & create together a new reality rather than escaping to the other place that feels better? Natural high, naturally well, naturally loving toward one another?

Birds fly high, can we?


On Life…Presence…& Beauty…

Life… it’s an interesting subject & crazy journey for us all… but why? I mean what is the real reason we are here and how do we learn to overcome, trust the process, & yet enjoy the remarkable wonders this Universe can yield? How can we sit back and enjoy, yet have enough time in out business to enjoy the splendid enjoyments and naturally fulfillments that I believe we so often miss?

Is the purpose of life to become? To do? TO have? Or have someone to hold hands with? Well yes that is all nice… but what else? I think the world could be much more peaceful and even prettier if we could slow down regularly, pause, take a breathe, and realize that this moment is precious. We forget that living well is not about getting to a destination or achieving. Living is being. It’s a simple breathe, a moment, a pause, and an opportunity to realize you revolve in a cosmic world & a Universe of goooooodnesss…… Life moves so fast. At the end of the day what do you have to appreciate?

Love. Life. Liking. Having. Wanting. Getting… what makes our hearts tick and our mind wander? hmmmm……. What is the meaning of it all? Peace & fulfillment…. but do you need material gain to have that? Can we have riches and enjoy life with the simplicity of being and really cherishing everyone & everything? I believe Life is meant to be happy & we are meant to evolve merrily on a ride that may not always be satisfactory, but hey that’s okay…. What would life be without learning? fullbeauty

Life it’s an interesting world & this time we are living is quite different than any world before. Presence is needed more than ever. Can we learn to pause, catch the moment, & maybe even stop long enough to admire someone, & see the beauty that the day offers & each moment brings?



Mint Smoothie!

Mint Smoothie Treat!

Blend Up ~ Cacoa, Mint, Almond Milk, Dash of water or Coconut water, probiotic, Kale, & Protein Powder

Blend & enjoy!!

Mint is perfect during the Summer Heat & when you need an extra pleasurable pick me up!

It balances the digestive fire & helps to stimulate your body to nourish & release… & it fires you up!

Great Oil & herb to integrate when you need a break from the desk or computer🙂

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