DEVOTION: love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.

This word has been circulating throughout my day, in my thoughts, & in my head for the past few days. Devotion. What is devotion, & how is it different than desire? To be devoted is to be fully committed to you, yourself, and only what is true for you.

We think devotion is sticking to our routine, working out, eating right, & taking time to ‘work out’. No Devotion is a higher state of being. It goes beyond listening to mainstream society or doing as your do daily. Real devotion is a quality of the heart. It’s by your own inner guidance that you can transcend and choose what and who to be devoted to.

Desire is a dream, its an urge, a pulse, something that sounds, feels, and seems good. Devotion is your ability to stay committed – not to that dream that you think you desire, but to what you desire for yourself. See the difference? Devotion is full commitment to live your life as the person you ‘think’ you desire to be, and to authentically show up, even when the world may deem otherwise. We all have desire, & we think we know what we want, & we choose to create dreams & get set on what will happen. When you embrace Devotion – you know yourself is true. You do not need the desire, you can shed your limitation in thinking that is the way it will be, and you can instead live committed to You. Meaning, if you call yourself a yoga teacher, you live in light & love & treat others well & invoke Yogic principles. You don’t get on your mat, do some poses & breathing, then drive away flicking people off or cursing. You live your life devoted to your practice. Desire is the yoga teacher who thinks they need the ‘numbers’ the ‘physical’ challenge, or the ‘mask’ to perform in a space that is purely guided by your own desire, forgetting about the other in the room & what is best for them & others.

Devotion is the act of living from an authentic place that honors who you are. When you are able to remain completely devoted tSrimad-Bhagavatam-on-Having-Unflinching-Devotion-for-The-Supreme-Personality-of-Godheado yourself, you allow things to happen, and you yield yourself to the Universe and step forward into the unknown. Desire is the catalyst to devotion. We all have wishes, intentions, dreams, etc. Desire often catches the ego – when we stop being devoted. As you evolve you change, and with that, your desires change too.

Often we place our desire with ego attachment. For example, I’m doing this to make this amount of money, or I’m not helping you because I won’t get any money. Our ego overrides our desire. If you desire is more money, you need to be devoted to allowing more money. That may mean helping someone else achieve abundance themselves, or honoring someone else needing help. Our head overrides our heart all the time, or we let other people’s thoughts/egos tell us what to do, how to think, how to behave. People can help you, if they are living fully in truth and from a conscious place of connection. The others living from their own desire, without devotion to the whole, will tell you what you need to do to serve them. Thus, you help them achieve their desire, and disconnect from your own desire.


As we end this crazy year of 2014, I ask you to consider how devoted you have been to Yourself. What dreams to do wish to manifest this year? What have you achieved? And what more do you wish to accomplish before this years end?

images       Human nature gets busy, we forget, we get distracted, and we forget about what we committed for ourselves and our own well being. Desire is always there, and every day we are making choices to fill our desires. However, devotion is how desire is granted. Being devoted to your dreams, your wishes, your goals, is being able to truly root down and say ‘Yes’ to all you want to accomplish. In every moment, in every waking day, you set yourself up to achieve. That meaning, you show up from a place of love. You accept people when they tell you what they think you need to do, but you always check back in with you to see if that truly fits You.


If our desire is bigger than our devotion we will never achieve what our soul truly is asking us. You have desires, you manifest and create with devotion. To you, yourself, who you are, and who you wish to be. In the process, leaving fear behind, perhaps other people, and stay completely devoted to your desires.

When you are devoted you trust the process & surrender, stay aligned to what you heart desires and let your wishes fuel you forward in love & with joy. Let the journey continue, & stay devoted when you walk your unique path.


On Happiness


What is Happiness?


noun: happiness; plural noun: happinesses; the state of being happy.


pleasure, contentment, satisfaction, cheerfulness, merriment, gaiety, joy, joyfulness, joviality, jollity, glee, delight, good spirits, lightheartedness, well-being, enjoyment;

This a question, I’ve pondered and constantly come back to. This new Spring season has awakened new aspects of myself and I suddenly am seeing life in a whole new perspective. I was once on quest to find my inner joy. Something deep within me was no longer satisfied going by the every day norm and doing what people ‘thought’ was best for me. i.e. – working the 9-5 job, getting promoted, designer clothes, going out to bars, binge drinking, and other somewhat ‘normal’ things other girls in their mid twenties were typically seeking. That stuff did not matter, I needed something more. I yearned to wake up feeling satisfied, to get up with excitement for my day, and wanted to make ideas happen that would help this world be a better and brighter place. After a series of unexpected events, and with what I’d like to deem a magical and crazy Spiritual Awakening, I am emerging out of what was, and allowing myself to radiant forward  – in the best ways I possible can.

Life has taught me so many lessons in the past three years, and in the entirety of my life as I look back and reflect. I believe that happiness is an inside job. It’s more than just proclaiming today I am happy, because we all know there are many circumstances that happen that cause us to feel otherwise. You can read a ton of books, follow people online, even post things on Facebook that seem uplifting. That’s wonderful, and maybe you are inspiring someone in the process. The more our planet elevates in consciousness the more I witness people posting tons and tons of stuff all over social media about how to find your inner joy or some other regurgitated quote or message. Why? I’m really not sure. True, real happiness, I believe, is about finding ways to please yourself fully and live whole in who you are. It’s not doing, it’s Living. It about waking up and looking forward to whatever you have on your schedule and being eager to share your energy to the world. It’s about doing things you love and surrounding yourself with people who let you be the best you can be. And rather than seeking people, things, jobs, money, etc, it’s about dancing on your own path to self acceptance and joy.Happiness is a choice

So many of us cultivate this attitude of limitation. We want to do this, however we can’t because of this. Or we think we need a certain person, or need to do a certain thing to be happy. We say to ourselves I love doing this and I’d love to do more of this but —-. And so our world doesn’t change. I believe Happiness is found when you are able to live in complete awareness of who you are – not what your family, friends, or society tells you to be. Is it easy? Fuck no. It takes work, it means breathing past your challenges and overcoming yourself so you can serve yourself in the best ways possible. It’s more than just saying you are happy. What is that? Do you feel happy on the inside? Can you break free from your own patterns and choose to face the real thing that is holding you back from your own complete happiness? Are you willing to get into your body and feel alive and as good you can be? Can you put down the weed, beer, or glass of wine, and instead of drinking to feel something and later your state of consciousness – can you be willing to come to terms with the struggle and take conscious motion forward to freedom? The truth is too many of us are just to scared. They are held back in the fear of what if I were willing to change my life? Scared of investing in themselves, of what change may bring, of getting out of their routine, and going beyond what is comfortable or dare I say ‘normal.’ Then habits continues, routines go on for years, the same type of people come in, the same problems, and people wonder why their life is the way it is. Ha. Ha.

Walking a path of happiness and fulfillment is a path you take on your own. It looks different to everyone. Yes, you have people who support you along the way and guide you and are in your life for a reason. But Happiness is your own inner journey. It’s not about doing what this person does, or thinking your dreams will come true by reading a book and following it or reciting it. To me, Happiness is about learning to make choices that serve you. Happiness is not an act, it’s a way of living. Do the things that please you, and find satisfaction in every moment of your day. Love the life you choose for yourself. If you don’t like it, change it, or something about it. You can spend a lot of time and money searching for the perfect partnership, the job that will fulfill you, or the thing that will finally let you feel satisfied. Where is the fun in that? Why do we settle for less than we deserve? Why not choose right now to commit to yourself. To who you are on the inside. To stop thinking you need other people to awaken your inner joy, and choose to live it for yourself. As the planet changes and more and more people are seeking ways to live life well. It’s wonderful! I hope we can all learn to do the best we can to inspire one another. Happiness is more than just a mantra, activity, or necessity. True happiness is living your life with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. To be okay when things happen, knowing it needs to be that way. To allow yourself to dig into your feelings and inner wisdom and love yourself from the inside first. It’s about trusting yourself to take measures to live better, invest in yourself, and instead of seeking something outside of yourself, to seek it within.

Life happens and it teaches you to grow in yourself. Be positive and live well. Obstacles and challenges will happen. The universe throws you curve balls. It’s okay to crhappinessy about it and be upset. Sometimes, you probably won’t be in your best state. That’s truth – that’s the work. Don’t lie to yourself – accept it. To refine your where you are and to make positive changes so you can live better; not for anyone, or to have something, or gain something. Happiness is something that is locked up within us all. Some of us express it and tap into it more than others. I believe real happiness is being able to look at your reflection and see all aspects of yourself and to honestly evaluate what aspects you may need to overcome. Who cares what society thinks, and lets let go of the ‘normal’, or the idea that your have to ‘be okay and friendly and smile’ in every minute of the day. That’s bullshit. Life happens and things can hurt – but it’s in your ability to learn why where the work takes place. Reality is, we are all never okay – admit it, and own it. I tell ya it’s a whole lot better to face your fears, your emotions, and to start to ask the question – ‘why isn’t this working for me anymore?’. Happiness is an exploration of yourself. It’s about stopping the habits and the old ways we think we need to live our life. It’s not about how many facebook posts you make, or your ‘like’s and followers, or what you choose to gossip and complain about. It’s not about showing up with a smile either. Happiness is finding joy in every second of living. You do that by getting through the battle and challenges and finding self acceptance. For me, it’s laughing when things happen that don’t make sense. It’s smiling at the stranger who just cut you off in traffic, and it’s breathing in your own sense of self to feel awakened in YOU. No one needs anything. To find happiness, you do the work, you tune into your self – your body  and heart – and YOU consciously choose to better yourself. You let your spirit guide you forward, and you trust the beat with in you to lead you forward… in whatever way that may be….cuz it’s different for us all.Real Journey

People inspire. Books inspire. Life causes you to become something more [if you are willing]; Life teaches. Happiness is an inner journey that promotes confidence within who you are. It may be lonely, confusing, and very surreal at times. It takes time, it’s not something we are born with innately – it’s a unique process. Only when you dare to get deeper, can you truly prosper. I went through a three year shift that taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined. Did I plan it? No, events happened that taught me to grow fuller in myself and it took a lot of tears to overcome, and I was blessed to have teachers help me along the way. Ultimately it was my own commitment that has gotten me to where i am now. Letting go what I thought I needed or wanted, and trusting there is always more to come. I had to break free and stop doing what I did all my life, and in the process it liberated me and has helped me become fulfilled. This week I invite you to do something nice for yourself. To plan a schedule with activities that will inspire a smile on your face and to notice why it brings you fulfillment. Maybe it’s even taking an hour to be alone journey solo in what you enjoy. We all seek on the outside to feel better about ourselves. Why not harness your own happiness first then let the world be filled with it? Step into love for who you are and live your life by finding happiness in who you really are and all that you actually enjoy 😉 What is happiness to you? Can YOU OWN it and ACCEPT it and LIVE it??



Happiness & Gratitude

I sat down to begin writing my Holiday cards. Who do I write to? Those who have inspired me this year. Some I may have barely chatted with. Others, may not even know my name. I made a list with those special souls who have touched my heart this year and changed me. Those people that I need to thank, not because they are ‘family’ or because I knew them in college, or because someone told me I had to give and do something for them. I chose the people who have helped me become happier this year. It’s for that, I want to express my thanks, and give this holiday season…


Does it resonate with you?


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. <3 Renew. Replenish. Restore


April 22, 2013

The healing starts with you…. Take your love of self, of the planet, and take action to sustain and nurture you…


Earth day helps remind us all of the divine qualities nature and Mother Earth share with us daily. We celebrate the vibrant Spring energies and celebrate the beauty that is life and how we are all connected as one. Earth day brings awareness to the wonderful planet we have that supports us and allows us to question how we can become more sustainable in our lives to grow bigger and brighter. How can we use the love we have for our planet and take more action to sustain and nurture that love within ourselves, with others, and ultimately connect together to make a change for the better?

 Recycle your Energy. Replenish Yourself. Restore. Find Renewal as you Recommit to change for yourself & others

Earth day reminds me that we are all connected. We are all made up of the same elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether. We breathe the same air and just like nature shifts and transforms, so do we. Earth day allows me to tune into the natural cycles of life, to relax, and to let the journey of life be easy as I learn to connect more with my own flow and synchronicities. This Earth day I make a commitment to myself to be more green (the color of the heart chakra), more full in my heart and full of love, and to renew myself with a deeper rooted connection to my own being. I appreciate and enjoy the beautiful things all around me. I take time to enjoy nature, the new plants budding, the ocean waves, and natural gifts we take for granted. I ground myself in who I have become in this day, and hold onto the fresh roots I have laid and trust the seeds I have planted. I ground myself with trust of all that I have coming and I honor that bright light that shines within. I nurture myself, my body, my mind, and my spirit and commit to do things and keep people around that help me bud brighter and grow bigger. I choose to nurture myself and do things that will preserve all that I am. I honor self, and in doing so am able to find harmony and ease in the magical rhythm of life. I know that my connecting to the microcosm of myself, I improve society and help the bigger larger macrocosm that is my community, my country, my planet, my Earth.

 Love You. Love Your Planet. Love Your Peers. ~ Unite.

How can you aliven and enrich your own life and self this Earth day? What days do you need healing? How can you unify your own energy and connect with a deeper purpose? Use your energy this Earth day to ground yourself and contemplate what conditions mayearthday_NY need to change so you can make a bigger impact. Honor the abundance that Earth has all around us, honor the cycles and the shifts, and honor yourself for being an open vessel as you explore the landscape that is your life. Reduce negativity, doubts, and other limiting behaviors that disconnect you. Stay rooted in your truth, grounded in your vision. Make change in your routine, how you treat yourself, so you can feel better. Give yourself permission to feel and to grow. Be green, let your love filter into yourself, your cells, and into space of others so together we can all blossom brighter. Recycle the energy of the past and renew yourself on this day. Let that bright sunshine beam through you to awaken, energize, and electrify. Celebrate all that you are, all that you have, and sustain your own being. As you recommit to bettering yourself, feeling better within, we all connect together with the common goal of helping, preserving, and making a difference in our Universe. Replenish yourself, radiate, and renew yourself on April 22. Feel serenity as we strive together to sustain our planet, our mother, ourselves, and unify the greater whole together.

Enjoy the beauty that is life. All that you have and create. Sustain your energy as you connect deeper with love & appreciation for you, for others, and for the collective whole and planet.

Why Not Enjoy the Journey?


It’s so easy to forget….



Remember this: You can’t Fuck up your life.

You are living it. Embrace each moment, capture each inspiration, and learn from every obstacle. Take the lessons, grow, and enjoy the process. Recognize where you are, where you’ve been, and keep raising your standards for the bright future ahead. No one ever said it would be easy, but it is the bumps and peaks that make it an epic and memorable ride. You are where you are, and that is perfect. Take you steps to shift and mold yourself closer to what you seek. The time is now. Change is present everywhere. It takes appreciation for for each person, turn, path, and road you’ve crossed to help lead and carve out the perfect road to continue on…

Think Less about Rountine, More about Being

Part 1: Teaching yourself to fall out of your routine, and listen more to your body and what it needs

“The most important thing in winter is to be internal–to take this as an opportunity to turn inward, because the whole world is doing it,” he said. “ It gives you a chance to rest your extroversion and your senses and go into your heart and look deeply during the time you spend in solitude or silence or while communing with others who are in an internal mode. But it has to be balanced out, because wintertime depression can creep up on someone who becomes too isolated and internalized.”’ [Scott Blossom]

There is something always about this time of year that gets to me. I’m not sure if it’s the end of the crazy holidays, the fear of turning another year, or the cold weather that promotes my unease. Probably a little bit of it all. I frequently feel a bit off balance and off the last two weeks of January. I remember last year what i was going through and acknowledge my incredible growth since then. But I still feel a little fog in my mind, stones heavy in my stomach, and sense that something is just aloof from keeping me from being and feeling like my happy healthy self.

I’ve been doing some researching and reflecting. While quite a lot of emotional things came to mind, here are some ways to keep yourself more balanced during the winter and this time of year. During the winter I naturally become very closed off. I’m okay with staying home, with curling up in my PJs or with my blanket, and I’m totally fine avoiding the cold. I enjoy snuggling up with a book or sleeping in or staying in bed into the late hours of the morning. When I’m usually up with the sun, ready to get my day going, winter time and the colder weather gives me permission and incentive to just relax. I use to be so fixed on getting up, making sure I squeeze everything into my day, and maximized all time I had. Especially when I started working full time, I noticed myself forcing myself to get up early to workout or do yoga, then working all day and making my nights busy with dinner, or whatever I had going on. I never rested. I’d come home, be tired, do the normal chores, and then go to sleep only to wake up and do it again. I never listened to my body or adjusted and I was never able to develop a routine that served me. I was so fixated on, I have to workout, to go to happy hour, to work late, to get to yoga, whatever it is, you name it… it all takes time and I use to feel so incomplete when I just woke up went to work and came home. As a society and US culture, we are always on the go. We are taught that we need to achieve so much and be so busy, and so often we make our schedules so crazy that we forget to come back to ourselves and what we really need.

Routines are great, and very important to keep yourself balanced. However, routines need to be shifted and changed with whatever you are going through, and to match what the universe and nature is going through. In other words, we get so stuck in our ways that we start to do everything the same everyday, every week, every month, every year. We forget that change is part of every process. It’s part of nature’s evolution and our own. And how silly would it be if we kept our daily routine and structure the same, without adapting to the changes? We get so fixated on routine, what we think we need for ourselves, and our routine that once started as a way to fuel us turns into autopilot and a habit. For example, coffee. You dont need coffee every day to wake you up. You have so much energy within yourself to naturally wake you up. If you’re depleted, drained, can barely wake up, maybe you should check in with yourself, what you are doing in your life, and how you can calm down and rest more? I do love coffee, I do drink it on occasion. However, it is not a necessity. Nothing in my life really is…( well maybe yoga and some greens). I dont drink it to wake me up or fuel me. I drink it because it taste good and sometimes my energy is running low so I treat myself. It’s not a habit, not a pattern, and not something I have to have. It use to be, but not anymore. I’ve tapped into how to create my own energy and how to enjoy life without stimulus, and I’ve learned how to readopt my lifestyle to better serve me.

So if you’re feeling stuck, unhappy, maybe like you’re going to catch the flu that’s going around, check in first. What is dragging you down? What actions are you taking to move forward? What routine do you have that may be too much for now? Have you been indulging too much over the holidays and now its all catching up to you? Maybe it’s time to detox the mind and the body? Have you set goals and new year resolutions and maybe not been as dedicated?

It’s almost the end of January, almost a new month, February… almost a new season as we close of winter. So what have you been holding onto or holding in? And where have you exhausted yourself. Have you been avoiding your own wishes and avoiding your own feelings? Winter is a time to ground down. To establish a foundation to move forward into the new year. It’s a time to reflect on yourself, where you’ve been, and where you’re going…. No longer do we hide, set in our ways, attached to our routines that we thing serve us well. Instead check in, get sleep, rest, restore, and then decide what you really need. New year, stop doing your old patterns, saying your old excuses, your old stories, and stop doing and thinking things that you don’t need. It doesn’t matter. You are building your foundation. You are balancing yourself. You are allowed to hibernate. You are able to relax, restore, and ease yourself… re energize, recharge because once winter is over things just spring ahead…

What You REALLY Want vs. What You THINK You Want

Follow the heart vs. the tangled emotions of the mind

I had an ah ha moment the other night. I have been in strange fluctuating moods the past week or so and last night I decided to sit down and confront myself. I sat down and began to journal about what was bothering me and wrote anything that came to mind. Then it sparked. I’ve been talking in my yoga classes all about moving on, to vision the future, to set goals for the new year, for change and to better yourself. I’ve been doing a ton of shifting in the last two years, and I plan to keep doing a lot more. In the midst of my evolution, I’ve become so focused on all the things I think I want for myself.  I’ve forgotten the most important piece and that is to come back and connect to what I really truly ACTUALLY want for myself.

I move unemotionally forward, with my heart guiding me, with my own love and light shining, focusing more on what I actually want. Less on what I thought I wanted.

To explain further, I realized that I have been holding in my head different ideas about past things and people that have been in my life. I know what I want so well now, I know what brings my joy, and I know what I want to work towards and have more of. However, I’ve been doing this funny thing where as I set my vision forward, I try to bring the other people from the past with me. I find myself trying to draw in more friends, wanting to surround myself with loving people and friends to hangout with. I reach out to my old college friends and people I use to see all the time. Then I get down on myself when they dont respond, no longer call me, or even care what I’m up to. Then I get so sad and confused. The same applies to partners. I’ve held this image in my head about past guys I’ve dated. That image is like a picture, I hold with me the feelings I get when they use to be around, I keep with me my idea of who that guy is, and I keep going back to who that guy was and how I think the relationship to go. I hold on wanting that image to come into present life, forgetting that is in the past, how he was, and not necessarily who he really is, or who he is now. The same goes for careers. After I got laid off I searched so hard for another job in the same industry doing what I thought was what I enjoyed and was interested in. It did not get me anywhere. I kept holding in my head that I had to get a job, I had to spend my day at work, I had be at a desk to make a good income, and I struggled for so long searching for something that I thought fit me. Well that was tough and looking back, only deflated my mood. I keep holding onto the past thing, people, lessons, and ideas, hoping that as I grow, so will they, and as I seek out and find my own happiness, I assume they do to, and that they move forward in their bliss with me.

 Sometimes you forget what you really truly want.. and then some conflict and emotions give you a friendly reminder of what you actually seek…

Silly me, I have forgotten. I have been getting so upset when friends and partners don’t keep the friendship true or workout. Only to forget to look around, open my eyes, and look at all the wonderful opportunities I have now that were not there before. I’ve been so fixated on what was, I’ve stopped looking at what is, and what can be. How silly of me to thing that as I grow and change, others wont. That’s ridiculous. People come in, and people go out, and thought they may have been a best friend, an acquaintance, or a teacher, they serve a purpose. It’s recognizing their love, their lessons, and involvement. Then being okay when people phase out, understanding that it is nothing you did, only them finding their own way for what feels right for them. For me it’s letting go of the mental image of who I think these people are. The best friend who helped me through college, who I hung out with, and would always be down for a drink. That friend was there for me at one time, and despite the wonderful times and things we shared, it may be time to accept that just like nature evolves so do we. The only thing I can control is myself and my own actions and my own happiness. A tough thing to learn, to learn to let people be, to stop thinking about who they were and that they will still serve that purpose or be that friend. When you are okay with it, you find freedom, you drop a bag, no longer dwell, and come back to that feeling of joy and acceptance, for listening to you heart and what you need, not what the mind things you need, not what the heart use to want, or use to enjoy.

I made a choice a long time ago to grow and to change and to be happy. To accept the little moments and to do things that bring me joy and elevate my spirits high. To some that’s weird. To me it feels good. Now I need to stop holding onto emotionally to people, partners, and things and trying to force relationships that are no longer there. I’m only creating more resistance for myself. My fears of leaving some friends and special people behind have been acknowledged. I’ve met them face on. I choose happiness, joy, and love. I have reached out and have expressed and given my love to all those amazing people I try to keep near and dear to me. I put my hand out there to grab. Some latched on, others turned the other way, and some did not even see it. It’s their choice not mine. I can only hope for the best for them. I have thanked them. I know now that as I choose the way I want things to go, how I want to feel, I need to stop forcing the past in fear, and instead focus on the bright future ahead, so when those new opportunities come around, ones that reflect what I really actually truly desire, I’ll be open and able to see them and blissfully invite that love in.

There is no more confusion for me about what I should be doing, why he has not called, why my best friend wont talk to me, or why relationships and things fall out of place. I’ve been so unclear and now I see the truth. Just as I change and evolve, so do others, in their own ways and for their own reasons. I free myself now from force, from holding on, and from capturing images of the past and expecations on what I think people are now. Who knows who they have become. I am me, and I choose me, want I want, and the happiness that I enjoy. That’s what matters. I move now from my heart, I invite love in, happy people, joyful opportunities, and meaningful relationships. I want people who want me around, and no longer to focus on those that no longer call. How contradicting. I focus on me, what I want, and I connect more from that place of self and love, and move forward. Once I realized this habitual pattern I’ve been doing, I found so much ease, so much clarity, and felt a sense of renewal. Like I connected the dots and finally understand why this was happening and that. I invite you to speculate what’s been making you uneasy, angry, upset, and what past ideas, images, people, have you been focusing on? Expecting them to change and meet you back on your road? You may be surprised with what you discover about yourself. For everyone that comes in is merely just a mere of yourself. Lessons to be learned and linked, when you’re able to gaze ahead and face it right on.

I’m not the person I was in college, I’m not the person I was a year ago, or maybe even a month ago. I laugh that I had expectations of the same relationships and people staying with me. No longer to I walk that line or look behind. I’ve accepted. Now I accept people for where they are at now, where they were, and what they brought into my life and helped me with. I’ve made my peace with these people, I’ve expressed my love, and those that latch on I look forward to spending more time with. Those that don’t I just accept and wish the best. I move unemotionally forward, with my heart guiding me, with my own love and light shining, focusing more on what I actually want. Less on what I thought I wanted.