Dead Butterflies.

Yesterday I took a walk along the Cali coast. I walk this path often, almost daily. It’s a short and beautiful walk along the 101 in Encinitas, California, with a view of Swamis beach. Anyways, this particular day, I happen to see all sorts of dead butterflies.

I look up often when I walk. However, I couldn’t help but notice the trail of dead butterflies below me. I also didn’t want to step on them. It was peculair. I’ve never experienced so many dead butterflies.

Today I walked the same path. Opposite of yesterday, I saw an overwhelming amount of butterlifes flying along the coastline. They were everywhere. Dead butterflies were no where. The trail of dead butterflies that exsited yesterday were gone, not to be seen, or present.

As I was in a new and different state than the day before, so was my walk, and outer reality.

Isn’t that a beautiful metaphor for life? The fact that we can die in every moment, witness and experience death, yet always start fresh the next day. When death calls us, it is chaotic. Death is unsettling, uneasy, and transformative. It is death that teaches us all how to live better though. Sometimes we have to go through our own process, to die internally, leave situations, break bonds with people, and evolve beyond our perspective and experience, in order to thrive better.

Every moment there is death. We can experience the highs and lows of life, and choose how we maintain our own awarness. When death shows up what do you do? Does depression suck ya down, and do you let your mind take over? Or can you keep walking, trusting, allowing, and witness the death process that is helping you be reborn?

I think surrender is the ultimate call and solution. When death shows up, we can reject it, stay crazy in our mind, get fearful, and become sad and insecure. I’ve been there. On my walk with the dead butterflys I realized that death is the process that naturally helps us walk better. We may not know why things happen in the moment, but death lets us grow, so we can become the person we are meant to be, if we allow it.

In this moment, I’m going through my own death. I’m purging my past, I’m letting go, I’m emerging more full within my self. I’ve disconnected from emotional issues, trauma, and overcome stories of the past and from my childhood. I’ve suffered so much death the last 7+ years that it’s been unsettling. But death gives us clarity and rehabs us out of our suffering, if we trust it, and help ourselves grow.

On my walk I realized the beauty of death. Those dead butterflys were symbols of my own self, and the ego and soul that shed layers in order to die and kill off that old persona. We don’t know when our time is to go and leave this physical reality. We also don’t know how much some of us suffer in order to live better. LIke a butterfly teaches us, transformation is necessary in order to fly higher.

So I suppose that’s my lesson, and the beautiful metaphor that I witnessed on my walk in nature. A smile took my face today as I walked that same path, filled with a new perspective, and more aware of the death I was internally processing and going through.

We can only know this when we dare to turn within, excavate the possibility of becoming someone better, and let ourselves shed the layers that keep us from flying lighter and living better.

We all can trasnform our past, shift our perspective, and see the possibilities of reality and what that means within ourself. We have to become aware though.

Like butterflies take time to heal, and go into their own cacoon, as humans, we must too allow our own time to bloom. Being in our own quiet solace and enjoying our own company can help us strenghten our own beauty within. With patience, and in time, we do blossom. We can all let go of the chains holding us back. We can trust our own process  of evolution. We can walk lighter, in recognizing nature, our own connection to it, and our own ability to live with it, in harmony, and in glorious ways.

The transformation is always there, daily. We must show up for it and see it and appreciate it. We can muse within our mind our own fear and suffering. The way to rise beyond the limited physical reality, is to see the bigger picture, learn the lessons, and identify how we are part of the process, and infinitley connected to nature, ourselves, and eachother.

Be the butterfly that flys. Trust your own process. Walk your path. Shift your perspective. Let the world help you understand what you’re doing through, and your cycle, and rythm in it. Be like the butterfly that transforms. Trust the timing. Trust yourself.

Keep walking. See the magic. Connect with nature. Transform yourself by living in your reality and the beautiful metaphor and masterpiece you can be creating – in every moment.