Slow Down & Smell the Roses

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses? Or check out the view? Or even paused to look someone in the eye when you are speaking to them?


The ‘norm’ for society is to rush, be busy, get shit done, and go go go. The body needs rest and relaxation and when we are ‘too busy’ or always on the move, it is not able to fully heal. We are in the slower energy of the year, however, it is also some of the busiest moments because of all the holiday celebrations. Set the intention to slow down in these final few weeks of the year. Give yourself a day of rest and relaxation. Quite thinking about what workout you will do, making it to the gym, or the physical aspect of life. Instead, enjoy yourself and pamper yourself with ease. Perhaps a pedicure, bubble bath, or walk at sunset at the ocean.

By teaching ourselves to slow down we naturally allow more ease into our body, which eventually creates more ease in every day. Most people don’t know how to relax. The idea of laying down, closing your eyes, and deep breathing is foreign and challenging. When I teach yoga i often see people who come only for the moving parts of class and then wander out, skipping the most important part: corpse pose/ svasana – where you lay out on the floor ‘dead’ and take a few minutes to do absolutely nothing. I’m telling you it is okay to peaceful, rest, and do nothing. Most of us need to train our bodies in how to do that though. Take some time each day to lay down and relax. Set a timer for 10 minutes. You’re not sleeping, you’re only letting your body pause, focus on your breathe, maybe even day dream in your minds eye. See what happens, notice how you feel, & how much more clear you are. This will help train your mind & body to relax so you are not as stressed throughout your day/life. Stress is the biggest factor that causes disease in the body and makes us all out of balance, a bit crazy over time.

Nature is in hibernation mode for the next few months. Enjoy it. It’s an excuse to put your feet up, not make it to the gym, & enjoy a good book by the fire. The final two months of the year transition us into the next year. If you are holding on to things, people, or upsetments from the past, it is in this time you need to heal. The Universe is asking us to pause, retreat from the outside word, and go inward. This means refining our connection to selves, who we are, what we want, & who we have become this year. Do you have loose ends to tie up? Is there someone you need to have a conversation with? Who can you thank for helping you out? What else has 2014 brought you? Self reflection is mandatory. It is the season to be alone, quiet in your mind/ thoughts/ feelings, and letting yourself unload your year, make a few more changes, and reconsider what you need to do for yourself to have a fresh start in the new year. The colder weather/storms ask us to take care of our body, find balance, warm ourselves, and be mindful with what is happening within.

Stop and smell the roses. Buy yourself a bouquet. Enjoy the sunset. Get into nature. Take a walk after your meal. Stroll a park. Watch children play. Hang out with your pets. Cook nurturing in season foods. Make a soup. Sip on some Coco and tea. Journal. Read. Rest. Breathe. Stop trying & start living. Enjoy the quietness, the slower energy, and listen your needs and how your body speaks to you. Get into yoga. Try a heated class. Do something different than you were doing yesterday.

Look for the beauty. See it in yourself, see it in others. See natures gifts in every day, enjoy it & stay at ease & peace during the Ho Ho Ho Holidays.