A Perspective on Human Reality

The current world baffles me and intrigues me.

How did we get so messed up? I mean, in America, where we are suppose to be thriving and  leading the world to greater good, we can’t even seem to set the example of a more peaceful people orientated nation.

What went wrong? 

I am a millenial. Outspoken. Indpendent. A big thinker, and a gal who doesn’t understand the way current civilization operates. Yeah, my big mouth, I know. I speak the truth and I’m not afraid to show or say what happens in our crazy world, and how people behave. I shine the light on ugly issues and it scars people sometimes. I don’t know why. Our world is in a dark time, and if we continue to ignore life problems, they will continue to evolve.

Secretly, I think it’s funny what we’ve all become and the horrific state humankind has evolved to. Of course, there are always exceptions, and people who step outside the box of ‘normal’ and live in positive ways that actually align with peace, love, and all those virtues that got lost long ago. 

Back to this reality, what happened? How is it that we care more about making a buck and get so greedy within our power, that we forget to live from our heart? It’s so interesting to watch what people will do for fame, money, and to get ahead in the world. I wonder if people realize how much they sabotage each other, and even themselves in the process of trying to look good. 

Why can’t we be kind to each other, honest, and live in a peaceful loving manner?

The world won’t get better until we all begin to change. Stop blaming, quit with cruel offensive words, and stop chasing what doesn’t serve you. Be kind. Let others be themselves, without your nasty judgments and authority over whats best for them.

Honestly, the moment your materials get taken away, and your life takes a hit, you have to wake up one day and realize that all that power, those material possessions, praetorships, and that lifestyle you think you need, ultimately is not what will bring you joy, or ultimate satisfaction.

Yeah, even those relationships may not last, and it may leave you and force you to revaluate yourself, and what really matters in this lifetime.

At some point, we all get hit hard with the bigger truths of reality and we all must find our way out of our ego, and the silly ways society has corrupted and taught us, and step into a more authentic and loving place within.

Our world needs help. I mean, major attitude upgrades, educational reform, and healthcare for the people. Do we want children to grow up in a world as it currently is? I can go on… Our planet is in trouble if we think we can continue on this ride wishing, hoping, accusing, and thinking it will get better. I do believe it will get worse, until we make adjustments. 

I know money can buy a lot of things and it can make you look like a million bucks. People may fall under the spell and believe you really are as you pretend to be. Truthfully, under the masks, the social media, the photos, and all that stuff that covers up who you really are, is still a heart that may be lost, locked, and seeking something more meaningful. Until you are authentic in yourself, those lies and other things will keep you stuck in your box, in your own mind, and in your own perception. 

You don’t find your happiness fitting into that other world, or trying to be someone you are not. Life does not get better until you take a chance to improve yourself, how you show up, and how you live in the world. 

I believe we secretly all want peace. I know we all want love. Somewhere within us we all probably dream of finding that person, having that life, and living in riches, without worry and with prosperity. I don’t know why we fight all the time to try to get it. I don’t know why so many enjoy hurting others to get ahead. I’m quite curious how this world got to be the way it is.

Personally, I wish more people, businesses, corporations, and society, would get a mental check, and take some time to understand how to find peace within, and how to treat others well.

If we know everyone wants the same thing, and that we are all seeking love, comfort, safety, security, peace, happiness, and some kind of joy, why can’t we ALL work together to create it?



What REALLY Matters?

Life. It is complicated, topsy turvey, and completely wild. Don’t you agree?

To pretend that life is some structured route or known journey would make you complete unrealistic in your view of reality. Life is a fickle weird ride. It’s unpleasant catastrophes and unexpected changes certainly always keep things interesting. Gosh, I wish in some forms we could control the mad happenings around us. Unfortunately, we cannot. All we can do is learn to integrate ourselves into this world, and live each moment as if it were our last. Truth is, we do not know what will happen. Life is too short to not enjoy every minute of it. Shouldn’t we all live with a kind hearted attitude to enjoy it as it is?

I’ve been musing about life lately, and speculating about the human condition. What really matters? I mean seriously. So many people walk around as if their job, their work, is their life purpose. I find it sad how so many correlate their ‘title’ as their main persona. Think about it. Virtually everyone associates people as their job, their role, and how they make their money. We loose our identity in our ‘work’ and forget about everything else. Why? As humans shouldn’t we be able to be associated as something more? Shouldn’t our own human characteristics and noble attitudes be what allows humans to correlate and connect with one another? I think so. 

I worked in a Yoga studio for a long time. Geez, the growth and challenges of living your yoga and working at a studio will surely stint your spiritual growth at times, as well as teach you how to open your heart. I was taught that Yoga is union, and in that union we all celebrate one another and accept each other as we are. To me that idea seemed to make sense, and was a moral that I actually already lived by. The more I researched, read, uncovered, and discovered the more fascinated I became with the idea that we all are really connected. I know, I’m sounding a bit out there. But thing about it, if we all are each other, connected by energy, then why do we all continue to struggle with this idea that we are separate? Why do we humans still force the need to be someone we are not?

Look at America and what our Western ‘values’ have done to this planet. Most of our nation has become ignorant bastards and people who care more about their social screen and title than actually treating each other well. Yes, then business models followed the lead and now adapt with false values that few actually integrate. Look at the Yoga scene. It’s like the new Yoga trend is how many selfies can I take, and how well can I prove I have muscles, and work to show off my ass-ana for social glorification. Oh, and then add in th ego challenge and the need to make the Yoga class ‘hard’ and ‘extra hot’ to prove we got a workout. WHAT?? Seriously. I even knew a Yoga teacher who regularly checked in extra students to her class because she wanted to appear ‘better’ then everyone else. I told my boss, and they did nothing, and probably complimented her behavior with a pay raise, I don’t know. Since when does popularity and lies correlate with Yoga values? To me it’s absurd. Of course, the same gal got pleasure in taking other peoples ideas, words, and routinely putting me down for my own weird crazy ways. She labeled herself a ‘master’, ghee wiz, if that’s what a teacher is and what our society likes, then I think we all need a LOT of HELP. Ironic. Yes! It’s crazy and strange to be that Western ideas have corrupted the social human system. Somehow we all turn our head, acting like it’s okay.

I won’t even reference politics as an example. But I’m sure we can all make our own conclusions about that.

It took me a loooong time to realize that this strange way of treating people and showing up was really part of what ‘normal’ people actually do. There is a strange unconscious attitude in America (and possibly other parts of the world) that getting ahead means hurting others. Somehow we were taught that it’s okay to break the rules if it makes us better. I don’t get it. What happened to trust and honest? What is the point of having rules, morals, values, if no one follows them. Of course, I’m not like that crew of people who care to feed their ego and dismantle humanity for their own pride. Naw, I got my own other issues. Hahaha. (That’s a joke). We are all immoral to each other until we can communicate as human beings and treat eachother with respect. It’s funny, as I once use to call people out for their behavior, I’d then get punished or put down. I guess we all have to put blinders on and pretend this is all okay. But really is it? Do we want to live in a world where we are all phonies?

Personally, I believe that the only system that works is the one that can compliment every person and help us all live truthfully, nobly, with real ethics and values. Rewarding people who act otherwise, makes no sense in my honest mind. Cuz if we don’t have any of that, or a system that has that all in place, then we may as well all label ourselves as ignorant fools. Cuz really, we kinda are.

Oh Life, what a funny game we all play. We are hypnotized by greed and work daily to stress ourselves out in how we can somehow end up ahead. Let me ask you, what really matters? If money and winning is all that anyone cares about, and ‘appearing’ as certain role is what we are all working towards, then I think we all have failed. Personally, I believe what matters most in life, is each other. Without people, well, this world would be quite boring and also lonely. Although I do love nature and zening out in my own Yoga trance or happy bubble, staying there all day really is miserable. Honestly, it sucks running from those people who suck others dry and think its okay to hurt people. Yeah, they are on their own interesting journey, but that does not make it okay. Everyone connects, and contributes to the downfalls of society and affects human beings with how they behave.


I cannot speak for everyone, but I do know that in the heart of every person, we all want to live happy. Although many cannot understand, and probably will never believe it, I can say that money and all that material ‘stuff’ really is not all that glamourous. You can have everything, but do you really have what matters? If you really see the people that make a difference in the world, it’s not those crazies who lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate the system. It is those people who dare to live out of that other mindset and help create change by being a true leader. What matters most in this world, are people. No Yogic scripture, spiritual idea, or religion will ever replace human kindness and integrity. It is how we show up that ultimately matters and defines us as people, yogis, jobs, titles, and whatever other social stigma we think we need to fit into.
We can all preach, get jobs, work, and claim to have a title, a religion, or something that validates our own worth. None of that looney stuff matters. At the end of the day, it’s who you meet, connect with, and how you treat people. It’s who you are, without all that other stuff. People are what matter. People will never forget how you made them feel. Some people can cause a lot pain toward others, and are the cause of suffering. It is in our humanness we try to defend ourselves because our big ego can’t see another view, a better side, or dare to apologize. I don’t know what disconnected us all for much from living with open hearts. I do know though that those silly games we play with ourselves, the world, and trying to be people we are not, are really useless and will never get us to where we want to be. Our job as humans, is to be human. Our main role is to love each other, help each other, and kindly learn what that means and to live in that way. Dear God, I hope our system gets better, and people stop worrying so much about climbing that ladder and getting to a certain place. The crazy journey life takes us on could be so much more enjoyable if we could socially accept each other.

What matters to you? I hope its more than material wealth, gain, and your own self sabotaging ideas. I hope what matters is humanity… and doing the best you can to make this World a better and nice place to be.

To me, this world matters. The future generations need role models and people who can make this world a whole lot better than it is now. Only through each other will that be humanly possible. 







DEVOTION: love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.

This word has been circulating throughout my day, in my thoughts, & in my head for the past few days. Devotion. What is devotion, & how is it different than desire? To be devoted is to be fully committed to you, yourself, and only what is true for you.

We think devotion is sticking to our routine, working out, eating right, & taking time to ‘work out’. No Devotion is a higher state of being. It goes beyond listening to mainstream society or doing as your do daily. Real devotion is a quality of the heart. It’s by your own inner guidance that you can transcend and choose what and who to be devoted to.

Desire is a dream, its an urge, a pulse, something that sounds, feels, and seems good. Devotion is your ability to stay committed – not to that dream that you think you desire, but to what you desire for yourself. See the difference? Devotion is full commitment to live your life as the person you ‘think’ you desire to be, and to authentically show up, even when the world may deem otherwise. We all have desire, & we think we know what we want, & we choose to create dreams & get set on what will happen. When you embrace Devotion – you know yourself is true. You do not need the desire, you can shed your limitation in thinking that is the way it will be, and you can instead live committed to You. Meaning, if you call yourself a yoga teacher, you live in light & love & treat others well & invoke Yogic principles. You don’t get on your mat, do some poses & breathing, then drive away flicking people off or cursing. You live your life devoted to your practice. Desire is the yoga teacher who thinks they need the ‘numbers’ the ‘physical’ challenge, or the ‘mask’ to perform in a space that is purely guided by your own desire, forgetting about the other in the room & what is best for them & others.

Devotion is the act of living from an authentic place that honors who you are. When you are able to remain completely devoted tSrimad-Bhagavatam-on-Having-Unflinching-Devotion-for-The-Supreme-Personality-of-Godheado yourself, you allow things to happen, and you yield yourself to the Universe and step forward into the unknown. Desire is the catalyst to devotion. We all have wishes, intentions, dreams, etc. Desire often catches the ego – when we stop being devoted. As you evolve you change, and with that, your desires change too.

Often we place our desire with ego attachment. For example, I’m doing this to make this amount of money, or I’m not helping you because I won’t get any money. Our ego overrides our desire. If you desire is more money, you need to be devoted to allowing more money. That may mean helping someone else achieve abundance themselves, or honoring someone else needing help. Our head overrides our heart all the time, or we let other people’s thoughts/egos tell us what to do, how to think, how to behave. People can help you, if they are living fully in truth and from a conscious place of connection. The others living from their own desire, without devotion to the whole, will tell you what you need to do to serve them. Thus, you help them achieve their desire, and disconnect from your own desire.


As we end this crazy year of 2014, I ask you to consider how devoted you have been to Yourself. What dreams to do wish to manifest this year? What have you achieved? And what more do you wish to accomplish before this years end?

images       Human nature gets busy, we forget, we get distracted, and we forget about what we committed for ourselves and our own well being. Desire is always there, and every day we are making choices to fill our desires. However, devotion is how desire is granted. Being devoted to your dreams, your wishes, your goals, is being able to truly root down and say ‘Yes’ to all you want to accomplish. In every moment, in every waking day, you set yourself up to achieve. That meaning, you show up from a place of love. You accept people when they tell you what they think you need to do, but you always check back in with you to see if that truly fits You.


If our desire is bigger than our devotion we will never achieve what our soul truly is asking us. You have desires, you manifest and create with devotion. To you, yourself, who you are, and who you wish to be. In the process, leaving fear behind, perhaps other people, and stay completely devoted to your desires.

When you are devoted you trust the process & surrender, stay aligned to what you heart desires and let your wishes fuel you forward in love & with joy. Let the journey continue, & stay devoted when you walk your unique path.


The New Age Yogi – Authentic, Real, or Phonie?

It is so interesting to watch how people awaken and what actions and steps they take to help fulfill themselves. I work at a yoga studio and see many people make it to their mat on a routine basis. I see people wanting to grow and thrive. I’ve witnessed teachers feeling better about life after learning about what Yoga is and doing teacher trainings. It’s remarkable. How they show up, what they do outside, how they treat others, what they say, and what they do to ‘promote’ themselves though is another story. Yoga is meant to help you shed the ego, not build more ego and remain in your own self centered actions & patterns. Yoga is about living in this world with a purpose to serve, and help everyone feel better, more loved, more joyful.

trueyogaYoga teaches us to be our own authentic self. It is not about getting to that popular class, or having a certain teacher, or even working out. Yoga is  science that helps you expand so you can be the best version of you. So you can create abundance and joy in your world. We meet teachers who inspire us and help us see the light. Ultimately, it’s about being you own teacher and learning to let go ego centered patterns so you can live more in alignment with your own self.

I laugh a lot at the funny world I now live in. Yogis? We are weird people, well everyone is weird to some degree. We all make mistakes, do things unconsciously, and we all are seeking to be better. That’s truth. The real path of a yogi is about being you and living it. There is hope for humanity when we choose to expand and look with in and go within. I see so many people posting photos about their remarkable transformation, new muscle tone, body, handstand, whatever. Stop. Instead of showing, how about living? Live the Yogic life. Make it your mat because you are ready to do the work, breathe, calm down, and help fill the world with more peace, light, and love.

The ego will always get you, unless you rein it and brush it aside. Personally, I see many people in my workforce or industry locally seeking other peoples ideas and copying or rewriting. I call this phonie. If you are going to take someone’s words, ideas, or use their creativity, you should at lease give credit. I set up some business stuff and the next week saw others rewarding my personal phrases on their own shit. Funny. Are you living your truth? Probably not. But hey, your instagram photos of you in a bikinni or flexing your new bicep, might circulate a like. Congrats. My words are real, honest, and my truth. I don’t need to post a picture of it, share what I ate, or babble all over my own social media to generate likes or love. I can create my own ideas and share my gifts because I’m seeking within, not looking around. Yoga is a powerful practice. It can transform you. You need to seek within though. Drop the ego, stop wanting the likes, the clicks, and thinking you are better than everyone else simply because. We are all connected and here to empower another and live in our Truth. If that is copying, posting, and whatever ego centered I call bullshit fad, then have fun. Great that works for you. Real light and authenticity comes from tapping in spiritually, connecting, and doing things that serve the planet and are written in your own truth.

I am so honored to have found yoga. I’ve figured it out for myself. It feels wonderful that other ‘yogis’ come to my classes, see how I show up, and see words I’ve written, and are ‘inspired’ to rewrite them or copy my own efforts. Its funny. At least thank me for the inspiration or honor who I am to my face. I hope you have the courage one day to walk your own path of truth, live authentically in your own light. The world needs more real Yogis, not phonies. We all need to grow, learn, and serve with purpose. That’s the yogi way. I smile still, I honor those ego qualities in others, and I still love and accept them for who they are though. Hoping they can awaken and have the courage to live, breathe, be, and grow.



Liberate & Let Go ~ In Love

Where I live it does not feel like Fall. The sun is shinning the heat is high and the waves are still rolling. Something else is crashing and changing in San awesomeDiego. The heat wave is merely an example of the chaos and confusion I’ve personally experienced the last few months. We need to let go of what we think we know is good and best, and love. Open you heart, breakfree, and stop thinking. You don’t know what is best for you. You think you know. You find freedom by liberating yourself and breaking the barriers that are holding you back. You open up – trust you inner stillness – and let the beat of your heart carry you forward in remarkable ways.  You choices carry you forward. What holding you back from your inner beauty and awesomeness you were born to live? Liberate by letting go and accepting it’s time to make a change – within yourself, and with the rest of the world – to open our hearts more, be honest, and live connected to our heart center.


This massive planetary shift is happening. October is the month I deem of awakening where things will need to happen so we can all be on board with what we need to do to help this world transcend. Can you feel the liberation in you life? Opportunities are coming in, flowing in, for us all. We are ready and prepared to go forward, or are you holding yourself back in lower dimensions? Release the fear and replace it with trust. Know you are here for a reason and your spirit is asking you to freely fly forward.

Liberate yourself from the old and march on. People, thoughts, jobs, and ego patterns hold you back. They keep you binded and blocked from your loving potential. Let go. I see this Fall as a shift in everyones life, whether you are consciously aware of it or now. Things have to fall apart so they can be put back together – better. It’s natural order. The universe supports you with your choices, even if you hold on. I can promise more freedom for you, for your heart, when you stop trying and holding. Be You. Drop the worries, fears, and tap into your heart to connect and help you open up. You know people that you like to be around, you know who empowers you and deflates you. You know what things you do because you think you ‘should’. Get rid of it all and liberate your ego. Let your spirit take you forward with ease and grace, so we can all fly high together.


What is Liberation?

– The ability to feel good in your own skin

– To be honest with yourself, with who you are, and express yourself in loving ways that honor you and others

– To stop holding onto people who bring you down and don’t serve you in your best

– To take action where you need in your life to feel better and be happy

– To smile daily and let yourself walk your own path, despite what others are doing, saying, or reacting

– Accept yourself as you are, the things that are happening, and to love yourself most



Females – Let’s Make a Change

“Treat others as you want to be treated. Live as you want to be loved. Teach with your power. Use your feminine force.” -Kali
As women, we have the power. Want our world, society, planet to change? Well let’s make the change. Respect yourself and your body. Stop sleeping around, let go of one night stands, and stop allowing other men to use you and your power. Take the power back! Females need to teach men how to respect us, how to operate in loving ways, and how to live with with love…. no more sex, money, & greed. Plus, do you really want those energies circulating your body? The more we can respect ourselves as female power and treat ourselves with respect, the more we can teach men to respect woman. Men want sex, they are masculine, they love control and power. If we allow men to respect us, treat us well, with kindness, they will change.

Everything you put into your system changes you and has an energetic response and physical reaction (especially while exchanging bodily fluids). Think twice before you indulge or make that booty call. Why not cultivate love for yourself first and stand up to your own feminine power? The hot guy may be fun for a quick fix, but is that really what you want for yourself? You are only contributing to the abuse, neglect, and ego ways of living, especially in the male group… And if you have a family or kids, please act in ways that will raise them well and teach them how to respect and love themselves. Single parents especially, it can be hindering to children, and only feeds male power. Be the role model. Make wise choices. Help future generations. Teach men. Love.



Dancing in Life & Relationship

Life is magical, unexplainable, challenging. People feed our souls new lessons and we gain purpose by connecting to like minded and special souls that helps us transcend and rise above. We all help one another, whether we are aware of it or not. All of us are seeking something more, and we are here to help one another learn imuniversaldanceportant lessons to become whole again. Friendships, people, family, partners, are all an interconnected force that helps us heal. Not everyone sticks around forever, and different personalities walk in and out to help our soul shine brighter, if you let them and honor them and their purpose.

Have you ever met someone where you just know you are meant to be in each others lives? Or where there is a subtle feeling of comfort where you felt as if you have known them your whole life? Have you ever felt that easy flowing care and love and that inner knowing that you were meant to be. Connecting to human form is the way we all evolve. We share with each other, we learn what we like, how to treat one another, and how to care, be a friend, and merge into relation with others, but more importantly with one’s self. People are teachers, helpers, and our planet thrives off one another so each of us can grow better in their own heart.

I’ve had so many amazing people come into my life and befriend me just because. I thank those people that have accepted me for who I am, the real raw, cray, me. I’ve also recognized those angels that have come into my life to help me move forward. My challenge has been in letting others be, and go their separate ways. People flow in and out, and the classification of ‘friends forever,’ is usually not a real world virtue you should seek to hold. Truth is we all choose differently and everyone is changing. Who you are today does not parallel who you were last year, or probably last month, so why should your relationships stay the same? They don’t. We all take different paths, and keep walking on our own until we find similar people who walk the current road we are on. Sometimes that is a lonely journey and it can seem so hopeless and lost. The Universe puts people where they need to be, and if you’re open for it, you allow new people to help you in your present life reality.

The way I choose to live my life is the direction and path I choose to take. In stepping into my life, it requires letting others step out, into theirs, and that may mean loosing communication, and no longer having that same connection that once was. Sometimes you need to say goodbye so you can say hello to something even greater. I hold in my heart always everyone, and most know who they are, who has been a teacher and friend to me. Life is a process of evolution and growth. We are all here to do the best we can and enjoy the process of becoming something more. People come in, they walk out, and sometimes with reason or closure, sometimes not. I use to not understand, now I’ve found ease in recognizing it’s not always meant to be. What I know now is there is liberation in accepting where you are at today. It is okay that you may not be in contact with those of the past, and it can be emotional as you choose who truly is on your same path and what needs to part (as emotional as that can be).spirit

One of lifes mysterious challenges is learning how to be the best you can for yourself, not someone else. That requires releasing and giving yourself freedom to choose who you are now, and who is a part of that. Everyone shapes you, your life, and your future. Letting go is accepting where you are, gratitude for people who helped you along the way and finding acceptance for where you are now. Keep trusting, keep breathing, and watch as new opportunities prevail to dance in love with light. Letting go and being at peace is a lifelong mastery. Give your permission to feel, stop holding, and stop thinking you need someone to validate yourself. Feed your life with connection by remember what you truly desire and allowing yourself to express and move in your light. Thank you to those special souls that have helped me love more, reconnect, and live happier simply by letting me be me and helping myself remember what that means.