H20 Purify & Hydrate


  • any compound that contains water of crystallization
  • supply water or liquid to in order to maintain a healthy balance; “the bicyclists must be hydrated frequently”
  • become hydrated and combine with water

Water droplet with the earth in it.Your body is an amazing vessels that can naturally heal itself if given the opportunity. After a holiday weekend dedicated to celebration life, liberty, freedom, and more, how do you feel? Did you use the holiday to ‘let loose’ by indulging in chips, guacamole, BBQ, & many beers while being outside in the Cali sunshine? How is you body feeling today?

How do you get back on track and feel good again? You Hydrate. Drink water. Refuel your sanctuary and cleanse out the toxins you indulged in over the weekend. Our food supply has changed drastically and so many Americans load up on packaged, processed, and junk that does not satisfy our cells. I believe most of how American’s choose to live is with the ‘quick fix’ – drinking, partying, loading up on fats and animal products, consuming sugar and ingesting endless quantities to have some kind of satisfaction – whether that be a buzz, a high, a sweet taste delight, or a filing a void that people think is ‘hunger’. We load up, we eat, and we love to consume and do the ‘American’ thing of BBQing, eating, and consuming foods that internally just deteriorate our health and more importantly, inhibit your body to heal and perform optimally.

 Recover from your weekend. Let yourself forgive and move forward. Make better choices now. Does that mean going to the gym every day, running five extra miles to burn those calories, or taking a torching yoga class to physically look good? Not quite. It’s funny how people believe we need to ‘work hard’ and ‘train’ in order to look good. It begins with your body, it starts with your soul and remembering that self care begins by being aware.

 Hydrate. Purify your cells and internal organs with Nature’s greatest gift – Water!

Water makes up 71% of our planet and we are so blessed to have so many forms of water on the planet – lakes, rivers, oceans, streams, etc. I believe water is the most healing form of anything. How good does it feel when you jump in the Ocean? My body becomes alive and restored. The same thing happens inside your body – water cleanses and clears and helps your body upshift and heal so you can feel better. (Also why you often crave water when you wake up with a hangover). It’s a miracle elixir! Water is vital to access consciousness and liberate your cells and anything and everything that perhaps has gotten trapped inside. We need water. Our filtering systems are not the same, and much tap water is actually incredibly harmful to your health since it is full of nasty toxins, like Flouride, that actually harm your body. If you’re not yet consuming PURE water, make an effort to get the your local Water store and fill up. It’s worth the extra money and time and is critical for your health.


Water purifies because it carries the element hydrogen. Hydrogen is considered the hydrating element (h20), thus water is simply hydrogen with oxygen. Hydrogen is found throughout our body in the lymph, brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, muscles, and more. It helps regulate the body’s temperature by moving oxygen through your system and moistens your lungs so you can breathe and cool your system down. Isn’t that amazing? Hence why breathing, yoga, and learning to tame your breath is so critical for health and wellness. Without hydrogen, and with shallow breathing, blood cannot optimally flow through your body and remove toxins and filter out waste. Breathing is essential to live. Water is essential for your body to continue to operate. Thus hydrogen, and water, aid in the process of digestion and elimination. If you are loading up on crap without anything pure and real, your body is going to feel it and become stagnant. That’s how disease forms. After a weekend of fun in the sun and more, please give back to your body – breathe and hydrate. Bring your body back to a balanced state with filtered pure water. Maybe even try on a day of fasting and only drinking water. You may be surprised how much more your body will love you when you relax, stop eating, working hard, and give it time to heal and come back to a vibrant state.water


Signs of excess hydrogen – bloating, puffiness, swelling, puffy hands, stiff neck, low energy, usually constipated or does not eliminate daily.

Signs of hydrogen deficiency- similar to dehydration, irritated, inflammation, cramps, salty food cravings, dry or wrinkled skin, overly heated. Lack of hydrogen really messes up your internal machine and can result in affecting your brain to the point that your brain begins to shut down. This is why we need water to survive.

            Often if you loose over 1% of your body weight while sweating, your body goes into dehydration mode, and if your body continues to loose water (about 9-12% of your body weight) you can die.


Best Moisture Containing & Water Based Foods:

Citrus, oranges, vegetable juices, apricots, asparagus, blackberries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, celery juice, chard, cherries, pineapples, blueberries, prunes, sauerkraut, spinach, strawberries, swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, watermelon…


Water Tips:

  • Buy yourself a nice glad waterbottle & keep it with you at your desk. Continue to drink water throughout your day and create deadlines for yourself (like drink my water bottle before 11am)
  • Your body needs WATER, not FOOD first thing. Keep a glass of water by your bed and drink it first thing when you wake up. Continue to hydrate in the AM with lemons to get awaken your body and break your sleep fast.
  • Get in touch with water. Take a walk on the beach, put your feet in the ocean, or swim in the waves! Do something to immerse yourself in water. You will be surprised at the energetic shifts and the healing powers of water. The ocean and natural fresh stream water is obviously best, however a pool works to.
  • When you choose to drink alcohol, enjoy a cup of water in between cocktails and beers.
  • Flavor up your water with lemons, cucumbers, berries, etc
  • Drink water at room temperature. The colder the water the more energy it takes the body to use it and affects your digestion
  • Hydrate before and after meals. When you are eating, don’t chug water with your food.
  • Drink when you are thirsty, and sip even when you are not


Food Allergies – What’s ‘Normal’?

The world as we know it has changed, and is changing. Things are happening. Our food supply has evolved into a corporate marketing business. Not much is just natural. Why? I wish I knew. Educate yourself. I suffered a long time and no one could tell me why. They just told me I was crazy. Was I? It is wrong for a kid to cry because they are in pain from eating? In our society, yes. To me, no. I just knew something was not right and that the food I was ingesting did not sit well with me. It made me ill. But how was I suppose to know that was not ‘normal’? I knew all along…

Buy Organic~

The 15 Top Foods to Buy Organic

Written by Stephanie DeWysockie [of Elephant Journal]

Is paying for that “organic” label really worth it?

Let’s face it, with how high food prices are today and the fact that they continue to rise is hard enough to digest without going organic. Buying organic can almost double or triple your bill at check out. So is it worth it?

It is.

Certain foods should be bought organic to protect you and your loved ones. Only through buying certified organic can you be sure you aren’t consuming products that have been irradiated, genetically modified, cloned or that contain, chemicals, preservatives, hormones and antibiotics.

Studies have shown that growth hormones given to animals can cause early puberty in girls as well as an increased risk of breast and prostate cancer, while antibiotics can lower your immune system making you more susceptible to microorganisms, potentially causing you to get sick more easily.

A recent study conducted by Stanford University reports that buying organic food is no healthier than buying conventional and that organic products have still been found to have a small amount of pesticide in them. But there are many other reasons to go organic aside from pesticides such as those listed above. If you can cut down on your pesticide intake—which is what buying certified organic does—rather than buying conventional and ingesting larger amounts, why wouldn’t you?

To cut down on the grocery bill and the potential harmful effects choose organic with these 15 foods:

1.) Lettuce and leafy greens

2.) All berries

3.) Apples

4.) Pears

5.) Peaches

6.) Nectarines

7.) Tomatoes

8.) Potatoes

9.) Celery

10.) Grapes

11.) Peppers

12.) Meat

13.) Milk

14.) Eggs

15.) Yogurt and cultured smoothies

The most important things to buy organic are lettuce and leafy greens, vegetables, fruits and berries that have a thin membrane where chemicals and pesticides can easily enter. Also milk, meat, eggs, yogurt and cultured smoothies because of hormones and antibiotics.

Sweet Life, Sweet Potatoes

My new obsession: Sweet potatoes! Since November when the weather began getting colder, I sought out ways to delve into cooking more and exploring more in season food and recipes. Sweet potato was the perfect answer. I love sweet potato french fries, but I hate fried food. So I decided to create my own magnificence in my kitchen. I use to think it was tricky to cook sweet potatoes. Wrong. So easy! Especially the way I cook them. No need to fear or thing it’s a hard process. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, a nourish carb great for the colder weather to fill up your belly, also has some vitamin B, and is in season for most of Fall and Winter. Well, most potatoes are for winter. I also enjoy how I can buy them and they wont go bad super fast. This recipe takes about half an hour. It’s easy, and they taste so delicious. You are welcome. Enjoy!

1. Gather sweet potato or potatoes and peel off the skin

2. Slice sweet potatoes into wedges/ shapes of your choice and set on a baking pan

3. lightly brush each piece and side in olive oil

4. Set oven to 360 degrees, higher toward 400 for more crisp. I like to turn up the heat after 20 minutes

5. Sprinkle cinnamon and some nutmeg on the sweet potatoes slices

6. Slide pan into oven and allow them to cook. I usually leave in for about 20 minutes then I check on them and usually tune oven up hotter and leave in for another 10ish minutes. Gage them on your own, you will probably begin to smell them. You may prefer more crisp, more brown, or more tender on the inside. Either way they are scrumptious.

7. Take out of oven, and allow to cool before eating. Option to dip in ketchup, BBQ, ranch, or any sauce you choose.

That Weird Purple Vegatable~ Eggplant ~ Aubergine

Recently I’ve been loving eggplant. I have a new found love for it actually, and have learned to enjoy the strange thick texture, spongey taste, and the many concoctions you can make with this royal purple vegetable. While many restaurants, including Whole Foods, has mastered cooking with eggplant, I still cannot. So I looked I got curious and looked it up online. Today is Memorial Weekend, and in honor of the traditional American BBQ day, I thought I’d try grilling. Easier said than done; needless to say I’m still working on it.

How do you tell if the eggplant has gone bad?

My eggplant sat in my fridge for two days and when I pulled it out to use, it seemed a little off. The color was fine, but when I cut it open it had some darker spots. This has happened before, I’ve also noticed sometimes my eggplant has many seeds in it. Apparently these are signs of it going bad.This is not a good sign. A healthy eggplant should have light coloration on the inside with little to no seeds   Other signs an eggplant is going bad include: a brown stem instead of a nice green one, discoloration on the purple skin- lighter or darker spots, if you are able to press into the sides easily without having the body spring back,

Some more facts and tips:

  • Storing an eggplant in cold temperatures under 50 degrees helps it go bad quicker
  • Eggplants can be frozen! Just slice it up, boil the pieces for about three minutes, and stick it in a bag, then into the freezer.
  • Technically eggplant is a fruit, however it is referred to as a vegetable (like a tomato)
  • May and June are when eggplants are in season, thus the best time to buy and cook!
  • Smaller eggplants are usually less bitter since they have less seeds, though soaking them in salt before cooking helps eliminate the bitterness.
  • Eggplants are known for going bad fast, so buy them accordingly. It’s recommended to store them unwrapped in the crisper of the refrigerator.
  • Eggplants can be used for good meat substitutes because of their unique texture, and of course mixed into a variety of recipes.

Grilling Eggplant: Note- I’m no master in this yet, however I believe this is a step in the right direction, but I love to grill, and like simple  recipes that require little effort, mess, and measurement

– Cut your eggplant into slices, maybe about .5 inches, or whatever you desire

– lightly drizzle olive oil on each side of eggplant….I say lightly because you dont want to over do it and loose the natural flavor. You can always add more oils after it is cooked, if needed (or at least that’s how I do it)

– Add a tiny bit of balsamic vinaigrette, again you can add more later if needed

– I love putting garlic on all my veggies

– Add any other spices: thyme, oregano, basil, dill, pepper….

Fire up the grill, and place pieces on the hot burner. I’m terrible at timing and typically watch how it cooks and the burn marks. Remember to flip to cook each side. When they look done, and have some grill charcoal on each side, put on a plate, cool, and eat. I would guess about 15 minutes maximum to cook both sides.

Eggplant Recipes I Love: eggplant Parmesan, grilled eggplant stack, ricotta stuffed eggplant, rolled eggplant, baked eggplant, and many more I make up with whatever I have or whatever is in season!