Monday Morning Smoothie Detox

Enjoy this smoothie to awaken well and start your week off feeling good! No case of the Mondays, get extra Vitamin C into your body!

photo 5

Orange Bliss Immunity Smoothie

Filtered Water

Coconut water

Coconut Meat (Optional if you have a raw coconut)

2 Oranges (Orange juice is optional)


Spinach or Kale (greens optional)

Option: add protein powder, fiber, probiotics,

Blend everything together in a VitaMix. I like to keep most of the orange peel on and blend to make the smoothie a bit more foamy. Sprinkle with Hemp seeds on top and enjoy!

Oranges: High in vitamin C which supports your immune system, especially beneficial after a holiday weekend of fun ;). Oranges have many phytonutrients that help inhibit blotclots, heal inflammation, and aid in detox. Oranges also are high in carotenoids, which improve your vision,

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