I’m Kali

Hi, I’m KALI. 

IMG_1929      Yogi. Energy Artist. Photographer. Yoga Teacher. Writer. Creative Mystic.

Passionate Goddess with a Vision to Reform the World into LOVE.

I dabble in all things creative. I am an artist. You can find me near the ocean, thinking of ways to change the world, or breathing in a Yoga studio or meditating. I love singing, theatre, writing, and the Arts. I have a dream to one day star in a Disney Movie. (Dream big!). I am passionate, and extreme. I love making positive impacts, and want to transform society to help the future generations live happier and healthier.

I am a millennial (don’t judge!). I am independent. I’m your typical Aquarius, fun loving spirit that likes to wander to happy places and create beauty and inspiration in the world. I speak truth, as I am a free thinker. I love Astrology, healthy living, and teaching people how to live as the best version of themselves.

Live in Alignment with LOVE. The world needs Peace, Ease, and Happiness for us ALL.


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