When Sorrow and Demons Arise

Everyone in their life faces a moment, or perhaps many, when sorrow, depression, and other demons arise. Most people bypass them and ignore them. Our society is set up to numb, ignore, and do everything but confront the demons that often are drowning us and keeping us from happiness.

Yet, contrary to what we are taught, it is in acknowledging those demons we are actually able to grow and overcome the fear that failures that are keeping us from living fuller and better.

What’s haunting you? We have many layers of our being. Mental, emotional, physical, and a deep subconscious that harbors all sorts of garbage. All of it holds us back in life, if we let it.

When these feelings, mental agitations, and emotions come up, we have a choice – to confront, feel, and allow – or – to disconnect, suppress, and ignore. For some this is also the que to take some medications and run to the dr for help. There is no easy remedy when we are faced to deal with ourselves, and confront the layers within us that are keeping us stuck, unhappy, heavy, and insincere.

Too often when these demons get triggered we react and respond out of agitation. It’s also normal to run the other way, ignore, and fail to confront the real problem. When we blame others or think it’s someone else, we actually fail to resolve our own insecurity and issues. Ironic right? We think people trigger us and we label them as bad. Our own judgment and thoughts on how life should be and people should behave cause us to get agitated and let our demons control us. Those are the demons… and the issues… that keep us from having a real open mind.

We may suffer forever, cause separation, live isolated, and continue to wonder how we can improve our life, relationships, body, self, unless we are willing to see our demons, identify our strengths and weaknesses, and integrate our whole self into our best self.

We all have issues and problems. No person on the planet is perfect. It is our imperfections that actually help us, if we can overcome things and not get trapped and stuck. It can be scary to feel into ourselves, who we are, and see our darkness. Yet, to live better, we must battle the demons, and help ourselves live better. Sorrow and sadness can be overcome. It’s actually easy once you break through the barrier of fear and learn how to live well. Every step we take to resolve the unconscious and act different, and break the habits, help us in our own journey of bettering ourselves.

The wounds and insecurities and darkness will constantly eat at us and kill us from the inside out. We all can overcome the battle, and resolve the barriers that may be keeping our heart from fully loving and fully allowing. Love does begins with us. If we are not in that state yet or receiving it from the external world, we all can kill the demons, conquer our fears and insecurities, and overcome anything that is keeping us from living happy, feeling loved, and enjoying our life and who we are.

Kill the demons. Let go. Let fear be stabbed because you chose to move into a state of growth. Rather than seeing things as lessons, change the pattern, do something different, and know those mental things and other people are never the ones that are keeping us from peace and love. The demons will continue to be there, until we acknowledge them, integrate them, and find inner balance and harmony so we can live with them and even let them go.

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