Sweet Life, Sweet Potatoes

My new obsession: Sweet potatoes! Since November when the weather began getting colder, I sought out ways to delve into cooking more and exploring more in season food and recipes. Sweet potato was the perfect answer. I love sweet potato french fries, but I hate fried food. So I decided to create my own magnificence in my kitchen. I use to think it was tricky to cook sweet potatoes. Wrong. So easy! Especially the way I cook them. No need to fear or thing it’s a hard process. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, a nourish carb great for the colder weather to fill up your belly, also has some vitamin B, and is in season for most of Fall and Winter. Well, most potatoes are for winter. I also enjoy how I can buy them and they wont go bad super fast. This recipe takes about half an hour. It’s easy, and they taste so delicious. You are welcome. Enjoy!

1. Gather sweet potato or potatoes and peel off the skin

2. Slice sweet potatoes into wedges/ shapes of your choice and set on a baking pan

3. lightly brush each piece and side in olive oil

4. Set oven to 360 degrees, higher toward 400 for more crisp. I like to turn up the heat after 20 minutes

5. Sprinkle cinnamon and some nutmeg on the sweet potatoes slices

6. Slide pan into oven and allow them to cook. I usually leave in for about 20 minutes then I check on them and usually tune oven up hotter and leave in for another 10ish minutes. Gage them on your own, you will probably begin to smell them. You may prefer more crisp, more brown, or more tender on the inside. Either way they are scrumptious.

7. Take out of oven, and allow to cool before eating. Option to dip in ketchup, BBQ, ranch, or any sauce you choose.