A New Year to Resolve in New Ways

Happy 2017! There is something about the fresh new year that stimulates and motivates and gets people to step into new beginnings.


After the holidays and end of the year chaos, it is a fabulous time to take a time out and reflect, rejuvenate, and rest in quiet contemplation of what needs to change this year.

I’ve been speculating, watching, and musing over why we use the first of the year as our excuses to suddenly make intentions and goals. Why can’t we use every day and every moment to pursue what is meaningful to us, and accomplish our own desires?

No matter how badly you want something or think you can achieve a certain outcome, the reality is, you have no control. Think about how much time we waste trying… Trying to loose weight, trying to eat less, trying to budget, trying to force life and ourselves in a certain direction. It is SO consuming! Believe me, I use to be super type A and driven by organization, control, and knowing what would happen next.

Learning to be, and allow was a wonderful tough lesson. Now it’s become a lifestyle.

Life has actually gotten easier because I know now I don’t have to struggle, worry, or force myself into things that don’t feel good to be. I now strive for joy, play, and use intentions to make every day amazing and magical.

You know, some days that more challenging than others, but it all leads to the same goal. That is, to enjoy every day, and to enjoy every moment, and to make today the best day ever, because we don’t know what tomorrow will be. 

Some call this living present. I call it living Bliss. It is setting intentions that create more play, love, and joy. It is living without expectations to how it will be, or what happens. It is resolving to stop doing what brings you down, and motivating yourself to spark transformation by living a different way.

Sounds easy? It takes practice. 

When you can mindfully create your intentions without the need to have, get, be, do, you can shift all aspects of your life. In living present, and noticing your busyness, your manic mind fooling you, the people you neglect, and the little things you do that may not be do helpful, you can then take steps to reform. To me, that is intentional living at it’s finest.

It’s not a matter of trying to control your life. The more you attempt to know everything and figure out how things will be, the more you suffer. It’s like starting a diet and holding expectations that you will loose 10 pounds. What happens? You do it and you miss seeing how much it’s changed you. You probably don’t loose your goal weight because you were too busy trying, and forcing an outcome. 

Reset yourself right now! Take a pause to identify what really matters to you and your life. How can you today start to take steps to improve your life? What can you do to get closer to whatever your heart desires? 

Can you commit to living everyday in alignment with those goals and bigger vision? In taking responsibility for yourself, and attempting to change your ways, you can promote a brighter future. Who knows, that goal you set, or that inner motivation may drive you easier than you ever imagined to something great!

Forget about what you resolve to do in 2017. Make it about who you choose to become.

Create a balanced lifestyle that can help you step into your potential, live with motivation, and make every day great. It is in feeling good, and enjoying life, amazing opportunities happen. Plus, when you’re less stressed and busy, your body and mind naturally thrive!



Choose Love.

unconditionalloveAmericans are funny, in that most consider Christmas & the holiday season to be based around Santa, getting, giving, and presents or parties. While that is a nice thing to celebrate at the end of the year, December is really about reflecting and allowing yourself to slow down, wind down, and pave a new way for the Winter season & upcoming new year. December, to be, is a celebration of Love, of light, and a peaceful ending to whatever has been.

The holidays stress us all out and create disharmony. That’s normal. Choose love this year. If you are single, without your family, or busy working during the season, reconnect to your faith and cherish yourself for who you have become. This is the season of Love and when it is important to also do a cheers for you, what you have accomplished, and who you have become. It’s not about being accepted, having the decorations, or even having a partner to kiss under the mistletoe… those all come in time.

The end of the year is a deep period of transition. Your body is probably feeling it, perhaps you are even feeling the urge to stay in, be within yourself, or seek out some quiet time. That’s because Winter is coming and it’s the season to hibernate and relax. Choose you this Christmas, and choose Love. Everyone is having moments, emotions, frustrations, sadness, and what I call ‘episodes’. Let them be, let it be. Come back to your love, your heart, and fill yourself with gratitude for wherever you are at. Be happy for what you DO have. Be grateful for friends you have met this year, people who have helped you, old friendships, and be good around your family. 

Choose love in everyone who crosses your path, with whatever the Universe yields you, and whoever comes your way. There will be much expected surprises the next two weeks. Choose love always.

When you love yourself, you know yourself, and you know your intention, who you are, and what you stand for. People can think otherwise, as they choose. I’ve let go of people, I’ve had friends move away, and in this year, I celebrate ME this December. I’ve learned that the world will never be perfect. It’s human nature to serve your ego, until you do the work to stop it. Even Yogis, claiming to be all Zen have their moments, and just because they ‘teach’ does not always mean they care or are consciously connected to the light in the heart always. We all fall out of balance and alignment, it’s part of being human. We all forget that Love is always the answer. Come back to your heart this Christmas/Holiday, and serve you. Share love with others, remind them, and help people remember Love is all we all are looking for. End this year well, with love. Say sorry to those you hurt, make up with people who have parted, acknowledge souls that have brought kindness to your life, and do something fun for You. Remember your greatness, share a smile, and do something nice for a special friend. Love is all you need ❤

Summer of Power

wakeupWhat a crazy hot mess this these last 6 months have been. Time has moved fast and suddenly we are in the later part of the year. Cheers to the Summer of Awakening! Summer is the season of love, of light, and having fun and enjoying. It’s time to rise with the sun and make the most of every day. Wake up feeling alive and good so you can set intentions in your day. To me, this Summer is a about making a choice to step into your Power for change. Just like the sun shines and emits powerful healing energy for us and for plants, and more, it’s no coincidence that the Summer is meant to be the more alive and bright time of the year. Step outside, have fun, and enjoy. Quite worrying about what was or might be. How about enjoy today?

What is Power? Power is connecting to your own inner guidance and being about to listen to YOU. We all have so many layers and unconscious beliefs running in our minds that it’s very easy to get lost. To feel confused, unsure, to think we know what we want, but really have no idea. It’s easy to get stuck or feel disconnected. I believe those are all signs that your are holding something negative within you. That you are choosing to not own your own power and live the life you want. How about finding delight in whatever imperfection you are experiencing? Why not own your power by making a new choice and starting again? Choose YOU this Summer. Change your old habits and routines, and find things that pleasure you in the now. I’m not talking about substances or quick fixes – those are ways of the past. Do something different that will let you naturally wake up feeling powerful, good, healthy, and so full in your own mind, body, and heart. Deep down you know what want – what’s stopping you from achieving?

Every day you have the power to decide how you want to live and how you want to feel. Wake up this Summer and live you life with your own radiance and light. Your power resides in your core- it’s who you are – it’s your soul – your spirit- what’s inside of you. This Summer take your Power back into you and set new changes to spark your own change. Digest life in a new way, feed your body differently, and find lightness in experiencing yourself in new ways. Seek out what feeds you and do things that elevate your spirit. Wake up and LIVE. Become Alive by setting your energy and dictating what you want. Let the people be as they are. Choose yourself. Love yourself. Take Power into your hands by living happily – with your own inner flame. Let it shine!

Many people think gosh that’s hard to do. Or why does this happen? What about this? Well this person wants me to do this. Stop. Breathe. Live. Check back in. This Summer is about being happy and raising your vibration so you have joy and fulfillment. You dont need anyone or anything to create that. The power is in you. It’s your choice how to own it and ofcourse how to live it.

Ways to Live in Light & with your own divine Power:

  • Eat healthy and light foods, your body needs less during this season
  • Eat less, feel more. Stop reaching for those foods, sugary treats, alcohol, weed, or substances that give you a quick fix.
  • Enjoy being outside as much as your can. Make a promise to spend at least 10 minutes in the sunshine. Walking is great too, get out in the fresh air and connect with nature
  • Swim in the ocean (or a lake, or pool) as much as your can. I believe water helps us heal in infinite forms and ways. Let the water purify and cleanse what no longer needs to a part of you.
  • Rise with the Sun – Set your alarm early and make the most of every day. Try watching a sunrise too!
  • Meditate. With all the high speed energy and busy celebrations, you need time for you. To be in silence. Calm the chatter. Breathe.
  • Stop saying YES to things that you don’t really want to do. It’s okay to say No.
  • Heal with food: Enjoy raw veggies, smoothies, and new salad recipes. Taste the greens. Choose lots of vibrant colors for your plate, especially tones of yellow or orange to help stimulate your digestion (your power center)
  • Check in constantly with you. Not feeling okay? Get help. Vent. I believe energy is work is the best and fastest way to feel good. Reiki, yoga, massage, give yourself and your body something to help…
  • Choose what you want – and live in that state.


Open your Heart & Align in 2014


Start 2014 of Right. Life your life to the fullest, and align with what you want and know it is going to happen.

It’s funny because all week I’ve been speaking and themeing in my yoga classes about being open to the possibilities of the new year. Every year our society has been trained to set new resolutions and new goals and typically we all create ideas that will enforce change in us in some way or another. Maybe it is to finally loose weight, or to stop procrastinating, or to relax more, try yoga… the list goes on. We think we need change in the new year and we think it’s going to happen in January and right way. Well how often do you loose track of these goals? You buy the gym membership, the cute workout clothes, you start slow down a bit, and then March hits and suddenly you are right back where you were last year. The same old pattern continues.

In Yogic philosophy we are taught to journey on our mats so we can open and create more space – in the physical body, in the possibilities.jpg?w=500&h=420energetic body, and by taming the ego in the mind. So often in the start of a year we set resolutions on how we can change and we make goals. Often the ego steps in and interrupts the process by placing limitations: I need to loose 10 pounds, I have to thin up by April, I need to diet in January, I have to find a partner, I need to clean more… We attain this mindset that we must change, and now, and especially because it’s a new year, it will be different…. Why not align yourself in the new year like you do on your yoga mat daily? Why not set an intention, make a wish, and without the limits/deadlines/and hows, just trust it will happen? Why not stop the pain, worry, and patterns of the past, and take a calm moment to remember what you truly need and want, and be open to how that will happen?

One of the most challenging things Yoga teaches is learning to supremely align yourself in such a way that you are able to keep your intention and attitude, despite the challenges that come to surface- To be so open in your heart with what you want, that you can trust yourself to create all and any change you need. All week I’ve been teaching students to fill your hearts desire and to just put it out there and trust and relax with that wish. In class, to use the breath to remain centered, to relax and calm the facial muscles, shoulders, and to expand lovingly through the heart and keep that place open to receive all that is coming. To learn to place yourself on your mat and align, but to learn how to take it off the mat and surrender to the process of becoming. Let your heart lead the way in the new year. Let that be what motivates you and sets your desires. Stop saying ‘I have to make more money’, ‘I need to loose weight and look better,’ and start recognizing all that you need is already inside of you. We just build these limitations form outside forces and create patterns day over day so nothing changes. Being open on you mat means you arrive, and no matter what happens you breathe, you let go, and you make an intention in the moment that elevates you. If you want change this year, you create it, and you become open to it. This year I invite you to empty yourself of the struggle, the limitations, the ego, and all those things you have to do because you think you will be better. You are great! 2014 is a new year and it IS a time to start over. To start to align your life by living joyfully from your heart center. That is the yoga. To make a goal, to write a wish, and set intention to open your heart, and align your attitude to that space, then stay open to how it will happen.

happyendingTo me, being open, means trusting the process, and reminding yourself every day what YOU REALLY want. NOT what you THINK you want. It’s funny because as I’ve been teaching aspects of this idea throughout the week, I catch myself falling back to old ways. Being open is a challenge. Being vulnerable enough to sit back and pause, before reacting to anything or moving forward, to calmly close your eyes and breathe, then spark the question ‘what do I really want?’ I guarantee if you are able to silence yourself and that mind, you will remember, and things will become more clear. For me it was seeking something in someone else. Then I remembered that I dont NEED someone or my vision of someone to help me feel better. I have it in myself, I need to align back with it, and know it will happen when I’m in alignment with my wishes and truly open to having that. To let go of how wonderful things use to be, or could be, or can be. For me it’s about staying present, and stop forcing or pushing or thinking something will happen in a certain way. It never does. 2014 is here. While I believe in aligning more with the seasons and cycles of the universe, I do believe in transformation is possible and is happening. Are you open to it? Or are you holding onto past things, people, ideas, and beliefs? Are you limiting yourself, by not aligning to your deepest best wishes and desires? No one and nothing can help you achieve anything, be open to the force within yourself and high above to give it to you. Surrender. Let go. Fill up with your own desires, let go of what was, and watch as things transform better than you thought they could. No fear, no resistance, just put it out there, and if your heart seeks it, things gracefully come together.

2014. Start Fresh. Be open. Close your eyes and breathe into your center – your heart. Make goals that elevate that space. Not what society needs, or what you think you need, or what you Mom, Dad, Friend, Partner tell you. It is up to YOU. You have the power and the answers in yourself. Love yourself more this year and commit to you. Be open to your wishes, and align from the heart. Change your attitude and fill your world with things that bring you that sweet feeling within that allows you to lovingly, happily, and joyfully, watch things come in easily and profoundly. Stop looking. Start listening. Surrender… the universe is listening, and things happen magically when you pause and fill with your heart’s wishes then allow forces freely ride…

Happiness & Gratitude

I sat down to begin writing my Holiday cards. Who do I write to? Those who have inspired me this year. Some I may have barely chatted with. Others, may not even know my name. I made a list with those special souls who have touched my heart this year and changed me. Those people that I need to thank, not because they are ‘family’ or because I knew them in college, or because someone told me I had to give and do something for them. I chose the people who have helped me become happier this year. It’s for that, I want to express my thanks, and give this holiday season…


Does it resonate with you?


Berry Bliss ~ Strawberry Milkshake

IMG_3243Summer time season and berries are back in, fresh, local, and sprouting from the Earth. I’ve been on a blending kick. Yes, amazing things happen when a grocery store is more accessible to me. Ha. My vitamix is my best friend and main fuel source! I browsed the local farmers market and came across the most vibrant juicy red strawberries. Summer time and all my favorite things are in season, I love it! A time to nourish and consume all that Earth helps provide us. Naturally, I could not resist. I typically don’t do many fruit smoothies these days. Mostly because I don’t want that huge sugar peak, especially in the morning. However, I was heading to teach yoga all afternoon/evening and my sweet tooth called. Perfect! What a better way to use my strawberries before they get too soft.

Nutritious: Strawberries have with Vitamin C, lots of fiber, and antioxidants that are suppose to help cancer…


IMG_3287 Blended well with:

Local, organic, strawberries, homemade almond milk, touch of vanilla, special protein powder, two coconut covered dates, some ice, tiny splash of coconut water, dash of nutmeg, sprinkled with hempseeds

(Don’t forget to blend the whole strawberry, green stem included!)

Summer of H20

I’ve been hooked on the element of Water. As a born Aquarius, I’ve naturally always felt the healing qualities of the ocean. I never realized how abnormal it was though until I went to college. I’ve always surrounded myself with salt water and beach ~ ditching school to soak up the sun, igniting my passion on waterskis, spend endless hours chilling on boats, and even picked up surfing because it seemed suitable and fitting to have an excuse to sit in the ocean. Surf? Well I’m working on it, it’s the ocean that causes me to connect.

I mosied upon this article. Its funny because I’ve been working on the 2nd chakra, the element of water, and opening myself up to really feel and emotionally feel. It’s hard, especially once you close yourself off. I’ve been speaking in my yoga classes about connecting to your own flow and rhythm, especially with the end of Spring- season of change and transformation. Thank you universe for this reminder that I’m where I need to be. fascinating article about the new energies of summer! Read on….courtesy of http://omtimes.com…


The Summer of Water is here. For some people it will be the summer of love. For some it’s the summer of flooding (already the case in Europe, alas). For all of us it’s the summer of flowing emotions and uncommonly non-rational actions, experiences and developments.

The pervading influence of the season is the ongoing round robin of free-flowing energy  connecting the early degrees of the water signs. Holding down the static points in the trine are Saturn (structure, rules and responsibilities) and Neptune (illusion, escapism and transcendence). This week, the Sun completes the circuit when it moves into Cancer on Friday, the solstice and first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere (and winter in the Southern).

This shift locks the water energy into the entire summer season. Even though the grand trine won’t be in the sky any longer as we go into August and September, the configuration’s influence will be with us, because it is imprinted onto the chart that launches the season.

Look at the next three months as time in the ocean.  Coming to terms with the water is essential. Push it and blowback is likely. Fight it and you’ll exhaust yourself, get water up your nose (remember how that hurts?) and possibly go under. Ride it, swim, surf, float, canoe. Experiment with metaphors; some will fit certain days, others…others. Let the current carry you, and some days going with the flow will also mean full speed ahead.

Two reminders:  First, your brain isn’t the ideal navigator. Instead, follow your emotions, hunches, intuition, guidance, whisperings in your ear, other nonrational impulses. (Basic guidelines:  Enthusiasm = yes. Dread or that sick feeling in your stomach = no. No reaction, mental chewing or running a situation by lots of people = not now.)

Second, periodically disengage. Water is a conduit. Water is also an amplifier that occasionally distorts. You will be hearing/picking up/reacting to the thoughts, emotions, dramas and energies of many, many other people, including strangers in your environment (including whatever you encounter online).  Some transmissions — from other people or from you — will broadcast more loudly than they were sent out. Some will be garbled. And all are affecting you, whether you’re conscious of them or not. Did you ever try to talk underwater in the pool when you were a kid? Have you noticed how conversations in a hot tub or on a lake are loud and clear yards away?  That’s happening all summer, metaphorically.

It’s critical to monitor and clear your energy periodically, so the flow will pull you along — and not under. If you haven’t listened to it yet, head over to my Embracing the Shift With Ease talk for simple disengaging tools. Pay attention, too, to your own shifts in mood and energy. When you note a change, ask “Does this belong to me?” If it doesn’t, drain or return it.

Two influences to note that are specific to this week:  Jupiter is in the last full week of his tour of Gemini, where he’s been broadening our thinking and options since last June. Think of this as a mental mop-up of the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle of the last two and a half years. (That technically ended in May, but will continue playing out into the fall.) As you take one last long look around the Gemini areas of your life, watch for messages affecting or improving them, escalating their role in your life or generally bettering your outlook. In addition to what’s in your birth chart, look for expansive (or expanding) developments in your thinking, your information and communication sources, flow and technology,  how you get around, your community, relationships with siblings and neighbors.

Next week, he moves his bigger-is-better bent to Cancer and joins the gang in the grand water trine.  Sales of jelly doughnuts and ice cream soar.

The week ends with the Moon full in Capricorn, in a degree that is being watered by the grand trine. It’s a status report on the remodeling and rebuilding of your foundation and long term goals and security. National security issues should be all over the news, with additional info probable. Read more about the personal ramifications in my mooncast, which will be posted later this week.