Truth & Living Aligned with Love

This world makes no sense to me. Can you see the kind of world we have created? Is this really the kind of place where we want to new generations to come into? Are we teaching our children, and the new kids of the future, how to sustain peace and live well in the world?

Seriously. We all know the politics and ego power driven way humanity has evolved into living is messed up. Yet no one is willing to admit it. Often when we talk about it, we get judged, ridiculed, and condoned. It’s a free country, but speech is limited, and free thinkers are shunned. There’s a subtle irony in the fact that everyone wants a change, yet practically everyone is too afraid to do anything about it.img_0854

Everyday we are faced with challenge. This human reality is not an easy place to live in. We can all agree, the structure that generations before have created is very off balanced. We have no way of knowing how to live, or how to show up, or how to treat each other genuinely kind and well. Though we can hope most of us do the best we can to grow out of our sheltered ways and limited egos, the truth is, it’s not enough to make the radical change this world needs. One person changing can help. We need a whole society to reform before there is a glimmer of hope or a shimmer of light to lead us out of this dark tunnel we are all creating.

I am so happy yoga is on the rise. It is a great and powerful practice that really can transform anyone and everyone who really wants to live a better life. To do the yoga, the unyoking of all that you were told, takes tremendous strength, courage, and an open willingness to evolve. It’s not for everyone. It is a challenge. But see staying in the limited ego trap will always keep you in your same karmas, attachments, and the endless cycle of wondering why life is not getting better. Hey, that everyday routine works for some people. Our world will not evolve into a better, moral and ethical society until we all take action to reform though.

We need to understand the power people play in the lives of others. It’s not about being spiritual, or gaining fame, or likes on social media. It IS about how we show up and choose to act with each other. Everything we do to ourselves and each other leave imprints. Especially teachers, they have the most power because they teach our children and yogis how to live in this world. It is a powerful thing to be a teacher. Every word your say influences another soul. Every comment you make, teaches something. Anyone can call themselves a teacher. Not everyone can show up and actually live with the values the yoga practice teaches.

Yoga is not about what you look like, or how the paper model of society thinks you should be. Yoga is living with the awareness that we are united together. With that awareness, there is no need to judge, condone, cheat, lie, abuse, or speak unkindly about others. We all have our own choices, our own problems, and our own lessons to learn. So what if someone is not living the ‘standard’ way you think they should. Perhaps they are suffering more than you can humanly comprehend. Or maybe they are choosing to heal themselves from all the bullshit and trauma everyone places on another daily. It’s your job to tell anyone how to behave. What keeps us all separate is the limited mind that tells us we all must be the same. All those judgments and ‘teachings’ on how you or life ‘should’ be in facts limits us from helping one another live exactly as we are.

God the yoga ego is getting bigger and bigger. We even see it in politics, what this silly old paradigm of power, money, and greed, is doing to our whole world. It’s sad. We can all continue to grow with the awareness that yoga is what the world needs for a radical change. However to do that, we all must show up and align together to actually live with what that means. Yoga is the union. It teaches connectivity, community, and compassion in allowing everyone to live happy together. The moment, even yogis, start to segregate or belittle others, we loose the whole movement that has potential to change the world.

Yoga is the practice of love. Love is honesty, kindness, compassion, and genuine living that is centered around the heart. What I’ve learned from Yoga, is the heart is a very special place. Most of us are so afraid to use our heart, that we hide behind false masks, ideas, and social screens. To truly live from the heart is to understand unity consciousness. What every guru and master has ever taught is love. Love is supporting one another, and doing what you can to help others, and humanity thrive. It’s being open minded, and speaking words that help people grow better. Heartfelt living is acceptance. True compassion is trying to put yourself in their shoes, and realize you have no right to judge or try to know why that person is the way they are. Understand that LOVE is the whole reason why we are alive, is how we learn to live it.

IMG_0856.JPGHumanity is slowly getting better. Love is taking new shapes and forms. A new collective calling is reaching many people to shine the light on their issues. A force bigger than we know is begging many of us to wake up. Part of being a yogi is doing the work, which is never always easy. The more we can ban together to create healthy egos and open hearted minds, the better we can reform society. No one likes the way things are. The answer to change, is not in being better than others. The change we need is more people who understand that all that matters is LOVE. To truly live in alignment with love, we need to start to understand what that word means, and how to show up in the world with the highest force available to us all.

Without each other we have none. This world will continue to be divided until war kills us all. The battle does not have to be so bad. If we can teach hearts how to stay open, perhaps we can minds how to be tamed. Instead of killing or dimming others and their unique light, we can celebrate and party with each others differences. A world of unity can be a masterful poetic atmosphere. We all must ban together in the creation of a new world.

**May all beings live happy and free. May we all be the example to the new generations, and help lead each other into more mindful and peaceful ways of living **





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Weekly Mantra ~ Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Weekly Mantra:


There is love energy in the air & the ability to overcome whatever fears once held you back & inspire you to act now on what you want for yourself, your life, & your heart! This mantra helps inspire you & gets your creative juices flowing!

Listen, sing it, say it, & recite it ~ An affirmation to become open to your unlimited potential & conquer fear to serve what your heart wants most of all.

Mind wanderings on a Friday Night

Life…. its a funny place of unpredictable events, & we never really know why or what is causing the effect of it all….

Do we have a destiny? Is it ourselves to create it? yes. Clearly…. who do we keep around and what folks do we continue to walk with? I mean in this life, are we meant to evolve together or forever apart? Its a peculiar subject to contemplate.

They say friends are forever, yet what happens when distance choose other things and connection is lost? Is that still a virtuous connection that sustains? Same with family…. what do you do when those people that are meant to love you act otherwise. Do you give in to the lies? Or can we all communicate with ease? is there something humanely wrong with the idea of communicating, expressing, & being yourself & loving everything about that & the people who make you who you are?

Life it’s a crazy concept….Are we here? Are we there? Or out there? Where are those people that once served us smiles & inspired us to be better….. do they move on? Do we stay in touch… & if words fail to be rendered… is that relationship lost? I dont know. I have no answers. I do have a heart. A feeling. An empathetic sympathy to say I hope people can honor and cherish others as much as they are indulged in themselves. Its not easy letting others go, leaving, or dealing with a broken heart, or a long lost friend…. maybe that is the real nature of life though? I dont know. Are we meant to always stay connected? If so, how do we connect, yet stay human, in our needs, with our own minds, hearts,  & intelligence to contain that sacred space?

Peace. Love. Kindness….. That’s what I know. That’s what I believe….


I’ve been meandering over dreams a lot lately… what are dreams & what is the finite definition of getting, achieving, and having those dreams? It’s nice to dream… often I get lost and so encompassed in the dream world that reality escapes me. Maybe its better that way. It’s great to live in a world and imagine a place where we can be free, fly, & endlessly soar with that feeling that lifts us up and takes us. I do dream of that other world often. I interact in that world. I have nightmares, visions, and I have what could be illusions of possible realities that take me to other people and places. Is it happening? How do we know?

The dream world, the real world… it confuses me. I dream of a place of peace, where people can walk happily and respect one another. I think it’s important to dream. It’s good to have a vision. Are those dreams signs signals or focused parted of reality we created in our mind? I don’t know. It’s an interesting thing the dream world… & discovering and living in a reality that usually does not connect though. I hope one day that peace and freedom can help us all fly with dreams and happiness. For that ease I find on the yoga mat, in that altered state, in that dream land, is a feeling I never want to leave me. Maybe it is a trance. Maybe it’s a dream? Maybe it’s the possibility of flying elsewhere and one day connecting… maybe it’s my own vision of having those people, in my dream, surround me in this reality and one day connect together… I don’t know.

Somewhere out there, we connect, we all merge, we all dream, and we all want that other escape… How do we bring the dream down & create together a new reality rather than escaping to the other place that feels better? Natural high, naturally well, naturally loving toward one another?

Birds fly high, can we?


On Life…Presence…& Beauty…

Life… it’s an interesting subject & crazy journey for us all… but why? I mean what is the real reason we are here and how do we learn to overcome, trust the process, & yet enjoy the remarkable wonders this Universe can yield? How can we sit back and enjoy, yet have enough time in out business to enjoy the splendid enjoyments and naturally fulfillments that I believe we so often miss?

Is the purpose of life to become? To do? TO have? Or have someone to hold hands with? Well yes that is all nice… but what else? I think the world could be much more peaceful and even prettier if we could slow down regularly, pause, take a breathe, and realize that this moment is precious. We forget that living well is not about getting to a destination or achieving. Living is being. It’s a simple breathe, a moment, a pause, and an opportunity to realize you revolve in a cosmic world & a Universe of goooooodnesss…… Life moves so fast. At the end of the day what do you have to appreciate?

Love. Life. Liking. Having. Wanting. Getting… what makes our hearts tick and our mind wander? hmmmm……. What is the meaning of it all? Peace & fulfillment…. but do you need material gain to have that? Can we have riches and enjoy life with the simplicity of being and really cherishing everyone & everything? I believe Life is meant to be happy & we are meant to evolve merrily on a ride that may not always be satisfactory, but hey that’s okay…. What would life be without learning? fullbeauty

Life it’s an interesting world & this time we are living is quite different than any world before. Presence is needed more than ever. Can we learn to pause, catch the moment, & maybe even stop long enough to admire someone, & see the beauty that the day offers & each moment brings?