Officially Fall – Fall into Acceptance

Fall into Greatness & Total Acceptance.


Acceptance: the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.

“Allowing yourself to be YOU in your fullest & best. Take responsibility for your actions, past wounds, & remembering your truth, joy, & happiness. Letting what was be, making peace, & restoring your ability to heal & love.” [Kali]

The clocks turn back, the daylight gets shorter, and the nights longer. The weather cools, and it is finally time to put on a jacket, wrap yourself in a scarf, or slip on some Uggs. Or at least this may be true if you are in SoCal/San Diego and have experienced the hot humid Summer weather for the past many months. Transition is in the air, and change is essential as we approach these final few months of this year.

Just as the sun retreats, it is a natural time for us as humans to retreat as well. This year, 2014, has been crazy for us all, and the universe is guiding us all forward towards happiness, truth, and most of all alignment with our soul purpose. Are you allowing yourself to be steered or are you still holding on to what needs to be unleashed? Within all of us is an active calling to serve more, feel better, and learn to lead from a place of love. Time to be compassionate to other people and forces you cannot change, & to tune into you & what has shifted.

What I’ve learned this last year is the importance of rekindling kindness towards who I am. Since last Fall I have been in a state of transition, and my best blessing has been learning how to accept myself and whole heartingly love myself. In my life and especially during my childhood, I’ve experienced much darkness and grief. Happy and love were not things I was raised around or really ever knew. I suffered for many years with depression, ailments, anxiety, confusion, you name it. I’ve spent the last year taking positive steps forward to recenter and align my life in a truthful and serving manner. Three years ago I asked the question of ‘why’  and began my journey into healing and beyond that, a search for happiness. I found a community, I carved out space to learn more about Yoga and what was really happening on that mat and in the practice, and I took active steps to grow and become something better. The Universe has a mysterious way of working things out, even in the depths of despair, depression, and deep confusion. I knew there had to be a better way of living than where I was at. With my desire, came opportunity, new people, and a big new shift that transformed virtually every aspect of my being. I’ve stepped out of my darkness, and have healed old wounds, and I’ve learned to come back to who I am, and who I have always been. The darkness, the sad times, the memories of what was will always be somewhere within my memory. However, with much inner healing, I’ve accepted what was and have chosen to transcend my darkness my focusing more on myself and what I really want in this lifetime. Today I am grateful for the lessons, the opportunities that have fallen into my lap, & most importantly, grateful for my health & happiness that I have restored by releasing a lot of the rest.index

We all hold grief, pain, memories, and have stories that ‘happened’. Life is meant to be happy and fulfilling, and as people we have to go through things so we can learn and come out better. As Yogis, we must transcend our darkness into light. Otherwise our past and frustrations stay with us and create blocks that keep us trapped in that darkness. As 2014 ends, and we enter the Fall season, I ask you to reflect on your own journey. What are you still holding onto? Can you consciously choose to better yourself my releasing old ways of living, stories, hurts, traumas, etc? Make peace with your past and accept yourself for who you are today – and who you see yourself being. Everything begins by serving yourself and honestly connecting with that spirit deep within.

Be kind to yourself this month & in the remainder of the year, even through Winter. The universe has put has through massive changes – whether you are conscious of it or not. Things are different. You have changed. There have been crazy weather patterns through San Diego all year, and the same is true in your internal universe. Fall & Winter are a time to cultivate acceptance and reflect on where your journey has taken you. Be gentle with yourself. Take time to Relax, retreat, and restore your own health, happiness, and lifestyle. Make it onto your mat and allow yourself to move slower. Get out of your routine and make a new habit of listening to what you truly need, and honoring it. The time change and less sunlight asks us to go inward and take time for ourselves. Let your body heal, let yourself Love You. Accept what has past. Connect with the truth within you and willingly open up to new ways these last few months by accepting yourself first, and every intention that comes after that.

Life has taught me to serve myself first. It is always the internal message that reins me in the right direction. Look within yourself, and trust your journey. Be kind to You. We are being led on new paths, being asked to let go of people, toxic relationships, and improve our lifestyle so we can smile brighter. Things come up along the way, breathe, no one said change and transition would be easy. It’s a process – accept it for what it brings. People may judge, may not think what you do is right, or convince you otherwise. Let them be. Stay true to your light and lead your way forward… Accepting the good with the bad, the ugly, and the sad. Make peace in your heart, make peace with yourself.

kindness-3-3Om Work For You:

Write Yourself a note of kindness. Remember how good you are, who you are today, and write words that will put a smile on your face and remind you. In the darkness, we all need more light. Help yourself out by writing notes to you, and continue to look at it when things seem dark, lonely, or when you retreat in those other emotions. Accept your soul, your journey, who you are, and let the universe work out the rest. Stay happy, treat yourself well, and enjoy the change & transition.

“You are a beautiful person and light up the room.”

“I am kind to by body, I listen to my heart. I treat myself well. I love myself.”

Be your best friend in these last few months and set intention to commit to You. Speak words of kindness to you, meditate, invoke mantra, and thank people who have helped you in your own transition. With kindness we learn acceptance. By serving our mind, body, & spirit, we releasing what once was trapped and soothe the darkness by accepting change & light. Yes you can. Yes you are.


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