Have you ever felt like you were in the right place at the right time? Or that person you were thinking about just popped up? Or maybe someone offered a piece of information that answers a question you’ve hold? It’s not random. I believe there is no such thing as coincidence – that’s the illusion. Every person you meet serves a purpose. Some higher than others, some clearer. Have you ever met someone and you just hit if off immediately? Or you look into someones eyes and you feel as if you’ve known them forever? It’s luscious, it’s magical, it’s mystical, and yeah – it can be a bit intimidating. Connections happen. Are you aware of what’s happening in your life? Sometimes we hold onto friends, people, partners, that we feel that deep vibe with. We give up ourself and our own values to please them. Sound familiar? This happens a lot with family and parents too. The best thing you can do for yourself is it remember what people in your life actually are helping you and bring you happiness. Those challenging people, negative, the ones who get pissed off when you do something, or demand you to be a certain way…. let them go. Connections are powerful and meaningful and real. Be brave enough to wave good- bye to those that don’t serve you in your life now, and trust you will ALWAYS have better connections that come in when you serve yourself first. I’ve had new relationships come in that mimic past friends I’ve had in college. It’s incredible, the reality is they are like my college friends and remind me of a few special few, but they serve me now and are better and more aligned with who I am years later. Sometimes you need to say goodbye, to speak up, and trust in the process as only keep around those connections that foster YOU, your life, your happiness, and deserve your attention and energy.


Courtesy of Darity Wesley:

“Connections – The energies and directions are now evolving around paying attention to new and interesting Connections that will be coming in to you. Connections? Yes, we are in a period of growth opportunities till June so check out where you are connecting to your “Right Time-Right Place” in a way you have never recognized pplquotebefore.
Part of the energy of “Connection” is walking your path with an open, broad view of everything before you. Having an alertness to your surroundings and being available for connection, all without fear, yet with discernment, knowing, without judgment, that this, whatever you are connecting with at the moment, is right for you…..or, this is not right for you from the heart…
Connection is like the concept of synchronicity in the sense that all things come together to a certain time or location where you know this is a real occurrence and not a coincidence, since there really is no such a thing as coincidence or an accident and, while that may be hard for you to accept, or not, it is a tenant of the spiritual journey of accepting responsibility for your reality. You can then connect with what comes up about any of it.
Many feel guilty about taking responsibility for their lives: “Why would I create this reality?” “I wouldn’t, this is nothing I would want” – but accepting responsibility does not necessarily mean knowing the reason things happen the way they do or feeling bad or guilty about “what is.” It is important to know there are soul choices that are made and for now, you have right in front of you, in this time and space, options to change things or do something different with what you have in front of you.
You are being afforded opportunities to connect to see these choices for real right in front of you and you will know: ”Ah ha! This is one of those connections.” More and more, as you focus on being connected with the people, places and things you want in your life or to connect so you can finish with it, purge it, love it but eliminate certain people, places and things, you will feel that connection to the right choice to the right time to do such and so or to choose such and so – whatever applies for your life situation as it is right in front of you!


Happiness & Gratitude

I sat down to begin writing my Holiday cards. Who do I write to? Those who have inspired me this year. Some I may have barely chatted with. Others, may not even know my name. I made a list with those special souls who have touched my heart this year and changed me. Those people that I need to thank, not because they are ‘family’ or because I knew them in college, or because someone told me I had to give and do something for them. I chose the people who have helped me become happier this year. It’s for that, I want to express my thanks, and give this holiday season…


Does it resonate with you?


On Twin Flames

This topic keeps popping up for me lately. Interesting. I’ve read about it many times , however, today I found some new information. Coincidence? Not quite. I’m a twin and the moment I heard the term I of course, wanted to hear what it was.

A Romantic Relationship With Your Twin Flame Is Often Difficult

It is very difficult to have a romantic relationship with your twin flame until you have cleared all of your Karma, relinquished your ego, and you have reached your last soul incarnation, and are ready to become one again.  We often have to live many lives, and deal with many soul mates who help us learn our life lessons, before we are ready to unite with our twin flame.  Until then you still have many lessons to learn, and while you are still learning those lessons uniting with your twin flame in a romantic relationship is very difficult because you are one and the same and having a romantic relationship with yourself exposes your faults and flaws that still need work.

When twin flames run, they are really running from THEMSELVES. They are us, we are them, and the connection highlights the parts of us that need working on and “fixing” in order to become our true selves again (united as one). This is MAJOR and very scary. We all have “faults” (lessons to learn) and it is painful to think about our percieved weaknesses. 

And this is what the twin flame makes us face up to. We see those “faults” in ourselves clearer than ever before. This scares us MORE THAN ANYTHING. We experience this wonderful person and it highlights to us all our “faults”. We are one, so we reflect each other and attract in to each other the very things we need to heal. The pain always comes before the healing though. With the twin flame’s presence (in soul and in physical) we finally have to face up to those things, and quite often we don’t want to (this is subconsciously), or aren’t ready. The very things about ourselves we have tried to distract ourselves from because we have been so ashamed are finally out in the open, seen completely by ourselves for the first times, and also seen by our twin flame. Often they are exaggerated.  Many times we feel both their emotional pain and their physical pain or discomfort that results from illness or injury which makes being together very difficult. So we run, until finally we have worked through our baggage, fixed our problems and issues, and we realize through the increased love, and awareness of our inner selves, that we have ALWAYS been worthy and that we are good enough.  We have cleared the Karma. reached the pinnacle of our enlightenment, and we are ready to become one again by uniting with our twin flame.  This may not even occur in a physical sense.  It may only end up happening in a spiritual sense on the astral plane.  

Many years ago I believe I found my twin flame.  I felt an instant connection to him and when we began talking it was as if we had known each other our entire lives, and then some.  We had so much in common it was unbelievable.  We started a relationship and it was very exciting in the beginning.  Discovering all the things we had in common and the thoughts we shared on so many levels was incredible.  We would be able to finish each other’s thoughts all the time.  He opened up my mind and I opened up his in many ways.  When I was away from him I ached for him.  I felt incomplete.    
After we had explored each other inside and out for several months it got to the point where there was nothing new to discover, and we didn’t bring new thoughts and ideas into each others worlds anymore.  He had the same faults and flaws that I did in many ways, and when those faults and flaws came to the forefront it was incredibly irritating and difficult to deal with.  I can be very stubborn and headstrong and so was he.  Sometimes when we would do something that irritated the other we would have a disagreement and then wouldn’t talk for days because neither one of us was willing to give in and make amends.  Our egos were still too strong.  Things became kind of tedious and difficult after a while.  

When we eventually broke up it was a very amicable split and we knew that we needed to remain in each other’s lives, but more as very close friends (like family), than as lovers.  He is still a very dear friend of mine, and it is interesting to note that he married a woman who is very much like my husband.  When we all get together we have a terrific time.  I now realize that until you have reached your ultimate level of enlightenment you want to have a romantic relationship with your soul mate and not your twin flame, because you want to be able to learn your lessons, let go of your ego, and compliment each other instead of duplicate each other, until you are ready to unite your soul into one in your last incarnation on Earth.  Often times opposites attract because being with your opposite compliments you and helps to open your mind.  This is my belief anyway. 

New Year, New People, New Road

Happy 2nd week of 2013! How was your first week? Any thing amazing happen, and clarifications? Any resolutions or new changes ignited to spark your growth this year? I’ve had some aaah–haaa moments myself. I know what I want this year, and I know what I don’t want. I’m using the next 51 weeks to journey forward courageously with what I enjoy, my beliefs, and trusting that by seeking things that bring my joy, everything will work out.

The biggest challenge for me is always letting myself say bye bye to people who have helped me in my life. I really value relationships and my friendships, and I do my best to keep those I appreciate around in my life and in touch. I even mail random hello cards to those farther away, and of course an annual holiday card. I’m silly like that. The past few years, since I’ve began my yogic journey into my self, I’ve had to say good bye to some fine friends. It was not intentional, and in fact I spend a long time trying to make something work that was not there. When my best friend stopped talking to me two years ago I had a melt down of grief and confusion. I did not understand what I did or why or why she would want to dissolve our five years of friendship, with all our similarities and good times. Then I learned a key lesson. You have to let people be, you have to let them go. Taking that relationship out of the equation of my life simplified so much for me. I was no longer dragged down by what was going on in her life and I learned to refocus more on what matters – me. In 2012, I became more distant with more people, especially those friendships that I realized were actually very superficial. No longer did I yearn to have friends to go out with, to drink, and to prance around the bars in hope of meeting men. That’s not me, that’s not fun. Last year I realized what I seek is meaningful relationships, people who want to talk and learn more about me, who want to hear about the things I’ve been exploring, and who want to contribute to my own happiness, and be there for me, even if the things I do now are a bit different than how they live.

Starting this new year I’m so called to call up those past friends, those people from college that use to know me, and those friends I use to hangout locally nearly every weekend. I want to call one of my former best friends who lives near me who I use to be so close with and ask if she recieved my card or even had a good holiday. I want to attempt to rekindle those old friendships and memories of how they we

re. I think a part of me hopes they at least care. Reflecting now, I no longer want to try to keep someone in my life that does not want to be there. I have many fabulous and inspiring people in my life. I may not talk to them daily, or even see them all time, as many dont live close by. But I make effort to let them know I love them and that they are special to me. The best I can do is be me. To share, to tell, and to acknowledge others for their gifts. If people stop asking, stop calling, stop caring, I have to let that be. I no longer wish to force relationships that are not right. I can’t manipulate someone to want to be around me or in my life. I’ve tried to hold on for so long to too many fine memories, moments, and people. This year I’m working on enjoying the journey of life, and being okay with navigating around different turns, and being okay when people come in, and when they must go off.

Mantra: I am okay with where_____ [other people] are in their world, I appreciate all ____[they] have done for me, what I have learned, and what I now know about myself. I wish ______ [person] the best wishes to send them off on their way and wish them so much happiness. I know if our paths are meant to be, we will cross again soon, and if not I will always thank them for the memories. I trust if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I am okay with being me.

And when you finally reach a point where you are okay that relationship, partner, best friend, teacher, coworker, person, fell apart. That’s when you’re able to gain so much more clarity. It’s not you that’s separating, it’s not them either, you are both just turning different corners, along a different road, maybe repaving and onto other things. And so that is what life is all about I’ve come to realize. Walking your path, enjoying the moments and people as they come, and welcoming the shifts as they happen. The past two years, I’ve been in huge change mode. Lots of circumstances shifts, and with that came changes to my friendships and people in my life. I’m happy though. Happier than I’ve ever been. The greatest lesson in loosing those people that were once my besties, all for different reasons, has been learning better what I really care about and what I really want. When you know what you want, you naturally let those things you don’t want drift away and no longer wish focus on those things. Maybe people will change and do as you would like, maybe they will continue to walk their path. I’ve learned that the people I hangout with are usually reflections of me. And when I dont have fun with certain people anymore, or I get agitated with superficial conversations, chats about reality TV and other areas I have no interest in, I know to stop engaging in those areas. And so 2013, a few friends have drifted off my radar. I still think about them all the time and hope that one day they will align back into my life. I gave them their wishes, I send cards of gratitude, and I’ve made many phone calls at an attempt to connect. If it’s not there, it’s not there. “Sometimes it’s necessary to hangup.” And so this lovely second week of the new year, I move on. I no longer need closure in dating, relationships, friendships, or need to say formal good bye from those girlfriends I have not heard from or men I dont know what happened with. I hope they find their happiness and follow it, because I’m following mine, and that is the best I can do in this moment. It feels good to easily let go, to stop wondering, and to instead focus on what is, and the only thing I’m able to really shift, and that is me…. and in doing so I no longer feel lost or out of place. I feel me, I am me, I am becoming more of me. The journey is long, the experience is vital, and the path I choose will always hold the memories of the past amazing friendships and people and their relationship to me today.

Friday Friend Funday

Spring is here, the weather is getting better and better, more beautiful day by day. One of my best friends came into town a few weekends ago and we spend a glorious sunny afternoon hiking the San Diego coast, otherwise known as Torrey Pines Reserve. Too often in life we forget about our everyday wonderfulness, like nature, and what is naturally found where we live. We even forget about the value of having a best friend, good relationships, and somebody who actually cares. It was so nice spending an afternoon talking about life, having someone to listen, who cares, and of course, enjoying the ambiance of the coast. It’s so comforting to know that I have at least one friend who will always be there for me, who has always been there for me, despite my downfalls and issues, and is always open to hear my story. It’s amazing that you can connect with some people with out even talking to them everyday, or seeing them everyday, or even regularly. Many of my good friends live out of my town, and yes, it’s hard to keep in touch and phone tag is something I do a lot. But it’s comforting to know I have support if and when I really need it. Usually for me it’s the opening up and being willing to ask for support where I fail, but I’m working on that. My friends mean the world to me. Thus far, I’ve realized that true, genuine, real, friends are hard, close to impossible, to find. But when you find the right people, you know, or at least, I know, and I do the best I can to keep them near and dear. It’s rare to find someone who will love you for you, and allow you to be you. I am lucky to have found friends like that, and I’m excited to meet more. I love you KK!!

“The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, not the kindly smile nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with his friendship”

[Ralph Waldo Emerson]

One of my all time favorite Sex in the City episodes and quotes~

“Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate; without them what would shape our lives? Perhaps if we never veered off course we wouldn’t fall in love or have babies or be who we are. After all, seasons change and so do cities, and people will come into your life and people will go, but it’s comforting to know the ones you love are always in your heart and id you’re very lucky, a plane ride away”

[Sex in the City, Season 4 Finale]