A Perspective on Human Reality

The current world baffles me and intrigues me.

How did we get so messed up? I mean, in America, where we are suppose to be thriving and  leading the world to greater good, we can’t even seem to set the example of a more peaceful people orientated nation.

What went wrong? 

I am a millenial. Outspoken. Indpendent. A big thinker, and a gal who doesn’t understand the way current civilization operates. Yeah, my big mouth, I know. I speak the truth and I’m not afraid to show or say what happens in our crazy world, and how people behave. I shine the light on ugly issues and it scars people sometimes. I don’t know why. Our world is in a dark time, and if we continue to ignore life problems, they will continue to evolve.

Secretly, I think it’s funny what we’ve all become and the horrific state humankind has evolved to. Of course, there are always exceptions, and people who step outside the box of ‘normal’ and live in positive ways that actually align with peace, love, and all those virtues that got lost long ago. 

Back to this reality, what happened? How is it that we care more about making a buck and get so greedy within our power, that we forget to live from our heart? It’s so interesting to watch what people will do for fame, money, and to get ahead in the world. I wonder if people realize how much they sabotage each other, and even themselves in the process of trying to look good. 

Why can’t we be kind to each other, honest, and live in a peaceful loving manner?

The world won’t get better until we all begin to change. Stop blaming, quit with cruel offensive words, and stop chasing what doesn’t serve you. Be kind. Let others be themselves, without your nasty judgments and authority over whats best for them.

Honestly, the moment your materials get taken away, and your life takes a hit, you have to wake up one day and realize that all that power, those material possessions, praetorships, and that lifestyle you think you need, ultimately is not what will bring you joy, or ultimate satisfaction.

Yeah, even those relationships may not last, and it may leave you and force you to revaluate yourself, and what really matters in this lifetime.

At some point, we all get hit hard with the bigger truths of reality and we all must find our way out of our ego, and the silly ways society has corrupted and taught us, and step into a more authentic and loving place within.

Our world needs help. I mean, major attitude upgrades, educational reform, and healthcare for the people. Do we want children to grow up in a world as it currently is? I can go on… Our planet is in trouble if we think we can continue on this ride wishing, hoping, accusing, and thinking it will get better. I do believe it will get worse, until we make adjustments. 

I know money can buy a lot of things and it can make you look like a million bucks. People may fall under the spell and believe you really are as you pretend to be. Truthfully, under the masks, the social media, the photos, and all that stuff that covers up who you really are, is still a heart that may be lost, locked, and seeking something more meaningful. Until you are authentic in yourself, those lies and other things will keep you stuck in your box, in your own mind, and in your own perception. 

You don’t find your happiness fitting into that other world, or trying to be someone you are not. Life does not get better until you take a chance to improve yourself, how you show up, and how you live in the world. 

I believe we secretly all want peace. I know we all want love. Somewhere within us we all probably dream of finding that person, having that life, and living in riches, without worry and with prosperity. I don’t know why we fight all the time to try to get it. I don’t know why so many enjoy hurting others to get ahead. I’m quite curious how this world got to be the way it is.

Personally, I wish more people, businesses, corporations, and society, would get a mental check, and take some time to understand how to find peace within, and how to treat others well.

If we know everyone wants the same thing, and that we are all seeking love, comfort, safety, security, peace, happiness, and some kind of joy, why can’t we ALL work together to create it?




Dancing in Life & Relationship

Life is magical, unexplainable, challenging. People feed our souls new lessons and we gain purpose by connecting to like minded and special souls that helps us transcend and rise above. We all help one another, whether we are aware of it or not. All of us are seeking something more, and we are here to help one another learn imuniversaldanceportant lessons to become whole again. Friendships, people, family, partners, are all an interconnected force that helps us heal. Not everyone sticks around forever, and different personalities walk in and out to help our soul shine brighter, if you let them and honor them and their purpose.

Have you ever met someone where you just know you are meant to be in each others lives? Or where there is a subtle feeling of comfort where you felt as if you have known them your whole life? Have you ever felt that easy flowing care and love and that inner knowing that you were meant to be. Connecting to human form is the way we all evolve. We share with each other, we learn what we like, how to treat one another, and how to care, be a friend, and merge into relation with others, but more importantly with one’s self. People are teachers, helpers, and our planet thrives off one another so each of us can grow better in their own heart.

I’ve had so many amazing people come into my life and befriend me just because. I thank those people that have accepted me for who I am, the real raw, cray, me. I’ve also recognized those angels that have come into my life to help me move forward. My challenge has been in letting others be, and go their separate ways. People flow in and out, and the classification of ‘friends forever,’ is usually not a real world virtue you should seek to hold. Truth is we all choose differently and everyone is changing. Who you are today does not parallel who you were last year, or probably last month, so why should your relationships stay the same? They don’t. We all take different paths, and keep walking on our own until we find similar people who walk the current road we are on. Sometimes that is a lonely journey and it can seem so hopeless and lost. The Universe puts people where they need to be, and if you’re open for it, you allow new people to help you in your present life reality.

The way I choose to live my life is the direction and path I choose to take. In stepping into my life, it requires letting others step out, into theirs, and that may mean loosing communication, and no longer having that same connection that once was. Sometimes you need to say goodbye so you can say hello to something even greater. I hold in my heart always everyone, and most know who they are, who has been a teacher and friend to me. Life is a process of evolution and growth. We are all here to do the best we can and enjoy the process of becoming something more. People come in, they walk out, and sometimes with reason or closure, sometimes not. I use to not understand, now I’ve found ease in recognizing it’s not always meant to be. What I know now is there is liberation in accepting where you are at today. It is okay that you may not be in contact with those of the past, and it can be emotional as you choose who truly is on your same path and what needs to part (as emotional as that can be).spirit

One of lifes mysterious challenges is learning how to be the best you can for yourself, not someone else. That requires releasing and giving yourself freedom to choose who you are now, and who is a part of that. Everyone shapes you, your life, and your future. Letting go is accepting where you are, gratitude for people who helped you along the way and finding acceptance for where you are now. Keep trusting, keep breathing, and watch as new opportunities prevail to dance in love with light. Letting go and being at peace is a lifelong mastery. Give your permission to feel, stop holding, and stop thinking you need someone to validate yourself. Feed your life with connection by remember what you truly desire and allowing yourself to express and move in your light. Thank you to those special souls that have helped me love more, reconnect, and live happier simply by letting me be me and helping myself remember what that means.

There is no Struggle

There is never struggle, there are only lessons. Opportunities to make new intentions and create changes in our life so we can enjoy it fuller. I’ve felt held back and a bit restrained, and overwhelmed with life and possibilities. Breathe. The world is your teacher, the struggle is your ego unwilling to surrender to what’s happening in the now. You can choose now what you want & stop thinking about the rest….quotes-about-life-struggles-inspirational-quotes-about-life-overcoming-obstacles-struggle

I struggled for a while, trying to ‘find the way’ or ‘get the career job’ and set my life in a way that would satisfy others and deem me worthy. What I’ve learned is that there is no struggle, only choices, and opportunities to learn how to choose better and make your life joyous. I was disconnected with myself for many years, I did not know any better. Obstacles and things that happen are our teachings. It’s up to us to overcome it and with your own inner power learn from it. What if you could see people for who they are and where they are at? And recognize that people come in to help you, and to help themselves grow. Sometimes we may not understand why and maybe we get upset or feel bad. Be patient. Relax. What can you choose better next time so you can remain filled your own inner harmony – light, love, and happiness?? Stop the patterns, and asking why ‘this’ always happens. Let go. Smile. Find delight in where you are and tame your ego so you can stay focused on the present. Teach yourself about yourself. Heal your wounds. Stop suffering & enjoy living!! Find liberation in who you are.

On Happiness


What is Happiness?


noun: happiness; plural noun: happinesses; the state of being happy.


pleasure, contentment, satisfaction, cheerfulness, merriment, gaiety, joy, joyfulness, joviality, jollity, glee, delight, good spirits, lightheartedness, well-being, enjoyment;

This a question, I’ve pondered and constantly come back to. This new Spring season has awakened new aspects of myself and I suddenly am seeing life in a whole new perspective. I was once on quest to find my inner joy. Something deep within me was no longer satisfied going by the every day norm and doing what people ‘thought’ was best for me. i.e. – working the 9-5 job, getting promoted, designer clothes, going out to bars, binge drinking, and other somewhat ‘normal’ things other girls in their mid twenties were typically seeking. That stuff did not matter, I needed something more. I yearned to wake up feeling satisfied, to get up with excitement for my day, and wanted to make ideas happen that would help this world be a better and brighter place. After a series of unexpected events, and with what I’d like to deem a magical and crazy Spiritual Awakening, I am emerging out of what was, and allowing myself to radiant forward  – in the best ways I possible can.

Life has taught me so many lessons in the past three years, and in the entirety of my life as I look back and reflect. I believe that happiness is an inside job. It’s more than just proclaiming today I am happy, because we all know there are many circumstances that happen that cause us to feel otherwise. You can read a ton of books, follow people online, even post things on Facebook that seem uplifting. That’s wonderful, and maybe you are inspiring someone in the process. The more our planet elevates in consciousness the more I witness people posting tons and tons of stuff all over social media about how to find your inner joy or some other regurgitated quote or message. Why? I’m really not sure. True, real happiness, I believe, is about finding ways to please yourself fully and live whole in who you are. It’s not doing, it’s Living. It about waking up and looking forward to whatever you have on your schedule and being eager to share your energy to the world. It’s about doing things you love and surrounding yourself with people who let you be the best you can be. And rather than seeking people, things, jobs, money, etc, it’s about dancing on your own path to self acceptance and joy.Happiness is a choice

So many of us cultivate this attitude of limitation. We want to do this, however we can’t because of this. Or we think we need a certain person, or need to do a certain thing to be happy. We say to ourselves I love doing this and I’d love to do more of this but —-. And so our world doesn’t change. I believe Happiness is found when you are able to live in complete awareness of who you are – not what your family, friends, or society tells you to be. Is it easy? Fuck no. It takes work, it means breathing past your challenges and overcoming yourself so you can serve yourself in the best ways possible. It’s more than just saying you are happy. What is that? Do you feel happy on the inside? Can you break free from your own patterns and choose to face the real thing that is holding you back from your own complete happiness? Are you willing to get into your body and feel alive and as good you can be? Can you put down the weed, beer, or glass of wine, and instead of drinking to feel something and later your state of consciousness – can you be willing to come to terms with the struggle and take conscious motion forward to freedom? The truth is too many of us are just to scared. They are held back in the fear of what if I were willing to change my life? Scared of investing in themselves, of what change may bring, of getting out of their routine, and going beyond what is comfortable or dare I say ‘normal.’ Then habits continues, routines go on for years, the same type of people come in, the same problems, and people wonder why their life is the way it is. Ha. Ha.

Walking a path of happiness and fulfillment is a path you take on your own. It looks different to everyone. Yes, you have people who support you along the way and guide you and are in your life for a reason. But Happiness is your own inner journey. It’s not about doing what this person does, or thinking your dreams will come true by reading a book and following it or reciting it. To me, Happiness is about learning to make choices that serve you. Happiness is not an act, it’s a way of living. Do the things that please you, and find satisfaction in every moment of your day. Love the life you choose for yourself. If you don’t like it, change it, or something about it. You can spend a lot of time and money searching for the perfect partnership, the job that will fulfill you, or the thing that will finally let you feel satisfied. Where is the fun in that? Why do we settle for less than we deserve? Why not choose right now to commit to yourself. To who you are on the inside. To stop thinking you need other people to awaken your inner joy, and choose to live it for yourself. As the planet changes and more and more people are seeking ways to live life well. It’s wonderful! I hope we can all learn to do the best we can to inspire one another. Happiness is more than just a mantra, activity, or necessity. True happiness is living your life with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. To be okay when things happen, knowing it needs to be that way. To allow yourself to dig into your feelings and inner wisdom and love yourself from the inside first. It’s about trusting yourself to take measures to live better, invest in yourself, and instead of seeking something outside of yourself, to seek it within.

Life happens and it teaches you to grow in yourself. Be positive and live well. Obstacles and challenges will happen. The universe throws you curve balls. It’s okay to crhappinessy about it and be upset. Sometimes, you probably won’t be in your best state. That’s truth – that’s the work. Don’t lie to yourself – accept it. To refine your where you are and to make positive changes so you can live better; not for anyone, or to have something, or gain something. Happiness is something that is locked up within us all. Some of us express it and tap into it more than others. I believe real happiness is being able to look at your reflection and see all aspects of yourself and to honestly evaluate what aspects you may need to overcome. Who cares what society thinks, and lets let go of the ‘normal’, or the idea that your have to ‘be okay and friendly and smile’ in every minute of the day. That’s bullshit. Life happens and things can hurt – but it’s in your ability to learn why where the work takes place. Reality is, we are all never okay – admit it, and own it. I tell ya it’s a whole lot better to face your fears, your emotions, and to start to ask the question – ‘why isn’t this working for me anymore?’. Happiness is an exploration of yourself. It’s about stopping the habits and the old ways we think we need to live our life. It’s not about how many facebook posts you make, or your ‘like’s and followers, or what you choose to gossip and complain about. It’s not about showing up with a smile either. Happiness is finding joy in every second of living. You do that by getting through the battle and challenges and finding self acceptance. For me, it’s laughing when things happen that don’t make sense. It’s smiling at the stranger who just cut you off in traffic, and it’s breathing in your own sense of self to feel awakened in YOU. No one needs anything. To find happiness, you do the work, you tune into your self – your body  and heart – and YOU consciously choose to better yourself. You let your spirit guide you forward, and you trust the beat with in you to lead you forward… in whatever way that may be….cuz it’s different for us all.Real Journey

People inspire. Books inspire. Life causes you to become something more [if you are willing]; Life teaches. Happiness is an inner journey that promotes confidence within who you are. It may be lonely, confusing, and very surreal at times. It takes time, it’s not something we are born with innately – it’s a unique process. Only when you dare to get deeper, can you truly prosper. I went through a three year shift that taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined. Did I plan it? No, events happened that taught me to grow fuller in myself and it took a lot of tears to overcome, and I was blessed to have teachers help me along the way. Ultimately it was my own commitment that has gotten me to where i am now. Letting go what I thought I needed or wanted, and trusting there is always more to come. I had to break free and stop doing what I did all my life, and in the process it liberated me and has helped me become fulfilled. This week I invite you to do something nice for yourself. To plan a schedule with activities that will inspire a smile on your face and to notice why it brings you fulfillment. Maybe it’s even taking an hour to be alone journey solo in what you enjoy. We all seek on the outside to feel better about ourselves. Why not harness your own happiness first then let the world be filled with it? Step into love for who you are and live your life by finding happiness in who you really are and all that you actually enjoy 😉 What is happiness to you? Can YOU OWN it and ACCEPT it and LIVE it??




Have you ever felt like you were in the right place at the right time? Or that person you were thinking about just popped up? Or maybe someone offered a piece of information that answers a question you’ve hold? It’s not random. I believe there is no such thing as coincidence – that’s the illusion. Every person you meet serves a purpose. Some higher than others, some clearer. Have you ever met someone and you just hit if off immediately? Or you look into someones eyes and you feel as if you’ve known them forever? It’s luscious, it’s magical, it’s mystical, and yeah – it can be a bit intimidating. Connections happen. Are you aware of what’s happening in your life? Sometimes we hold onto friends, people, partners, that we feel that deep vibe with. We give up ourself and our own values to please them. Sound familiar? This happens a lot with family and parents too. The best thing you can do for yourself is it remember what people in your life actually are helping you and bring you happiness. Those challenging people, negative, the ones who get pissed off when you do something, or demand you to be a certain way…. let them go. Connections are powerful and meaningful and real. Be brave enough to wave good- bye to those that don’t serve you in your life now, and trust you will ALWAYS have better connections that come in when you serve yourself first. I’ve had new relationships come in that mimic past friends I’ve had in college. It’s incredible, the reality is they are like my college friends and remind me of a few special few, but they serve me now and are better and more aligned with who I am years later. Sometimes you need to say goodbye, to speak up, and trust in the process as only keep around those connections that foster YOU, your life, your happiness, and deserve your attention and energy.


Courtesy of Darity Wesley:

“Connections – The energies and directions are now evolving around paying attention to new and interesting Connections that will be coming in to you. Connections? Yes, we are in a period of growth opportunities till June so check out where you are connecting to your “Right Time-Right Place” in a way you have never recognized pplquotebefore.
Part of the energy of “Connection” is walking your path with an open, broad view of everything before you. Having an alertness to your surroundings and being available for connection, all without fear, yet with discernment, knowing, without judgment, that this, whatever you are connecting with at the moment, is right for you…..or, this is not right for you from the heart…
Connection is like the concept of synchronicity in the sense that all things come together to a certain time or location where you know this is a real occurrence and not a coincidence, since there really is no such a thing as coincidence or an accident and, while that may be hard for you to accept, or not, it is a tenant of the spiritual journey of accepting responsibility for your reality. You can then connect with what comes up about any of it.
Many feel guilty about taking responsibility for their lives: “Why would I create this reality?” “I wouldn’t, this is nothing I would want” – but accepting responsibility does not necessarily mean knowing the reason things happen the way they do or feeling bad or guilty about “what is.” It is important to know there are soul choices that are made and for now, you have right in front of you, in this time and space, options to change things or do something different with what you have in front of you.
You are being afforded opportunities to connect to see these choices for real right in front of you and you will know: ”Ah ha! This is one of those connections.” More and more, as you focus on being connected with the people, places and things you want in your life or to connect so you can finish with it, purge it, love it but eliminate certain people, places and things, you will feel that connection to the right choice to the right time to do such and so or to choose such and so – whatever applies for your life situation as it is right in front of you!

Be Open to the Magic

I agree:

Magic is available to the unfolded heart.

As these bones and heart of mine grow older, I am more and more certain that the world would be a far-happier place if we would remember why magic matters. How our hearts would transform if we allowed ourselves to reach out for something invisible, to respect and honor the inexplicable.

Children get it. Little people have an inherent ability to see magic wherever it is available (and it is available everywhere)—but as we age, we trade wonder for logic and we relinquish inspired, reckless belief for practicality.

We spend lifetimes trying to grow up, to mature, to be responsible and strong and sharp. You need to be a go-getter, a a pull-up-your-bootstraps with both-feet-on-the-ground kind of human.

But this is what I have learned: it is a far-more beautiful world when we allow ourselves to see the magic.

Children help this process; the gift of seeing things again, for the first time, through unspoiled eyes.

Nature helps this process; to walk among the leaves, to feel the warm wash of the sun, to hear, feel, smell and taste that which is wild is to reconnect with the magic of existence—connected, grounded, yet remarkably free.

Music helps this process; there is unadulterated magic in music—the power to convey the indefinable.

Love helps this process; it is love, after all.

Writing helps this process; as the words bubble up from an uncharted center, there is fierce magic in the release. To free language is my favorite kind of magic.

The stars help this process; a glimpse into an ancient, endless history.

Magic is real, I’ve felt it; we need only open ourselves to its possibility.

So this is my wish for you: wherever you may find yourself, may you also find the magic.

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2014 ~ Year of YES.

Well 2014 is off to the most interesting beginning… I’ve decided that 2014 is the year of YES.Yes-You-Can
It is time to be courageous, to step out of your box, to do the impossible, to DREAMBIG and LIVE bigger, and time to face reality and create it and enjoy. This year, I’ve decided, is about ME. Doing what is best for me, my body, and my soul. To laugh when people don’t understand or lie, to be vocal about what I want, and to make choices that make me feel happy and free and so so ALIVE. Say YES to you!! Life is about living. Are you living fulling? Or are you stuck in the past or in your mind?

I’m a student of life, and wow, I learned a lot last year. I fostered connections that are only real in fairy tales. Things evolved in the most crazy of ways. I learned a whole lot about myself. I fed myself off books, and enjoyed yoga trainings that helped me grow as a person. I learned what it means to come into alignment. I crossed a border and entered into a whole new world of living. I kept asking questions, and eventually, I got answers. I laughed a lot, but I cried a whole lot more. I learned to feel, and to use my temple- the body- as a gage. I felt others make mistakes, and helped heal people back into place. 2013 – the year of highs and lows, lessons and growth, people and connections, consciousnesses and more…

yes2014 – it is the year of YES. I’m ready for change, I embrace it, and I understand it more. After a year of being so so lost and confused, and another year of learning and connecting deeper to myself, this year I know will grow bigger, I will be vulnerable, I will speak without hiding back, and I will continue to be honest and open. I will say things as they are, even if it risks loosing people, trusting that by aligning with my truth, the universe will pave the way. You are on this planet to grow and to evolve. Everything is connected. It’s time for the world to change. We all need it. This year I say YES. YES to the people who inspire me, the friends who care about me, and the connections I’ve made that I synchronicity have come together. I trust my intuition. I know my dreams. I know how open I am, and always have been. I’m ready for life. No longer to do I cling or chase or doubt or desire. I need nothing but faith within myself. This magical world I call life is quite divine and so wild. So right now, in this new year, I ask you: Are you a YES to you? Or are you still holding on to that person, those friends, that family pattern, that belief, and that idea that society told you how to be? Or are you allowing yourself to BECOME?

It’s all possible when you are able to accept your path, take your journey, be willing to do the work, and remember those wonderful things and people that help you grow, inspire, and show you step into your light. Say YES to YOU and only YOU. It’s hard at first. It’s scary. It can be lonely. It can take time. But the second you override everything that once was, and start to focus on what could be, life suddenly becomes easy and magical. It’s a process, it’s a journey. Say YES to you. Listen you what truly makes you feel good. Set your boundaries with those negative and toxic people. Enjoy a positive atmosphere and surround yourself in good energy. I promise it works… When you weed out the bad, you make way for the good…. Live in alignment with YOU. Be your Yes. Feel well. Feel great. And wake up alive in every day! YES.

This next month I’m doing a chakra series in my yoga classes. Teaching how to open up to the YES in you and align fully physically and energetically in the best way possible. YES. Try it, say it, sing it, speak it, feel it, do it, and LIVE it. YES. Yes. YES.