What if….. you fill in the blank……

When was the last time you imagined a new possibility or a new opportunity to surface so you could grow? I feel as if many get stuck and rooted in what we know to be true, that we forget to develop something better. Why do we hang on? And if we are hanging on, what is it in us that compels us to stay in us? Change is something i never understood. Good? Bad? is it inevitable is it a sign? I have no fucking clue 😉 As much as many of us do change, what keeps us with and in touch with those old friends and people that touched us? And if we separate. what caused that to happen?

I’ve personally lost touch with many fine individuals of my past. It was not purposeful, it was not out of hate, it simply happened. I truly do hope I can resurrect friendships from the past, touch bas,e and learn what they are doing. But if its not mean to be, why bother? To me, it is such an interesting subject. When it comes to relationships and life… what do we keep and what is worth holding onto and staying in contact with?

The basis of myself is to love others, enjoy company of good people, and cherish friendships that help you. To me, it’s that simple. When people part ways and leave you behind, what is meant to be interpreted? Well, you let them go on their way, and personally, I hope they remember me 😉 Life is funny in that we are taught when we are young that friends are meant to be forever and life as it happens, you keep those connections alive. I dont think thats real. You grow, you change, and if the connection is mutual on both ends, it remains… if it’s not special to a certain side, then it’s released, sadly. That person that was once your bestie, may be better off now. Thats fine. Perhaps you never speak to them again. God, are we really so inhuman that we can detach that easily? It’s a lesson I’m still striving to learn.

To everyone I’ve met, the friends I’ve had, or anyone who has crossed my personal path. I thank you. I always do, it’s in my nature. Wherever you have gone, or been, I hope you know I still love you and I deeply thank you 🙂

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