Living Your Truth.

Yoga teaches us that the truth of who we are is within us. It is at our core, our essence, and the pure awareness that allows us to really be ourselves and live as ourselves. Truth, and that connection with your soul, is something so many don’t know. Because we are not taught to live in our truth, and often when we do, others don’t like it.

At our core we are all kind human beings. Society and how we are raised changes us. It lodged into our mind and beliefs crazy stories about who life needs to be, who we need to be, and how we need to show up. Often in that controlled form of growth, we loose sight of who we really came here to be. Or worse, we get caught up in what we are told, and live in fear of allowing ourselves to truly express our divine nature of who we really are.


The irony is that if we all could learn to sustain ourselves and live open minded and accepting of others and ourselves, then we could break free of a lot of struggle and suffering. Yoga tells us that we should be allowed to live in a world where we can nobly express our truths and communicate with other people. Hopefully, that is coming from a place on honesty, integrity, and no fear in asking questions or resolving problems.

Our ego and mind and past conditioning will always step in and tell us what is best. That same ego will protect us from whatever may hurt us. The voice may enable you to make the right decisions, because a bigger subject, like a boss or job, is at risk. It is sad the way our society has evolved, and that it is okay to hide the truth or change the truth, if means protecting yourself.

Living your truth is really quite simple. It amazes me that more people are afraid to get in alignment and show up in the yoga way, of living honestly, and truly accepting of everyone and everything. There is abundance in this world, and no need to scram or lie to try to get more. If we all could show up and live truthfully we could eliminate a lot of dogma our current culture is currently hypnotized under. The yoga way tells us that everyone was born to be great, and it is in finding that power that allows us to express our inner light and use it in the world to shine. Yoga, or unity consciousness, allows us to be free, as we are, and to use our talents and gifts in remarkable ways. When you live that truth, that we are all connected and all working for the same goal, then you also know there is no reason to lie, play victim, or reprimand others for being themselves. It is living in the fear, or doing actions that promote fear, that hold you back greatly.

Let truth be your guide. Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Ask those questions. Talk to those people. Don’t let your own moral values and choices block you and keep you living in a prison of control. Everyone will judge you in your advancement. People may not like you for what you say and choose to do. However, those people really envy you and secretly admire your fearlessness to step into your truth and not be held back in fear. In their heart, they probably know you are taking right action. Because when you honor yourself and live your truth, there can be no wrong way. Only silly people who don’t yet understand and are afraid to live in that light.


(synchronistically after I wrote these words, and posted, this message appeared on my tea. 🙂 Believe in magic and no mistakes!)

Your truth is your connection to your soul. It is who you are. It represents your values, morals, beliefs, and how you treat others. It goes beyond character. To be honest, for us all, the truth within us, is a kind open hearted individual. Though we forgot this, and choose to believe otherwise. The Yoga is how we learn to get back to our happy whole state and to release the barriers and beliefs that have robbed us and helped us live with ignorance. In the unyoking, you are challenged, and asked to step forth into someone greater. The yoga is the union of your truth, and the development of your soul.

When you know that, and who you are, and can show up with that essence, then you know you are living. There is no way but to love. Love yourself first, then love others, and acknowledge how you can shine love on the world, and teach others how. Truth is a simple concept. We make it complex. We fail to communicate and conspire to stay stuck in our old bad habits, and blocked beliefs.

The truth sets us free. Always. The truth will hold you back as long as your conform in that other ego way. Yoga helps us align to see that truth, and not be fearful, and live more openly with each other. In finding your truth, you find your way, and can create a better world, with more joy, more love, and so much more bliss!



Choose Love.

unconditionalloveAmericans are funny, in that most consider Christmas & the holiday season to be based around Santa, getting, giving, and presents or parties. While that is a nice thing to celebrate at the end of the year, December is really about reflecting and allowing yourself to slow down, wind down, and pave a new way for the Winter season & upcoming new year. December, to be, is a celebration of Love, of light, and a peaceful ending to whatever has been.

The holidays stress us all out and create disharmony. That’s normal. Choose love this year. If you are single, without your family, or busy working during the season, reconnect to your faith and cherish yourself for who you have become. This is the season of Love and when it is important to also do a cheers for you, what you have accomplished, and who you have become. It’s not about being accepted, having the decorations, or even having a partner to kiss under the mistletoe… those all come in time.

The end of the year is a deep period of transition. Your body is probably feeling it, perhaps you are even feeling the urge to stay in, be within yourself, or seek out some quiet time. That’s because Winter is coming and it’s the season to hibernate and relax. Choose you this Christmas, and choose Love. Everyone is having moments, emotions, frustrations, sadness, and what I call ‘episodes’. Let them be, let it be. Come back to your love, your heart, and fill yourself with gratitude for wherever you are at. Be happy for what you DO have. Be grateful for friends you have met this year, people who have helped you, old friendships, and be good around your family. 

Choose love in everyone who crosses your path, with whatever the Universe yields you, and whoever comes your way. There will be much expected surprises the next two weeks. Choose love always.

When you love yourself, you know yourself, and you know your intention, who you are, and what you stand for. People can think otherwise, as they choose. I’ve let go of people, I’ve had friends move away, and in this year, I celebrate ME this December. I’ve learned that the world will never be perfect. It’s human nature to serve your ego, until you do the work to stop it. Even Yogis, claiming to be all Zen have their moments, and just because they ‘teach’ does not always mean they care or are consciously connected to the light in the heart always. We all fall out of balance and alignment, it’s part of being human. We all forget that Love is always the answer. Come back to your heart this Christmas/Holiday, and serve you. Share love with others, remind them, and help people remember Love is all we all are looking for. End this year well, with love. Say sorry to those you hurt, make up with people who have parted, acknowledge souls that have brought kindness to your life, and do something fun for You. Remember your greatness, share a smile, and do something nice for a special friend. Love is all you need ❤

Dancing in Life & Relationship

Life is magical, unexplainable, challenging. People feed our souls new lessons and we gain purpose by connecting to like minded and special souls that helps us transcend and rise above. We all help one another, whether we are aware of it or not. All of us are seeking something more, and we are here to help one another learn imuniversaldanceportant lessons to become whole again. Friendships, people, family, partners, are all an interconnected force that helps us heal. Not everyone sticks around forever, and different personalities walk in and out to help our soul shine brighter, if you let them and honor them and their purpose.

Have you ever met someone where you just know you are meant to be in each others lives? Or where there is a subtle feeling of comfort where you felt as if you have known them your whole life? Have you ever felt that easy flowing care and love and that inner knowing that you were meant to be. Connecting to human form is the way we all evolve. We share with each other, we learn what we like, how to treat one another, and how to care, be a friend, and merge into relation with others, but more importantly with one’s self. People are teachers, helpers, and our planet thrives off one another so each of us can grow better in their own heart.

I’ve had so many amazing people come into my life and befriend me just because. I thank those people that have accepted me for who I am, the real raw, cray, me. I’ve also recognized those angels that have come into my life to help me move forward. My challenge has been in letting others be, and go their separate ways. People flow in and out, and the classification of ‘friends forever,’ is usually not a real world virtue you should seek to hold. Truth is we all choose differently and everyone is changing. Who you are today does not parallel who you were last year, or probably last month, so why should your relationships stay the same? They don’t. We all take different paths, and keep walking on our own until we find similar people who walk the current road we are on. Sometimes that is a lonely journey and it can seem so hopeless and lost. The Universe puts people where they need to be, and if you’re open for it, you allow new people to help you in your present life reality.

The way I choose to live my life is the direction and path I choose to take. In stepping into my life, it requires letting others step out, into theirs, and that may mean loosing communication, and no longer having that same connection that once was. Sometimes you need to say goodbye so you can say hello to something even greater. I hold in my heart always everyone, and most know who they are, who has been a teacher and friend to me. Life is a process of evolution and growth. We are all here to do the best we can and enjoy the process of becoming something more. People come in, they walk out, and sometimes with reason or closure, sometimes not. I use to not understand, now I’ve found ease in recognizing it’s not always meant to be. What I know now is there is liberation in accepting where you are at today. It is okay that you may not be in contact with those of the past, and it can be emotional as you choose who truly is on your same path and what needs to part (as emotional as that can be).spirit

One of lifes mysterious challenges is learning how to be the best you can for yourself, not someone else. That requires releasing and giving yourself freedom to choose who you are now, and who is a part of that. Everyone shapes you, your life, and your future. Letting go is accepting where you are, gratitude for people who helped you along the way and finding acceptance for where you are now. Keep trusting, keep breathing, and watch as new opportunities prevail to dance in love with light. Letting go and being at peace is a lifelong mastery. Give your permission to feel, stop holding, and stop thinking you need someone to validate yourself. Feed your life with connection by remember what you truly desire and allowing yourself to express and move in your light. Thank you to those special souls that have helped me love more, reconnect, and live happier simply by letting me be me and helping myself remember what that means.

The Root Chakra ~ Muladhara

“The first chakra represents our physical reality. When it is damaged, our relationship to the physical world is damaged. Therefore, in cases of both excess and deficiency, healing occurs through relating a new relationship with the physical- with our bodies, the earth, and our surroundings. This can be an act of reunion or an exploration of a marvelous mystery”

Muladhara: root or support 

Location: Between anus and genitals at perineum, base of spine

Physical Identity Survival needs

Color: Red

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Element: Earth

Chakra Balanced: Grounded with our self and in our foundation/home and feeling secure

Over balanced/ Too Open: We become materialistic

Under balanced/ Sluggish: fearful, needy, self destructive

The body is the home for the spirit… the base of where everything else is built and created.

“All journeys begin with a single step. You can take this step by making solid contact with Earth…begin going up through the Chakras by going down..”

” To loose our connection with the body is to become spiritually homeless. Without an anchor we float aimlessy, battered by the winds and waves of life.”

The first Chakra begins at the root. For that reason, it is the foundation for all the other to balance and align on top. With out having a strong foundation, things will crumble, fall, and break apart. It begins when we are in the womb and birthed into the world. The root chakra brings us relation to our physical body and our physical idenity. We are born into the body and we begin to learn to crawl, walk, and learn ways and means to survive. This is where are foundation and roots stem from and continue to get ingrained into our consciousness based on how we are raised. The first chakra identifies with our relation to our body and how to connect emotionally and feel what we truly need to allow us to feel secure, stable, balanced, and well. In our current society it is so easy to become disconnected. We are all taught at a young age how to do things and live and we retain that information and nurture it into our growth. Ideas, beliefs, and patterns become in grained in us, whether or not they are truly our conscious beliefs or ways we should behave to feel good. It’s so east to loose connection with your ground, especially with the media, and other automatic behavior our society has resorted to. We read books on how to, listen to gossip about the latest and best diet, and we pick up on ways that society thinks is best for us to behave, when really your root is best balanced when listening to your own intelligence and self. To feel the body, feel what works and feels right for you, and to listen to emotions, pains, and other signs of disharmony.

Our roots make us who we are and help us become who we are in this present day. However, they are never permanent. You always have the opportunity to reroot, shift, and reevaluate what foundation serves you in who you are today. We just finished the Spring reason, the season of change and transformation. The Summer solstice was a few days ago and a huge super full moon today. There are shifts happening. Just like nature aligns, so do we. This new cycle is a good time to reevaluate your roots and perhaps examine what consistent behaviors you now need to break. To let things crumble: jobs, people, beliefs, patters, that no longer make you full happy inside, so you can resoil and dig new roots for the summer. What do you need to feel alive inside? To stay healthy, and feel good? To nourish the body and kindle the soul within? When we are unrooted we feel lost, as if we are aimlessly seeking something we cannot connect with. To change and to ground, your must reclaim your roots and strengthen who you have become with the transition and changes. Get in touch with YOU. Not what your parents taught you, or what you were told to do, or what society tells is right. Instead begin to stabilize in things and ways that make you feel good, so you can grow with this fullness and captivate this essence of self and build a garden with strong roots of happiness, love, and ease.

For a long time I had my roots deeply rooted in philosophies that did not truly serve me and my authentic truth. I believed I had to get a job, make a lot of money, work my way up, and utilize the college degree I had. I was so stuck in the wrong roots I was immobile, stagnant, not growing, not changing, just dwindling away in doubts and grief. However, once the solid ‘structure’ I had build began to crumble, I was able to soften my roots and journey deeper into my roots of nature, to Earth, and to who I really am. I suddenly stopped listening to what others thought I should be doing and started doing only what I wanted and what felt good for me. Incredible shifts happen when you are able to journey back to self and reconnect to those things, hobbies, people, places that truly bring you back to that happy place. From there my journey just got fuller, I felt more stable, more at easy, more secure in myself and my purpose. I had a lot of fears of letting go. I held onto them for so long. But when I surrendered and trusted my own guidance things began to fall into place. I began to humble myself with enjoying life. Having possessions and materialist things, jobs, titles, etc, suddenly did not matter. What mattered most and only for me was my own happiness and fulfillment. I began a path anchoring my roots in soil I wanted to be planted in, staying connected to people who helped me grow, and engaging in things that let me blossom. I let go of my fears and began to come alive. Fully alive in my body, in my heart, and in my soul. From that point, I keep evolving and growing. I know when things start to fall apart, it’s usually because I’m holding onto something or a cord or foundation that I now need to reclaim and plant. I get back in touch with nature, I watch and feel the shifts, I reevaluate, and I recommit to loving myself, my physical accusatory – the body, and trusting that my listening to that, I will build a secure and safe foundation for everything else to be built upon. I am always coming back to my home – the home of self – of who I am, who I want to be, and aligning with my truth and purpose as I trust a higher power that lets me root in deep so I can continue to grow.

“If you’re an alive body, no one can tell you how to experience the world. And no one can tell you what truth is, because you experience it for yourself. The body does not lie.” [Stanley Keleman]

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. <3 Renew. Replenish. Restore


April 22, 2013

The healing starts with you…. Take your love of self, of the planet, and take action to sustain and nurture you…


Earth day helps remind us all of the divine qualities nature and Mother Earth share with us daily. We celebrate the vibrant Spring energies and celebrate the beauty that is life and how we are all connected as one. Earth day brings awareness to the wonderful planet we have that supports us and allows us to question how we can become more sustainable in our lives to grow bigger and brighter. How can we use the love we have for our planet and take more action to sustain and nurture that love within ourselves, with others, and ultimately connect together to make a change for the better?

 Recycle your Energy. Replenish Yourself. Restore. Find Renewal as you Recommit to change for yourself & others

Earth day reminds me that we are all connected. We are all made up of the same elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether. We breathe the same air and just like nature shifts and transforms, so do we. Earth day allows me to tune into the natural cycles of life, to relax, and to let the journey of life be easy as I learn to connect more with my own flow and synchronicities. This Earth day I make a commitment to myself to be more green (the color of the heart chakra), more full in my heart and full of love, and to renew myself with a deeper rooted connection to my own being. I appreciate and enjoy the beautiful things all around me. I take time to enjoy nature, the new plants budding, the ocean waves, and natural gifts we take for granted. I ground myself in who I have become in this day, and hold onto the fresh roots I have laid and trust the seeds I have planted. I ground myself with trust of all that I have coming and I honor that bright light that shines within. I nurture myself, my body, my mind, and my spirit and commit to do things and keep people around that help me bud brighter and grow bigger. I choose to nurture myself and do things that will preserve all that I am. I honor self, and in doing so am able to find harmony and ease in the magical rhythm of life. I know that my connecting to the microcosm of myself, I improve society and help the bigger larger macrocosm that is my community, my country, my planet, my Earth.

 Love You. Love Your Planet. Love Your Peers. ~ Unite.

How can you aliven and enrich your own life and self this Earth day? What days do you need healing? How can you unify your own energy and connect with a deeper purpose? Use your energy this Earth day to ground yourself and contemplate what conditions mayearthday_NY need to change so you can make a bigger impact. Honor the abundance that Earth has all around us, honor the cycles and the shifts, and honor yourself for being an open vessel as you explore the landscape that is your life. Reduce negativity, doubts, and other limiting behaviors that disconnect you. Stay rooted in your truth, grounded in your vision. Make change in your routine, how you treat yourself, so you can feel better. Give yourself permission to feel and to grow. Be green, let your love filter into yourself, your cells, and into space of others so together we can all blossom brighter. Recycle the energy of the past and renew yourself on this day. Let that bright sunshine beam through you to awaken, energize, and electrify. Celebrate all that you are, all that you have, and sustain your own being. As you recommit to bettering yourself, feeling better within, we all connect together with the common goal of helping, preserving, and making a difference in our Universe. Replenish yourself, radiate, and renew yourself on April 22. Feel serenity as we strive together to sustain our planet, our mother, ourselves, and unify the greater whole together.

Enjoy the beauty that is life. All that you have and create. Sustain your energy as you connect deeper with love & appreciation for you, for others, and for the collective whole and planet.

2013 Spring Equinox


Celebrate Your Radiance, Renewal, & Rebirth!


Spring has sprung! Well almost, on Wednesday March 20, 2013 the Spring Equinox occurs, which officially marks the first day of Spring! This is the day when the daylight hours are even to the night hours; time to rebalance your life, yourself, and your personal intentions. The spring is a time to plant seeds, establish new ways of being, and leave behind old worn out patterns, behaviors, and beliefs. Around this time of season, do some spring cleaning internally and externally to brighten your world and beautify your life. The equinox marks the first day of the astrological year, symbolic as a rebirth for you and a time to transform your reality to exactly how you want it to be.  Despite whatever dark times and challenges the Winter season brought, Spring is an opportunity to light your own flame, follow your bliss, reestablish your intentions, and flourish forward. Reflect on the past, learn, and remember what you truly want and seek, and allow that to fuel your intention and motives.


This new astrological year is your opportunity to start fresh. Winter season has helped show us what we want, what we don’t want, and who we have come to be now. The dark areas, confusing shadows, and emotions help lay the foundation for the Spring season, as we navigate more towards what we ultimately seek. Winter is a time to detach, detox, and declutter loose uneasy ends and situations. Clear up your past, so you can leap forward for the future. Winter you rejuvenate yourself, rest, restore, reflect, and reexamine what you need to let go off. Shed what needs to be shed, clear patterns, and cleanse yourself. This week and next are also excellent times to cleanse, eat well, nourish your body with healthy nutrients, and detox from past junk. Breathe easy, and breathe fully, and listen to what your body needs for this cycle and energetic shift.


This Wednesday Spring begins to blossom. How have you prepared? What have you learned with winter and any dark aspects that may have surfaced? It’s time to stop clinging to your past reality. To open your eyes and see the beauty and greatness in each moment, and to be more open to your truth and your passions. Use the tools you have accumulated during the reflective winter season to help you navigate in the best direction to move forward. Convert any dark negativities or limiting beliefs into positive affirmations. Instead of hiding, doubting, and fearing, convert your assumptions to a higher state. Embrace what is, what you enjoy, and what feels right. Let your mind rest and stop chatting, and allow your own inner being to be expressed and felt.


As the Winter darkness ends, we Spring forward with new hopes, new desires, new dreams, and new attitudes. Reset on Wednesday, the biannual day of the year when the sun shines equally to the dark night. Restore yourself before Wednesday so you can find balance and prepare to harmoniously transform during this next new cycle and season. Set your intentions, notice the shifts, and identify what you actually want and are driven towards. Nurture your body like you would prepare your soil, then connect your thoughts and goals together and create your seeds. Use your intention to water your mind, body, and spirit, daily with positive mantras and thoughts to help those seeds bud and blossom. Keep trusting and visualizing your own bright colors flourishing and your own self growing uniquely in your own expression. Remember to feel the light pouring in and around you as your brighten and expand. Revel in your own magnificence and radiate your beauty and watch as you transform and grow your own garden, weeding out those things that you no longer want to grow in your pot. As this new year begins relax and find ease as you blossom fuller in your best vibration starting in Spring. Happy new [astrological] year!


You must remember that this is a new cycle, a new beginning, and a fresh new start. Be patient with your seeds. Nurture yourself, your sanctuary, and keep uplifting you own spirits with positivity. Trust your garden will grow, brighter and bigger than you ever imagined. Surround yourself in nature and take time to find some peace in a nice walk outdoors, or sit and meditate with some fresh air. Now is when we transform together. We connect deeper and with our new selves and we breathe easy as we begin a new beginning for us all. Recognize illusions of your past. Shed those people and things that have hindered yoIMG_2473ur growth. Start to rewrite your stories and rewire your brain. Let the past programs halt. Embrace the magic in the new season and this new vibrant energy. Change your perceptions, release your limitations, and set goals to expand beyond what you think is possible. Be excited. Feel the love all around you, find compassion for yourself, and with courage, Spring forward. Make a new beginning for you, with your mind, by listening to your body, and my letting spirit flow easily through you. Celebrate your radiance, renewal, and rebirth!

Radiate. Renew. Redefine. Regrow. Remember…